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Do you know how to define your style? Sometimes I think I know what I like, and then often something will catch my eye and my style all of a sudden changes.  This applies for clothes, make up, furniture and hair styles.  I slowly evolve over time 😉

For Mother’s Day, Danetti made a quiz to figure out your Mother’s style.  Perhaps it was to help you with ideas on what to get her? After all if you can pin point what makes her tick you can select something much easier based upon her tastes (and of course Danetti give you a few options of their contemporary furniture to consider).

Now Mother’s Day has passed, but the quiz is still there, and it’s pretty nifty.

I did the quiz myself and the result came back saying I was a “Trend Boss.”

In layman’s terms this means I know what’s hot and what’s not in terms of interior styling and I’m not afraid to add pops of colour to spaces.  I’d probably tend to agree.

I’ve lived in a variety of homes, and renovated a selection of properties, and each of those renovations has typically focused on the current trends.  And there has always been a splash of colour where possible.


The 4 seater oak dining table was recommended for my taste, along with the oak sideboard with the teal sliding panel.


I adore both these pieces, and they would both look amazing in my home and slide seamlessly into our living space.  So Danetti seem to have it spot on when it comes to me.

Do they have it right with you? Try the quiz yourself!  There’s even a chance to win a champagne afternoon tea for two ;).




    • Damn, I want that one now! I’d love to think my style was scandi-esque!

  1. I really lke the chairs. I think it’s because I love grey. It’s the colour scheme of our bedroom.

    • They’re awesome aren’t they. I’m literally waiting until we move home before I place an order for that table and those chairs 😉

    • Beautiful piece aren’t they, shame the quiz wouldn’t work for you. But you’ll find their entire range not heir website and it’s all worth looking at! x

  2. I love interior planning and this looks just my style. Im looking for a new table at the moment so will take a further look and will try out the quiz too to see what my style is! Angela from Daysinbed
    Angela at Daysinbed recently posted…Gratitude DiariesMy Profile

    • It would make a subtle but sticking piece in a room wouldn’t it!

  3. Laid Back Scandi Mum and its sounds about right for my mum
    Emma White recently posted…The Aquagear Water Filtration Pitcher Comes To The RescueMy Profile

  4. I got Laid Back Scandi Mum haha! I really love that oak sideboard though, it’s bold but sophisticated and stylish at the same time x

    • Beautiful isn’t it? So unfair you’re all getting scandi Mum… I’m gonna change my answers lol. x

    • I’ve not seen a piece that i don’t like, so no doubt it’ll all appeal to you too 🙂

    • They make me double check my bank balance and then use my credit card! lol. I get the “must have” need lol. xx

  5. This furniture looks so pretty - I love the little cabinet with the blue doors.

    • It would look great in a house wouldn’t it? Subtle but not bland 🙂

  6. I got Scandi Mum too which I am more than happy with. I love Scandinavian style. Everyone is getting Scandi Mum. Beginning to wonder if there are any other options.

  7. Very contemporary, its nice but not sure it would suit my style of home. I like the colours of them though

    • Yes, you have to have a modern interior I think for this kind of furniture 🙂

  8. I love all of these! I recently moved into a place and I’m aiming to keep the decor contemporary 🙂

    • I love starting from fresh with a new blank canvas. Definitely take a look at the site 🙂 x

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