Competition: Win Outdoor Lawn Games from House of Fraser

With Summer officially here, now is the time to get outdoors as much as possible.  Take advantage of the free vitamin D and the opportunity to just sit back, relax and watch the kids play.  Easier said than done right 😉

What everyone needs is a few nifty products that can be stored all year around and can be used at prime times such as right now.


Being able to whip something out of the garage or shed, dust it down and use it there and then is like gold for a parent.  And the outdoor toys range from House of Fraser are ideal.


With a variety of products to choose from there will no doubt be something suitable for the child that needs occupying in your home.

The croquet set and boules set from the range immediately caught my eye, because they’re compact, easy to store and use.  Plus I can always pack them into the car if we go further afield without them taking up much room.


Being made of plastic means they’re light and they are also durable- an added bonus when toys really have to last for many years.


I happen to have another croquet set and a boules set to give away to one lucky reader of The London Mum.  All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below to be in it to win it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



    • My son loves trampolines to the ones you can buy today are absolutely huge and amazing!

  1. My favourite outdoor games for the kids are football or bat & ball games when we find enough space to do them!

    • I’d love to have the space for those kind of games, because everyone can get involved in them.

    • I love that they now have protective little cages to keep them in hahah

    • We’ve not got to frisbee territory yet, but that’ll definitely be an enjoyable one!

  2. I love our swingball as I don’t have to worry about the ball going over the fence!

    • I love badminton- also the shuttlecock doesn’t hurt so any kids playing are less likely to whinge/cry 😉

  3. Arjun loves anything that involves a bat and a ball! He finds it hilarious for reasons unknown to me…!x

    • Babies are so funny aren’t they, I turned around yesterday and W was laughing at something that was so not funny at all!

    • I’m trying to convince my son that football is a great game- he just picks the ball up and throws it instead. lol

    • Gotta love how a simple ball can keep so many people entertained!

    • I’m waiting for the weather to come back again so we can get our paddling pool back out! lol

  4. My kids love the trampoline and the swing we have in the garden

  5. What a cute giveaway idea!
    For us, can’t beat a paddling pool in summer 🙂

  6. We love those big garden mazes you can find at a lot of the Nation Trust properties…great fun for all the family. Recently bought a swingball for our tiny garden and we’ve had hours of fun with it…really brings back some nice memories. x

    • Those mazes are great, I’ve had a few scary moments where I’ve thought I might be stuck in one forever but they are great fun!

  7. we have a new swingball that packs into a case and my boys love it

    • I played swingball with my sister a lot when we were younger! It’s great.

  8. Fabourite outdoor games — my daughter loves playing on her scooter. That’s definitely her favourite thing to do outside at the moment.

    • I don’t think it’ll be long before our son gets to enjoy some scooter fun!

  9. Rounders - everyone can join in, it teaches team spirit to players and it uses a lot of energy and fun!

    • And it’s great if you haven’t got loads of garden space because its all quite contained!

    • I’ve not yet experienced the joy of the water slide.. I’ll have to rectify that! I can so see why that would be appealing for children and adults 😉

    • Never thought of that one actually, but yes climbing and jumping on things is so much fun 🙂

    • Oh yes! can’t believe no one else has mentioned space hoppers yet!

    • I think I’m going to have to get a singable set for the garden now 🙂

    • You’ll like the set that you could win with this competition then!

    • with Wimbledon being fairly recent I bet there’s loads more tennis being played!

    • well hopefully if you win they might consider some new games… 🙂

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