Conrad Candy Shop Afternoon Tea| Conrad London St. James

It can be hard finding new places to enjoy afternoon tea.  After all, once you’ve lived in this city for a while you’ll probably have visited a few afternoon tea rooms.

Which is why I was really excited to discover Emmeline’s Lounge which is located in the Conrad London St. James.

^^Dress| Miss Selfridge from House of Fraser

So we donned our Sunday best and made our way over to it.

^^ Shirt| Howick Junior from House of Fraser (currently on sale £9.00), Shorts| Ralph Lauren by House of Fraser, Shoes| Converse.

Named after the British political activist Emmeline Pankhurst, the setting is beautifully apt.  After all British tea rooms hosted many a suffragette meeting and no doubt helped progress the suffragette movement.

The lounge is very contemporary in style which my little boy was a big fan of.  He was seated on a sofa, which meant he could happily lounge after he’d had his fill of cake… or juice!

In fact the seating was so comfortable, you could easily spend hours whiling away a Sunday afternoon enjoying the delights of your afternoon tea in pure comfort while listening to the live harpist playing.

If that image doesn’t do it for you, how about adding a glass of champagne in your hand and knowing the glass never need go dry.

With free flow champagne being an option as part of the afternoon tea, you can enjoy unlimited amounts of champagne from one of Her Majesties official suppliers; G. H. Mumm.

The reason I’m so excited by discovering Emmeline’s Lounge however, isn’t because of the comfortable seating, live harpist or even the champagne (although hats off to Her Majesty, she knows a good bottle).  It’s the seasonal changing menu.  Which means I have an excuse to visit four times a year to try the changing flavours of the seasons.

Currently their afternoon tea is celebrating the spirit of summer, which runs until September 11th.

Called the Conrad Candy Shop, this afternoon tea is full of vibrant colours and pastel hues.

The three-tiered stand is reserved for the savoury part of the afternoon tea and the fresh warm scones, which are safely tucked away until ready to eat.

With pesto chicken and tomato cones, chicken parfait brioches and candied beetroot and goats cheese tarts as just some of the examples of what you’ll find, it’s hard to consciously leave room for the dessert part of the experience.

Especially when you realise the scones are either candied pineapple scones or brown sugar and spice scones.  Even now as I write this the flavours are flooding back leaving my mouth craving more.

^^Sugar and spice and all things nice.

The desserts come out separately on a box filled with hundreds and thousands.  It’s an Instagram moment for sure!

Little London loved the colours of the desserts.  The way it was presented appealed to him straight away.

He listened to our waiter intently when he went through the description of each dessert.  Nodding with his eyes wide open in anticipation.

He immediately went for the blue raspberry mousse and orange pate de fruit as soon as he was able to (after eating the big white chocolate buttons), as it reminded him of something out of Frozen.  He then scoffed the second one and third one straight after.

Whereas I tucked straight into the strawberry and cream panna cotta, after popping the bubblegum flavoured macaroon into my mouth and exclaiming in delight that it really did taste like bubblegum.

I almost felt like a child myself exploring something new and being wowed by creativity.

^^ Rose tea.

As far as an afternoon tea goes, all my senses were set alight.  It was just an amazingly exciting experience and one I’m happy to do all over again when their Tea Fusion afternoon tea kicks off on September 12th. 



  1. I never been to a tea room before but this looks lovely and the pictures of you and your son are beautiful. Absolutely love your dress x

    • It’s such a pretty dress isn’t it!I love it. The afternoon the was amazing, I’m massively recommend it. It’s just so beautifully prepared!

  2. Cor, the other ‘arf … Another afternoon tiffin? – no wonder you both look so well! Hope you both eat your crusts! We’re drooling down ‘ere now ha. Do I ‘fancy a hectic trade??’ … too late now! Wish you’d asked 2 weeks ago ha. You try to tell me you’re a musician (cough) … you could’ve done what I had to do haha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. … When you’ve a mo - “O”

    • crusts! Such irrelevant parts of the bread would never be seen on a three tiered stand! Will check later, as I’m off on a shopping mission 😉

      • Crumbs, I now consider myself educated in such matters of afternoon etiquette - I ‘kneaded’ to know … & I’ve been moved to ‘tiers.’ Hope all’s been eagle shopped?? B+WC busy today (earning an irrelevant crust haha!) Onwards LondonMum.

        • Guess what I’m supping on… a glass of scotch! Now that was a surprise- are you becoming more refined in old age 😉

          • WELL PLAYED LONDONMUM (hic) … don’t ‘wurr your slurds’. Becoming “refined??” … I hope not (despite what ‘L’ always tells me haha.) Getting older’s compulsory, growing up? … ah, that’s totally different! - that’s optional … you can guess what I chose haha! Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. … “O”(nudge.)

          • au yes!! thank you! Work done for the evening, will check now! x

  3. I love afternoon tea the desserts look very well presented. I like the look of the panna cotta and bubblegum macaroon.

    • I ate all three macaroons and didn’t even feel slightly guilty 😉 hahah

  4. your dress is gorgeous and I love it. It sounds like a fantastic afternoon tea and I love that black and white photo. 🙂 Angela from Daysinbed

    • It’s beautiful dress isn’t it! I love a dress dress (if you know what I mean). And yeah how great that the menu changes!

  5. You both look so cute and adorable, loving your outfits.
    I have only once had afternoon tea in london and it was absolutely amazing. I would love to check Conrad candy shop

    • I may be biased but the best afternoon teas are definitely in london 😉

  6. Your photography is fabulous and your boy just totally adorable!

    We’re in London in a few months’ time, so I’ll need to look out this tea room and see what they’ve got going on then!

    • It’s in a great location in London as well, really near to some of the big sights!

    • It was amazing, I really want to go back for their “tea fusion” one in September.

  7. The afternoon tea sounds nice and quirky but I’m not sure about the sound of the scones. I tend to opt for plain/ fruit ones or chocolate chip ones x

    • They are amazing. Like amazing. I always eat the plain ones of chocolate chip ones (I hate raisins), so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a different flavour. But I scoffed them both down quite happily!

    • I love taking him to different things that might not seem child friendly but really they are 😉 I’ve never known many children turn their noses up at cake lol. x

  8. Oh what a fabulous post! It looks like such a lovely afternoon. Your photos are always so lovely xx

  9. I love afternoon tea and have been lucky to try it at Claridges. This is next on my list as it just looks amazing!!! x

    • Actually I haven’t ever been to the Claridges one. I’ve stayed there, but never had an afternoon tea. It’s a BEAUTIFUL hotel!

  10. I really want to go to afternoon tea, there’s a few dotted across london that I want to try. I love your photography top-knotch xx

  11. What fabulous photos. The afternoon tea looks delicious and one I would love to take my girls to try 😉

  12. Oh. My. Gawd! How amazing does this afternoon tea look?! Take me next time haha. I am the biggest fan of afternoon tea (other than Robert) so am always looking for new places to try. Yuuum. Gorgeous photos and you guys are looking BEAUTIFUL as always 🙂 xx

    • I think once all you girls have had your babies, we should book in to celebrate with all the champagne 😉 hahah xx

  13. Another stunning post Donna so glad you had a great time. I love afternoon tea and the photos are so beautiful xx

  14. This looked so delicious. Really envious. Absolutely adore Afternoon Tea. Love it as everything is always so dainty

    • I absolutely adored their tea sets, the big silver teapots were beautiful and the cups and saucers spot on 😉

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