Brand Ambassador: Destination Skin

As a brand ambassador of Destination Skin, I thought I’d introduce you to the brand and the very important campaign they are currently running.

Being skin savvy has always been important to me, and I’ve written a variety of posts on how significant I think skin care is.


There are many individuals that really couldn’t care less about skin, and I think those are the ones that have been blessed with good skin (jealous much?).  It’s usually those of us that have suffered from underlying skin issues that perhaps invest much more time into skincare.  However, whether or not you were blessed with great genes, we all need to make sure we’re skin aware to help protect, prevent and correct past and future skin damage.

If you don’t look after your skin now, don’t expect it to be looking its best in 20 years.

Destination Skin have started up the #skincareaware revolution and want you to be aware of the damage being caused to your skin, often not visible to the naked eye.

UV damage not only causes premature ageing but is also responsible for the 100,000 new cases of skin cancer yearly.  Even though we all know of the correlation, it’s surprising that less than 20% of individuals wear a proper SPF (with UVA and UVB filters) daily- this includes me.

Destination Skin want to show you the damage you might not be seeing, and are offering free skin scanning throughout skincare awareness week (11th-17th May).

I actually had my skin scanned yesterday under the Destination Skin UV lamp and I’m shocked at the damage to my skin, which I was able to see in the reflecting mirror.  Freckles, pigmentation, dehydration and oiliness are all areas that need to looked at more closely for me.  A treatment plan has been given to try to reverse the skin damage I have and even out my skin tone all over (whilst addressing my own personal skin issues).


As a brand ambassador I’ll be following the recommended treatment and keeping you all updated.  But there’s no need to just follow my journey, start your own by visiting your nearest Destination Skin for your free skin scan and enter the Destination Skin competition to win 1 years supply of advanced skincare products and £1000 worth of treatments.

Destination skin are on twitter, facebook and instagram, for me this is an important campaign and needs to be spread as widely as possibly.  By being more aware of the damage of UV and how many of us aren’t effectively protecting ourselves; we can hopefully help reduce the number of skin cancer cases.  So please do go onto their social media channels and help share the campaign.

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    • Do, it’s quite scary when you see the damage on the skin already! I always protect my skin when I’m on holiday but never thought I’d have to in the UK… especially out of summer season! x

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