On the 6th September 2013 I’m going to be donning my glad rags to attend the Catwalk4Change charity runway show which will be launching fashion week here in London.  I won’t lie I’m a little bit nervous as I’m going alone but I’m there to support the cause and to blog about the event to help to promote the reasons behind it.


Talking about those glad rags I better find something soon as the event will be full of some big names and organisations and I’d like to think I’d make a good impression! Got to keep up with the Jones’ don’t you know ;)

I can not tell you how excited I am to be attending this event which hopes to showcase that models don’t have to be a certain stereotype and that fashion can be enjoyed by all.  I think this is a really important message to portray.  Especially in my current situation I’m more aware now then ever before about how the media is stereotyping what is perceived as beautiful.  I’m having a boy so hopefully he won’t feel the pressure as much as little girl babies born in today’s world.

As I’m a pregnant woman attending I hope to look at the styles being presented and come away with some new ideas for the upcoming seasons on how to style myself and my bump while keeping up with the trends.  Of course I’ll be passing on all this information to you as well!

There will be two runway shows.  The first one will have a 1950’s influence and will be showcasing the mature ladies.  Personally I think this is a really important feature as many women as we age don’t have a clue how to dress or what is appropriate or how to translate fashion suitably.  I speak for my lovely mother here who is just lost when it comes to fashion.  I look back at pictures of her in the 70’s with her amazing style and it seems that as she’s become older she’s almost just given up.  She has no one to refer to or no style to show her how she can be fashionable even though she’s a mature woman.  For big do’s my sister and I tend to take control with her and dress her and she lets us.  That’s how lost she is!

The second show is a collaboration with pret-a-reporter blogger Edita Lozovska and aims to bring different nationalities and figure types to the run way using bloggers to walk the walk and using particular designers to showcase a variety of cultural, social and religious fashion influences.

To really show how much this event is making waves in the fashion world, I only need to mention the name Caroline Rush.  The Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council.  This event has caught her eye so you can only imagine how big this event is going to be and hopefully how big the voices setting up this event will be in terms of portraying an equal side to fashion.

If you want to attend the show yourself tickets are on sale now for £20 from  All proceeds go to the charities Mind and MacMillan.

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