Chemical Hair Straightening With Zoltan

For me there are two types of hair appointments.  The first one is your usual.  The one where you get a haircut, maybe your roots touched up or a bit of colour and then the hairdresser blow dries your hair to perfection.  And it looks great… until you wash it.

The second kind of hair appointment is probably my favourite.  It’s the kind where no scissors touch your hair, but your hair is transformed and changed so that on a daily basis it’s a nicer version of itself without any effort.

What is this craziness you ask?

Well pre baby, you would find me getting a brazilian blow dry done every few months.  The results were amazing.  I have naturally frizzy, wavy, uncontrollable hair.  Put me in a humid situation and let’s just say I resemble Monica from Friends when she heads to the Bahamas.  Yes, it’s that bad.

A brazilian blow dry is a chemical application to the hair which breaks the structure of the hair so it can be rebonded into a sleek, smoother style.  And hand on heart it works.  Dancing all night long in a hot sweaty club didn’t even cause a slight bit of frizz.  I was hair ready at every point of the day.

However once I fell pregnant I became more aware of using anything that might affect the baby, so the brazilian blow dries were given up (along with a manner of skin products and even dry hair shampoo- just in case!).

After having Little London, finding the time to get my hair done has been near impossible.  Having a partner that works freelance means I can never really book an appointment in advance because he might get a job last-minute.  Which is why my hair is so long right now.

But for the past few weeks, he’s had set days on the new David Brent film, meaning I’ve been able to book in time to get my hair done!

So straight off to the “King of Keratin” I went.  Based in Piccadilly Circus I let Zoltan have free rein on transforming my hair.  Unlike other salons I’ve been to who might specialise in only one or two techniques, Zoltan is a specialist in the complete field of hair straightening or perming.  This means he can work with your natural hair texture and offer you a bespoke treatment based upon your needs and wants using the full range of products available.

He took a look at my hair and asked me straight away what had changed within the past three years.  Yes, he could tell that the last treatment I’d had was three years ago, based upon the condition of the ends of my hair.  The ends because they had been treated needed less work, but the new hair growth since really was one extra frizzy mess.

PicMonkey Collage

Knowing I’m a Mum, he wanted to give me hair that would be easy to maintain and keep in style, with minimal effort.  For him it was important I had hair that I could leave to naturally dry most of the time, but on the odd occasion for a more sleek finish I could dry it with a hairdryer and a paddle brush.

So he decided to treat my hair with the demi permanent hair smoothing treatment.

The treatment itself is a lengthy process, as are all chemical treatments.  Everything is done in stages, and so you can be in salon for a few hours.  But with magazines and some good gossip the time isn’t really an issue.  Plus, as a Mum you learn to relish these moments.  It’s not often we get free time!

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see from the pictures above, the treatment included applying a bond relaxer, using a steamer to push it deeply into the hair shaft before washing, drying and straightening.  It was then rebonded before a conditioning treatment was applied to help my frazzled locks.  A quick blast with the hair dryer and I was ready to leave the salon.

All in all this kind of treatment is totally worth it if you have hair like mine, or if you have hair issues of any kind.  Zoltan can make your hair poker straight if that’s what you’re looking for, or he can keep the natural waves and curls you already have and just give your hair a smoother appearance.


For me, being able to shower and not bother having to deal with my hair is a God send and saves me so much time in the morning.  It also means I’m giving my hair a break from all the heat based hair tools I would usually use.  For a special occasion I probably would use additional styling implements, but those would be for the one-off instead of after every hair wash.  So in the long-term my hair will be healthier and in a better condition from having this one treatment, as well as having salon ready hair every day for at least the next 6 months.




  1. The results look really good and your hair looks lovely and shiny. I don’t have this problem, but do have a friend who panics about her hair going frizzy. Will mention this to her x
    StressedMum recently posted…My Baby Diary part 1My Profile

    • I’m jealous of your natural hair! You’ll never understand the pain your friend goes through lol. xx

    • It is expensive, I used to get it done more or less as soon as it needed to pre baby- so every couple of months. But I did find that as a result my hair was much healthier because I wasn’t having to use any heat styling tools just to tame it. It also meant the rain was no longer an issue- honestly is my hair sees a drop of rain normally it just frizzes right up- it’s horrendous lol. Holidays were much easier to because I wouldn’t need to bring anything specific for my hair just shampoo and conditioner. xx

  2. My hair is NUTS and I would love a Brazillian blow dry - I enjoyed reading your positive review and it has certainly made me think about seriously trying it out for myself.
    Samantha Rickelton recently posted…When should I buy an Eternity ring from Goldsmiths Newcastle?My Profile

    • I think I’ve tried out various treatments since I was about 17. Very few actually work. And while the brazilian blow-dry works a charm and some of the other such as Yuko it always depends upon the place you go and the person doing the treatment. x

  3. I am forever straightening my hair!!!!! I need to look into this, but the word ‘chemical’ puts me off haha
    Catstello recently posted…Feminist Book Club: Not That Kind Of GirlMy Profile

    • I guess the way I saw it was I was putting god knows what on my hair anyway trying to deal with de frizzing it and smoothing it. Using whatever bottles of gunk I could. I suppose it’s a bit like dying your hair, it does involve chemicals but for one treatment every 6months it’s not all that bad. x

    • Personally for me it’s no different to dyeing hair or putting deodorant under my arms. Most things are chemicals, it’s just the terminology used to umbrella all the hair smoothing/straightening treatments, but each one works very differently so I could’t really refer to just my treatment which was the demi permanent, or the one I used to get which was called the brazilian blow-dry. x

    • It makes a huge difference to my hair when I stop using heat tools to style it. If anyone ever wants to grow there hair and they continually use heat tools I totally recommend getting this done to help. x

    • aww thank you. It’s a treatment I used to love getting for ease, and just haven’t done since having my Son. I have no excuse now!

  4. I would love a blow dry like this, your hair looks incredible. I have naturally curly hair which is quite unruly if I don’t straighten it and tie it back so this would be perfect for me.
    Daniella recently posted…Christmas TraditionsMy Profile

    • Thank you. I quite like having the natural curl for volume, so I’m glad we decided not to straighten it out and just tame it. 🙂 x

    • Thank you, That’s just air dried, if I used a hair dryer and a paddle brush it comes out much sleeker and straighter. x

  5. My hair is so frizzy and a bit of a mess and I hate having to straighten it ALL the time.

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