Competition: ‘My Stinky New School’ & ‘Missing Jack’ by Rebecca Elliott

Rebecca Elliott writes the kind of books we’ll all be reaching for at one point or another with our children.  She tackles subjects that are sensitive and has a way of helping a child understand challenging issues.

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Her books are written in a clear, concise manner and the stories are simple and easy to read with a child.  But the meaning behind each story and each subject is what makes her stand out from the crowd of children’s authors.


Using her own experience she started penning books about her children, Toby and Clemmie.  Her daughter was born profoundly mentally and physically disabled and her first book in the Toby and Clemmie series, ‘Just Because‘ documents the sibling relationship between her children, while helping other children understand the issues that arise with disability.

So I was overjoyed to be asked to host a competition in time for the sale of her new book ‘My Stinky New School.’


In ‘My Stinky New School’ Toby has issues with accepting his school because it’s not like his sister’s school or his baby brothers nursery.  His school smells horrible and he has no friends there.  On his first day however he has a little adventure where he meets an alien, a mermaid, a dinosaur expert and a pirate.  At the end of the day he tells his Mum about the adventure he’s been on but sadly says he made no friends- until he realises that’s not true.


However not only do I have ‘My Stinky New School’ up for grabs (which will be great for those of you with children starting school in September), but I also have ‘Missing Jack.’


Finally available to purchase in paperback, Missing Jack helps children overcome the death of a pet.  It’s written in such a way that helps children realise it’s ok to still love your pet, even though they’re no longer here.  There’s always space as well to welcome new pets into your heart without forgetting previous pets.  It’s heart warming and there’s a good amount of humour to help with this particularly distressing issue.


^^ Little London kissing Jack after I read the story to him.

Both books are brilliant reads, and the illustrations are just beautiful and engaging for children.


I’ve separated these books for the competition, so there will be a chance to win both of them or just one of them, as you may have a preference to their subject matter.  But it also doubles your chances of winning something!

As always it’s nice and easy to enter my competitions, just make sure you’re a UK resident for postage purposes.

Good luck!

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