Competition: 2 Night Stay In France, Spain or Portugal With Yelloh!

It’s not long now until the summer holiday is in full swing.  And if you’ve yet to book something, or you think you’ve got time to perhaps squeeze in another little break, then I have a potential win for you that could see you heading to France, Spain or Portugal for a two night stay at a Yelloh! village campsite for 2-4 people.

And don’t squirm at the thought of camping, because as we all know there are certainly different levels of it.  And Yelloh! pride themselves on offering a luxury outdoor experience.

In fact they pride themselves on giving customers exactly what they’d expect from a 5* campsite.

And that’s all you need to do to be in with a chance to win that stay.

Tell them exactly what you would expect from a luxury campsite here by July 20th and you’ll be put into the draw where there will be three chances to win.

There are just 17 questions that you need to answer and then just relax back and wait to see if you’re one of three lucky families.

They ran a similar campaign in France not long ago, and the results I’ll pop up below.

The results show that people’s attitudes towards camping have changed.  No longer is it considered a holiday for the elderly, in fact more families are starting to be drawn into luxury camping.  And by the sound of it, that means accommodation options!

Mobile homes, cottages, bungalows and chalets seem to be the favoured options but for cheaper options pitches are available too.

Personally I’m excited by their quirkier accommodation options such as the airstream or their treehouse.

Alongside water activities, a pool, being near the sea and a big number of on site activities it seems the French have perhaps a similar attitude to ourselves when it comes to luxury camping, so the results will certainly be of interest.

What certainly piqued my interest was the 83% of returning customers for the past 5 years.  That’s a number that guarantees that Yelloh! are certainly making sure their customers are meeting the expectations of a luxury campsite.

It’s certainly a holiday I know I would consider, so I’m happy to pass this information on to you and to introduce you to a company that work hard to achieve your highest expectations.

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  1. I have to admit I’ve never heard of Yelloh before but it definitely sounds like an interesting way to travel and stay! I love the idea of the more interesting types of stay accommodation they have as well.

  2. This sounds amazing, it sounds like there are a lot of quirky options! It would be a lot of fun, just entered! xo

  3. Ahhh I can definitely squeeze in another break! I always loved camping 🙂 Will enter the competition!

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    • Well when I get the funds to build my own airline I’ll let you know.. you can be the first flyer 😉

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