Bone Daddies Ramen Bar

After eating at the new restaurant Flesh and Buns (same chef, Ross Shonhan) and loving the food in there, I thought it was time to try out Bone Daddies.  A ramen bar I’ve been meaning to sink my teeth into for a while.


Based in good old Soho you really do get a little bit of Japanese cuisine in the middle of backstreet London.  If you aren’t a Londoner I always recommend walking around areas like Soho just to get a feel for real London life.  Plus there’s great food and bars to be found on every street corner (amongst all the XXX adult stores).

This particular feast was to celebrate the divorce of one of my friends from her now ex husband.  What better way then to cheer her on in her new relationship then a good old gossip and some noodles (her divorce actually came through that day).

As expected the restaurant was heaving.  It was so busy.  Atmospherically it was perfect, it was buzzing but didn’t have the same loudness to it that Flesh and Buns has.  Which made it perfect for a Monday night catch up.


No reservations are taken at Bone Daddies so if you do turn up at a busy time you just have to wait it out.  We were told the wait would be around 10 to 15 minutes (we arrived around 6.45pm-7pm).  But there was a slight issue in the kitchen as one of the cookers had decided to cease working and that wait became a little bit longer.  But the staff at Bone Daddies kept us well informed and told us that although it looked like there were seats available they didn’t want to seat everyone and create a backlog in the kitchen.  So we’d be seated when the kitchen gave the go ahead so we weren’t waiting for a lifetime for food to arrive.

So the wait was more like 30 minutes but to be honest we were well looked after and offered drinks and starters to keep us entertained while we waited.  Which in my books is completely fine.  As long as I’m fed and watered I’m a happy customer!

So we ordered some edamame to share and ordered some cocktails from the list.  I ordered a surprise non alcoholic cocktail from the waitress as I couldn’t decide which soft cocktail I wanted.  It was scrumptious!

Not long after we were shown to our table and given our menus.

One of the girls I was with recommended I choose the Tonkotsu ramen which is made up of a 20 hour pork broth with spring onions and chashu pork, noodles, bamboo, bean sprouts and my favourite all time egg the Clarence Court egg! (If you haven’t bought these eggs from your supermarket you just don’t know what you’re missing out on.  They’re in an eggy league of their own).

We also decided to share the soft shell crab to start with, which came with a green chilli ginger sauce.  One word ‘Mmmmmmmm.’  I know that’s not a real word but it sums up how my taste buds felt.


The ramen was as expected- glorious! It was tasty and moreish.  The broth was simply delicious.


With the ramen you can choose extras to add from the menu at an additional cost so if after eating your ramen bowl you aren’t quite full-up then for an additional £2.00 can you ask for more noodles in your left over broth or pick any addition that takes your fancy.  Or customise your order to your needs!

The ramen itself wasn’t spicy but on the tables they have chilli pots so you can heat up the broth to your desired spicy level.  I left mine spice free because it was a warm night and my temperature is already higher than most due to the pregnancy and I didn’t want to start feeling overly warm when outside the air-conditioned restaurant.

The ramen bowl was more than enough to fill me up though so no extras were required.

I promised my other half we would go to Bone Daddies together but when a friend gets divorced and wants to celebrate by eating there how could I possibly turn that down? ;)

But a Bone Daddies date with the other half is still on the agenda.  I know it’ll be right up his street.  Plus with a bill that came to under £20.00 a head it’s pretty darn cheap!

If I had to compare the two: Flesh and Buns and Bone Daddies I think Bone Daddies would win.  I preferred the atmosphere but then again Bone Daddies has been open a whole lot longer and so the crazy crowds have calmed down.  (Not disappeared just chilled out a bit more).  I’m also a noodle fiend and love a tasty noodle broth so I guess in reality I’m being biased.  Ultimately pick whichever menu takes your fancy and that’ll be the one for you!


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    • Thanks :) Next time you do a theatre trip to London you should definitely check it out.

      Thanks for the link to your blog too, I really want to go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory as well. Damn ticket prices!
      I’ve just started following you on bloglovin xx

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