Child Friendly Dining in Kensington

Eating out in London can be a bit hit or miss as a parent.  Nice, sophisticated eateries are out and usually the more mediocre establishments are the places to head to.  Such a shame really, but understandable.  After all, children aren’t always the most welcome of customers.

However I’ve decided to start exploring better places to eat when I’m enjoying a day out as a family, simply because I like food.  I like good food, and if I’m paying (well spending Mr London Mum’s money) then I want to eat something I enjoy.  I also want to encourage my Son to eat at places that serve real food instead of cheap, unhealthy kids meals.  Food that still appeals to him but doesn’t compromise on quality.

But where to find these amazing dining gems?

This is the hard part, because waltzing in with child in tow isn’t exactly something us Mums can do without careful research.  In Chelsea I know of this fabulous child friendly bar and restaurant.

And now I can tick Kensington off the list.

Rather appropriately down the road from the Natural History Museum, the V&A and Harrods is Scoff and Banter.


Don’t be put off by its beautiful exterior, this is an extremely child friendly restaurant (once you navigate the steps with a pram).

In fact I walked in to hear a baby crying.. oh that sweet sound.  It sounds strange but hearing another person’s child cry means I can immediately let my guard down when it comes to my own Son.

As always babies stop crying, and I walked past the happy family of 5 and settled down with my own family at the far end of the beautiful room.




VAN_SCOFF_REST_no food04_p

Let me just say the decor is outstanding.  It’s genuinely gorgeous.  Using reclaimed furniture and fittings, the old Vanderbilt mansion still maintains its heritage but with a wonderful contemporary twist.

Something which is reflected in the food.  On the menu here you’ll find British classics served with that modern twist.  The dishes are not only beautifully presented but also taste divine.

Being a Sunday we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to eat a traditional roast dinner after a course of the freshest oysters obviously.  They were so plump and delicious.  If you’ve yet to venture into oyster territory you really have to try them one day.  Life will never be the same again 😉


And then came the roast dinner…



Talk about tantalising the taste buds.  I could eat everything clean off that plate again.  Every single part that made up the entirety of the roast dinner was just glorious.

For Little London, after demolishing our bread basket, he then cleaned up by eating the dough balls with garlic butter, I ordered for his starter.  He’s a bit of a carb fiend so these were right up his street.




With his plump belly he managed to only eat part of his main which was fish and chips…



I can not describe to you how beautiful the fish was.  The batter is probably the best batter I’ve ever had on fish.  It was flavoursome, crisp and coated perfectly.  The fish was pure white and just so incredibly fresh.  Not wanting to send the fish back to the kitchen uneaten I decided to stuff the remainder of his meal into a tupperware box (the beauty of being a Mum to a toddler is tupperware is always to hand), with the intention of letting him eat the rest of the fish the following day for lunch or dinner.  Except I woke up the following morning, thought I’d try the fish to see if it really was as good as I thought… and ended up eating it all.  Every last bit.  Sorry Son.  But that’ll teach you to eat the bread basket!


Pudding was a tough call.  We were both full up, Little London certainly wasn’t getting any dessert, but I can not turn down an opportunity for something sweet when it’s presented to me.  I decided to go for something light and chose the Iced vanilla parfait which came in a champagne bramble jelly topped with a nice thick shard of caramel to crunch.  Mr London Mum went for the dark chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream and lavender nut brittle.  I was jealous.  My dessert was delicious, but the scent of the chocolate from Mr London Mum’s plate carried across the table and made me realise there would have been room for a naughty chocolate treat.  Full from my meal or not I should always go for the chocolate option.



This perfect meal was washed down with the most perfect mojito.  A passion fruit and vanilla mojito to be exact.  And it was just what this Mumma needed to fully immerse into the dining experience.  Child or no child I couldn’t wish for a better lunch or dinner treat for my family.



If you’re in the area I can not recommend Scoff and Banter more highly.  Attached to the Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel, you can not find a more chilled out but up market restaurant to satisfy the dining needs of every Londoner.

If you don’t have children don’t be put off by my child friendly review, as the dining area is large with various sections and it has ample space to cater for us with kids and those without.  I’d be as happy bringing my friends here for a gossip fuelled meal with cocktails as I would revisiting with my Son.

(Disclosure: Our meals were complimentary in return for this honest review).



  1. Wow, my mouth is literally watering! This place looks amazing! I’m a total foodie too 🙂 such a shame it’s so far from us otherwise I’d definitely be trying it out, especially with the added rare gem of it being child friendly!

    Nicola x

    • It really is! Just remember it for when you make that London visit one day 😉 xx

    • Oh I know that fear! You’d love this place, my little one had a full on tantrum before the food came out and no one seemed to even notice! lol Brilliant! xx

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