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When a baby comes along you can pretty much wave good-bye to a social life.  There’s no point denying it, children do hinder your young, carefree lifestyle.  My friends can go out all night, wake up the next morning and drag themselves to brunch to cure those pesky headaches.  I waved that lifestyle away as soon as my Son was handed to me at birth.  At least I thought I had…

London is a cosmopolitan city full of young, adventurous, outgoing individuals.  The last thing I would ever want to do is bring my Son to an establishment and ruin the atmosphere.  After all children are noisy, they’re messy and they don’t exactly scream ‘London Living.’  So I’ve stayed away from my favourite breakfast and brunch weekend jaunts for the greater good of mankind!

Recently though I was given the opportunity to visit a place I can only describe as the place to go to in London.  No.11 Pimlico Road, is exactly where the name suggests.  A Chelsea haven for all social Mum’s that want to maintain the social aspects of their lives without compromising on being a Mother.


With a brunch menu that goes until 5pm it doesn’t matter if you’re ‘late’ for the official brunch hours (let’s be honest as a Mum you will be late!), and with such a buzzing atmosphere it really doesn’t matter how loud your child is.  Baby London’s babbling was quiet in comparison to the laughter and gossiping of the surrounding tables filled to the brim with Chelsea’s finest (good thing I had him dressed in his La Queue Du Chat top)!


The decor of No.11 Pimlico Road lends itself to the atmosphere that is created, and it’s no surprise that its won the Best Designed Casual Dining Pub 2014 award.  And that’s the thing to remember it is a casual pub.  It’s a place for meet ups with friends and family, a place for Mum’s to get together with their kids, a place for dog owners to feel comfortable bringing their pets in.


With facilities to suit everyone, including a downstairs disabled toilet with changing table, you couldn’t feel more comfortable spending a few hours whiling away a weekend afternoon and eating the delights they have on offer.

And oh my what delights there were!

While they do have normal menus I wanted to experience their brunch.  It’s been a long long time since I’ve had brunch and I was not disappointed.

First up a Bloody Mary please…


The lemon flavoured vodka and tomato juice was just spectacular when we added in their home-made spice mix.  Being able to add as much or as little as we wanted meant we were able to get the taste just right for both of us.

So delicious we didn’t even look at the menu to order a different cocktail once we reached the bottom of our glasses.. two more this way please!

Whenever I go out with Mr London Mum we always choose different meals on the menu, it means we can halve each meal and we both get a good mix.  So with that in mind I ordered the blueberry pancakes…


…while he ordered the No11 eggs royal…


Neither of us shared our orders, both protecting our plates like our lives depended on it.  I was not giving him a bite of my soft, fluffy pancakes and there was no way I was going to have a bite of his super fresh smoked salmon and poached eggs.  Testament I think to the amazing chefs they have at No11 Pimlico Road.

After licking up the remnants of whipped creme fraiche and maple syrup from my lips I was absolutely stuffed.  But with the dessert menu thrust under my nose I couldn’t help but have  peek…


…and then order the housemade chocolate tart while Mr London Mum went for a cheese board.


There is nothing I can say other than if you are from the London area this is a place you need to visit.  At the weekend I’d recommend booking as it’s the place for the Chelsea set to hang out.  When something is good you can bet your life on it that Londoner’s know about it and it’ll be thriving.


(Disclosure: Our meals were complimentary in return for my honest review of No.11 Pimlico Road)




    • The food was amazing, I’m already planning a trip back just to eat the same all over again! x

    • It really is an amazing place to visit, really social and ‘normal’ which is unusual with a baby in tow! x

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