Competition: Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale DVD

Fancy a brilliant stocking filler, or an extra gift under the tree for your little ones?

Well this is the competition to enter, because I’m giving away a festive little corker!

Peter Rabbit Christmas Tale

Peter Rabbit is a much loved children’s character, and this DVD makes the perfect seasonal gift with it’s Christmas themed stories.

“The DVD features the following collection of eight delightful stories:

  • Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale - When Mr. Bouncer gets too sick to make the important holiday supply delivery, Peter and Benjamin take it upon themselves to brave a blizzard (and Mr. Tod) to get the job done and meet a new friend along the way.
  • The Tale of the Uninvited Badger - When Tommy Brock decides he’s had enough of the cold, he takes shelter by the fire inside the Bouncer’s Burrow. It’s up to Peter and his friends to devise a way of getting the grumpy badger out and to make sure he doesn’t come back!
  • The Tale of the Runaway Rabbit - Peter is left to babysit Cotton-tail but can’t resist an exciting event at the Squirrel camp. He brings his sleeping sister along but soon must rescue her when she wakes up and crawls away
  • The Tale of the Stolen Firewood - When Peter, Lily and Benjamin go out to collect firewood, they soon find that not one but three predators are after some too. Can the rabbits stage a series of daring raids to retrieve it?
  • The Tale of the Grumpy Owl - When Old Brown takes Peter’s Journal, Peter must choose between saving his most precious possession and saving a friend.
  • The Tale of the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover - When Benjamin finds a four-leaf clover, Peter tricks him into thinking it brings good luck. It’s harmless fun until Peter’s prank accidentally leads Lily into Mr. Tod’s dangerous clutches!
  • The Tale of the Big Move - When Lily’s father decides to move the family out of the Lake District, Peter comes up with a clever, but dangerous, plan to change Dr. Bobtail’s mind.
  • The Tale of the Greedy Fox - When Peter tells an impulsive lie, which leads Jemima Puddle-Duck into Mr. Tod’s clutches, he must act fast to stop her from becoming the fox’s dinner!”

And if you want to get your hands on a copy just before Xmas then make sure to enter my competition.  It’s easy to do so, just use the rafflecopter widget below.  

I’m going to run it for 5 days, so there’s lots of time for the DVD to arrive before the Christmas frenzy really gets going!  

If you don’t manage to win but still want to get a copy of this DVD, just click here.

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This competition is only open to UK residents.



  1. Would love to #win this for my children’s Christmas Eve box. They both love watching Peter rabbit on CBeebies!

  2. This would be great for my 20-month old, he really has a thing for rabbits and loves To watch Peter in the mornings!

    Brilliant giveaway - thank you for the chance

  3. Oh my goodness, my daughter adores Peter Rabbit. We don’t let her watch much TV but she had a bad dose of Hand Foot & Mouth so not much else to do and that’s when she discovered Peter Rabbit. Now, on non-nursery days, she knows when it starts to go dark is about the time it’s on CBeebies - clever clogs stands by the TV shouting “Rabbits! Rabbits! Please! Rabbit!” She’s not even 2!
    If this was in her stocking on Christmas morning I thinking she’d have a fit out of sheer excitement!
    amiecaitlin | findingourfeet recently posted…#LittleMissAdventMy Profile

  4. Lovely! My toddler is just discovering Peter Rabbit in our story books and he just loves him.

  5. This would be such a hit here this Christmas 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

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