Breech, Small Baby & Probable Caesarean| 36 Weeks

Although I’m now currently 37 weeks pregnant, I haven’t updated you on how my 36 week scan and consultants appointment went.

So I figured I should be doing that first, as it seems that these next few weeks could lead anywhere and it’ll be hard to update you on all the crazy happenings without letting you know what’s been going on.

As you know I’ve had gestational diabetes in this pregnancy, which has brought up a whole host of issues.

So I was due to have my final scan last week and have a meeting with my diabetes team to come up with a birth plan on when and how to deliver the baby.

However on having the scan, the baby was in the breech position meaning she’s feet down and not head down.

Because of my previous caesarean I wouldn’t be allowed to consider a natural delivery because of the risk factor.  It also means they can’t manipulate her to turn because of the increased chance of rupturing (I wish they’d use another word- rupture just sounds grim).

Although I wrote a post where I deliberated my birth plan and didn’t know which camp I sat in, I was actually really upset to hear that my chances of even trying for a natural delivery were out of the window.

My sister recently had her second baby and her birth sounded so lovely.  It was a natural birth with a good dose of the epidural from around 2cm.  She lives in Dubai so is under private health care so she was able to demand the epidural from the beginning.  8 hours later she had my beautiful little nephew and although she got a second degree tear it didn’t hinder her at all.  She was up and about pretty much straight away.

All I could think of was how much more difficult life post birth would be if I had another caesarean.  And of course having to have those little stinging blood clot injections for a couple of weeks after… for some reason the idea of having them again just upsets me.  They look small but crikey do they sting and bruise!

Just when I’d be getting rid of my diabetes needles, I’ll be given new ones.  Typical.

However, because second babies can take a bit longer to turn my team have given me one more week to see if she’ll make her way head down.  The only reason they’re giving me this time is because I’m booked in for another scan this week due to other issues that popped up.

If she hasn’t turned by tomorrow then I’m being booked in for an elective section irrelevant.  And I’m petrified.

The other issue the scan showed was that ‘baby sister’s’ tummy size has shrunk dramatically since the last scan.

Where she was happily following the 50th percentile line (a chart which pin points your baby’s growth compared to 100 other babies), she has suddenly dropped to the 5th percentile line.  Which is a significant drop and a worrying one especially with the gestational diabetes because it indicates that my placenta is possibly starting to fail.

Obviously if my placenta fails then the baby will be starved of nutrients and oxygen.  So it’s a very tentative and worrying situation and making sure I feel her moving is more important now than ever.

It’s funny, because everyone assumes with gestational diabetes all baby’s are born big.  But in my case ‘baby sister’ is weighing a lot less than she should at this gestation.  She’s currently estimated to be 5lb 4oz (at 36 weeks + 4 days).

Quite a shock to me, because my son was born at 8lb 14oz, so I only bought clothes for 0-3 months thinking she’d be similar.

I avoided getting smaller clothes because he never got any wear out of them, so we’ve had to do a mad dash to get a couple of small-sized rompers, although they’re for babies up to 7lb 5oz, so they’ll probably still swamp her.

Because my team are worried about the massive drop in her tummy size, they have sent me off bi-weekly for fetal monitoring to make sure the baby is happy until my next scan.

I’ve been in twice this week obviously and both times she’s seemed happy but my bump size when measured is measuring small- not surprising really.  It tends to be between 32-34 weeks.  And seeing as I’m now 37 weeks it isn’t quite on target.

I don’t feel small though.  I do feel quite large, and my stomach is starting to show the strain.

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s appointment after my scan will bring.  Obviously if she hasn’t turned which she hadn’t at yesterday’s monitoring then it’s an elective caesarean.  But when that will happen I have no idea.  I know they originally wanted it around the 39 week mark but if they’re significantly worried about her growth the section will probably be imminent.

I think if I do manage to get to 39 weeks I’ll probably have to continue with constant monitoring until the set date just to make sure she’s not in any danger or under any stress.  And at any of those appointments I have to be prepared to go into theatre straight away if she is showing signs of distress.

On top of all that another frustrating thing that’s happened is that I managed to get all the way to 36 weeks from 24 weeks keeping my gestational diabetes under control with just my diet.  But they ended up putting me on metformin once a day post breakfast because I’m unable to eat a proper amount of food at breakfast time without my blood sugar levels rising over their limits.

In my case two pieces of burgen toast and peanut butter is too much for my system to handle.  Depressing isn’t it?  Cutting back to one piece of toast just isn’t feasible if I don’t want to starve, and it’s even more important with the baby measuring small that I don’t cut back too much.

I’ve also developed a really horrible cough courtesy of my toddler.  To the point the nurse at my GP’s tested my blood because my chest sounds horrible.  But as it stands she can’t give me anything for it including antibiotics because everything contains sugar and the antibiotics would currently have no effect on this cough unless I start to develop a fever or green phlegm… joy.

Annoyingly there’s not much I can do at home either but just wait for the cough to clear by itself.  Drinking lemon and honey would send my sugar levels through the roof and any other cough medication or lozenges suitable for pregnant women would do the same.  So I’m relying solely on just Vicks to get me through.

I just hope I can get rid of this cough before I possibly end up having a section because that is not what I need post surgery.

A tough week, but we’ll know more tomorrow and hopefully things will look up.



  1. My baby is 3 months old and I had gestational diabete too and I had an emergency C section …anyway , try to not think too much about it , I am sure all will be ok. Good luck. x

    • I had an emergency with my first and it’s not a nice experience at all. I am hoping that if this is an elective it might not be quite the same. eeuurrrrghhh.

  2. Aw bless you lovely what a tough time you are having. I too was so worried my second was breech very late at like 37 weeks and was determined to turn him myself I used the ball and literally for about 2-3 hours one evening I lent on it with my elbows and belly facing the floor. He moved so much it actually hurt me! And miraculously at my next appointment he was head down. So it was quite close. I send you all the luck that things go smoothly for you. Hope baby girl is okay with her small belly too. You do look lovely here, the bluebells are such a beautiful backdrop. xx
    Tanita recently posted…The History of Lights and how much they’ve developed over the yearsMy Profile

    • I spent all day yesterday scrubbing the floors int he house in the attempt to get her to turn.. no such luck. I’ll have another scan before they take me to surgery so I guess I have up until then to get her to turn!

  3. I’m sorry that it is looking as though you will have to have another C-section. I hope that there is a last minute miracle and she will turn on her own before it is scheduled. I really hope you are able to get rid of your cough before she comes as having a cough after surgery would not be nice at all. Sending you lots of positive thoughts x

    • Coughing post surgery would just be agonising- of all the additional problems you just don’t need! Typical!

  4. Awwh man that sounds so rough! I hope everything turns out okay and that your baby is well and healthy when she comes! Take care of yourself and stay positive <3

    • Thank you, I’m hoping everything is fine and her measurements are just because I’m petite more than anything else. 🙂

  5. oh no, what a rough week. Neither of mine have been breach but I do know about the second c-section thing - it honestly wasn’t that bad as I knew what to expect. But hope baby girl manages to flip upside down on her own x

    • It was always going to be a close call having an elective anyway without her being breech. In a way at least the decision is taken out of my hands. I’m sad I’ll never experience real labour though.

  6. Sending lots of positive vibes and ‘baby-turning’ thoughts your way 🙂 I really hope your cough clears up too!
    Jemma recently posted…Chia Berry Blast SmoothieMy Profile

    • I think having a cough will just be hell post caesarean if it goes that way… I hope it goes too!

  7. Just got back from a recording gig & read this - Oooh No!!! Struuuth LondonMum – what an absolute bum bass-line riff …I really feel for you …YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS !!!! Forgive me for talking out of turn (as usual) & I’ll try not to say the wrong thing (as usual.) But, I think, (& I know Lucy will think the same when she gets home), you simply DO NOT deserve any of these add-on anxieties LondonMum! After all you’ve had to endure & deal with I personally think what you DO deserve is to have an anxiety-free, exciting, final run-in before eventually meeting your radiant, gurgling future little heart-breaking (God help the next generation of us mere useless males haha) fabulous, cheeky & charismatic ‘Princess’ who’ll be just like her Mum I know. You’ve certainly got our support (you know that.) WE’RE WITH YOU … be positive!! … & p-le-a-s-e be brave LondonMum!! … Send that blasted cough down ‘ere – Sandbanks sea air’ll get rid of that & … C’mon little ‘Princess’ – TRY TO HELP YA’ MUM EH???? Apologies for spontaneous ‘on the hoof & off the hip’ length. Best I don’t say anymore.

    • Thanks for that… I did try and make it better by asking if they could do a little nip tuck if they were going to give me a c section… apparently that’s not something they do! damn. It would have made it much easier to swallow if they did 😉
      As long as she gets here safely right. But you know me, I’m certainly a medical wimp.

      • “…as long as she gets here safely” - can’t agree more LondonMum - BUT WITH MUM SAFE, HAPPY & IN TACT AS WELL. Forgive me for thinking this out loud (& you can shoot me down in second hand nappies) THAT’S ESSENTIAL!!! Excuse my ‘on the sleeve’ thoughts - I’ll tell you LondonMum that if Lucy ever has to go through anything even approaching what you’ve had to cope with I would be so immediately anxious for her (she won’t thank me for that) & the B&WC would certainly be mothballed. Yep, I do know you … you’re certainly not a full blown “wimp” (charismatically daft? … oh yyyyes! ha.) We admire your tolerance & courage!! C’mon little ‘Princess’ - you know what you’ve got to do - & please don’t quote me … “this lady is not for turning” either.
        Just putting the final touches to ‘a little something’ that we hope’ll bring you a chuckle when you’ve put all these anxieties behind you & when a little royal someone’s home & done a special ~ “I’m Home” ~ ‘stinking steamer’ just for you ha - all yours - pphhwwiiee - is that humanly possible???? C’mon LondonMum we’re with you!!! C’MON LITTLE ‘PRINCESS.’ Gotta go - back to big PM recording gig - will now leave you in peace.

          • Hope all’s going well LondonMum. Apologies for ‘off theme’. NUDGE NUDGE… please check “O” asap before Princess’s grand entrance … just need your ‘teccie’ advice – 1 word answer’ll do. ONWARDS – we’re with you. Gotta go.

    • I think when you go through a similar experience reading other peoples stories from tart to finish really helps.

  8. I hope the baby turns in time and having had one emergency section myself I know your trepidation. Keep doing exercises to shift little one!!

  9. I hope you feel better before your C-section. My thoughts are with you!

  10. I remember the ups and down that come with the last weeks of pregnancy. Hang in there sweetie .. a few months from now when you’re rocking her to sleep .. you’ll look back and it will all seem like a distant memory x

    • That’s so so true! I’ll probably be wanting the ‘ease’ of the pregnancy days back again lol

  11. Oh dear! You really are having a tough old time of it at the moment, aren’t you?
    Hopefully your baby will turn in the next couple of days and things will get a little easier. I am sending you love and best wishes for a safe, happy delivery. I cannot wait for the blog introduction of your little one xxx
    tanya brannan recently posted…Lucy Loves Violet AND youMy Profile

  12. Oh lovely it seems you’ve had such a hard time with this pregnancy. Just think you’ll soon have your little baby girl and all this will be forgotten. C section, natural delivery at the end of the day a safe arrival is all that’s needed. I can’t wait to meet your gorgeous baby girl xx

    • It was all going so well this time around s well.. bit of morning sickness but I thought that was gonna be the worst of it!

    • I don’t think she’s going to, but they will scan me the morning of the c section so if she has turned I’ll get the option.

  13. Oh hunny. I’m so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I hope you got some good news at your appointment and you feel abit better about everything. Either way it won’t be for too much longer xxx
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…How to remain Stress Free in PregnancyMy Profile

  14. I’m sorry you’re having a worrying time lovely, I hope all will work out. With having GB myself Jay was born 37+4 and had low blood sugar quite ironically. He was small 6lbs 3oz but I was jut glad he arrived after a worrying labour. All I can say is your baby girl will be here soon try and remain strong and positive. Lots of love Bella xxx

    • Awww he was a little one too, although I did have a dream the other night she was a huge baby, so who knows they may have it wrong. But you’re right it’s not long now and I’ve just gotta get through this next period.

  15. Oh I’m sorry to hear that you won’t get the birth that you wanted. I hope that everything continues to go well until you deliver, and that baby doesn’t drop weight from now until birth xox

  16. Aw I’m so sorry to read that things arent going as well for you as they could be but the finish line is in sight and you’ll have your beautiful bundle 🙂 xxxx

  17. Sorry to hear about the baby being breach and about not being allowed to have a traditional birth. Hopefully you’ll get some good news at your next appointment x You look glowing in those pictures though! x

    • She obviously has her own ideas on how to come out, I’m starting to wrap my head around it now.

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