Day Trip to Montenegro From Dubrovnik

Being less than an hour away from Dubrovnik, it would be foolish to not pay Montenegro a visit.

Which is the exact reason my friend and I found ourselves on a delightfully cold air con tour bus heading away from Dubrovnik early one morning.

We decided on a tour that offered us the freedom to explore by ourselves but with some guided information if we wanted it.

Crossing the border was nice and easy, some passports can cause problems mainly by delay (typically those out of the EU, so for now our British passports were perfectly acceptable) but luckily we weren’t held up at all, even with a selection of nationalities on our bus.

We drove along the coastal path in Montenegro around the bay of Kotor, which gave us beautiful scenery as we went from place to place.  Although the bay of Kotor is very much the open sea, it felt like we were driving around a stunning lake.

Our first stop was to see Our Lady of the Rocks, which is one of two islets off the coast of Perast and is an island with great legend behind it.



Dress| ASOS





We took a boat over to it and from here we were able to get great views of the Island of St George, which is a natural island that is closed off to tourists.


It is often referred to as the island of the dead because of the graveyard surrounding the church of St George and the Benedictine monastery.

Back on board our bus, we drove on towards Kotor which is a beautiful UNESCO listed medieval town full of winding narrow streets and perfectly formed squares.




With the sun at it’s highest we walked around the city keeping to the shaded parts taking pictures of the beautiful architecture and admiring the walls surrounding the city.




However, we decided against climbing the walls as the heat was too strong, and decided to take a well earned rest by topping up our liquid and ice cream intake at a restaurant that was spraying out cold water droplets.


With stomachs rumbling for something more substantial, our next stop was Budva.


It’s a beautiful walled city perched right on the coast and surrounded by beach.  With the promise of the water luring us, we thought we’d grab ourselves some fresh seafood from Jadran before hitting the cool water.




Swimming with such a beautiful view was one of our highlights for sure.

Before heading back to Dubrovnik we were able to get a view of Sveti Stefan.


Formally an island that saw the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren, it is now joined to the mainland and is an exclusive charming coastal village resort.

Overall Montenegro is a stunning place, you get a quick taste of it in a day but if you can say longer it’s definitely worth it.


Other day tours from Dubrovnik include trips to Bosnia and Albania-something we would have done for without a doubt if time had afforded us, so something to consider if those countries have ever intrigued you and you’re heading to Dubrovnik.



    • I just wish we had had the time to have done Bosnia and Albania too!

  1. Stunning photos, Donna - and you look gorgeous too.

    If I wasn’t suffering with itchy feet before, I certainly am now!

    I love exploring new places and it sounds like you managed to fit quite a lot in to your trip. That food looks delicious too.
    Jenna recently posted…Pregnancy after a loss & blogger guiltMy Profile

    • Child free holidays always mean jamming loads more in lol… so much easier! haha 😉

    • Another beautiful country. The places we went to were very similar to Dubrovnik in the fact they were old walled cities.

  2. BRILLIANT POST!! Brilliantly ‘penned’! Yet more incredible photos! & vivid lasting memories surely? Particularly taken by the young lady sporting pigtails ha (I didn’t know who t’other ‘leading bronzed brunette lady’ was though hahaha.) Elizabeth Taylor & Sophia Loren? ooooo – Illustrious & famous ladies proceeded you then – must re-write all historic almanacs to now read – ‘Elizabeth Taylor,’ ‘Sophia Loren’ … & … “LONDONMUM!”

    Albania is an absolute must for your jetsetting – I had a Form Tutor exchange year there yesteryear in an Albanian English speaking school - loved it!! What a proud unassuming culture (post Emperor Hoxha!!) … they didn’t play rugby though & they couldn’t understand me – but great polite children & great fun nevertheless hahahaha. Book it now ‘oo bronzed brunette leading lady!!’ ha. (&, DON’T FORGET eagle either & fgs, GET WELL!!!!!!! – & NO ‘PROCAFFEINATING.’) Gotta go, ‘grockle’ hotel gig in 40. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Didn’t play rugby? It’s next on the list for sure now! hahaha. Eagle is at home with Barry who doesn’t live too far. I have the large again (can you tell me how many times that is this year so far?! Feels like the umpteenth). So will pick up later on in the week when I’m less contagious to the world!

      • Aha. Well Played Barry!! ‘L’ - eagle & I know somewhere where the sea air cures all known “large??” – ?? - oooo, whoopsie, you mean ‘lurgy’ don’t you? … (got to get that auto txt sorted hoho) … somewhere that doesn’t involve LondonMum globetrotting I’m afraid … guess where? … yep, down ‘ere! – if you can all get in – grockles everywhere! Still trying to B+WC ‘catch up’ – & silly season gigs galore (gulp.) Oo dear, you must’ve got what ‘L’s’ got – bug & laryngitis … at least I can get a ‘word in’ haha!! Get well pdq! Onwards LondonMum. Ok, cough now … e’uukk. – (auto txt - ha.)

        • Damn auto text! At least you know my immune system well enough to know it’s lurgy and not large! haha

    • We only stuck to the coastal road, so I’m sure theres even more to go and see and do!

  3. I love the idea of the restaurant spraying cold water droplets! Such gorgeous photographs, it looks like you had a wonderful time x

    • It was so needed as well. You know it’s hot when you don’t even care if your hair frizzes in the heat! lol.

    • Defintiely, it gave us the chance to go and see a whole other country which was amazing!

  4. Wow what a beautiful place! I love that asos dress too, it looks gorgeous x
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…Shopping GuideMy Profile

    • It was a great dress because it’s linen so it dealt with the heat well! lol.

    • I know,I can’t believe after all these years those walls are just as strong!

    • Yes definitely,it’s great that you can combine a few countries at the same time too 😉

    • The tour guide did tell us to be prepared just in case there were issues due to Brexit, but luckily it’s not a problem yet! 🙂

  5. I love doing day trips when abroad, I recently did this when I went to Italy!
    Tara recently posted…Simply Oloni Reinvents The Bullet With ‘HERGASM’My Profile

    • Same, they had tour guides on hand if you wanted to learn more about the history etc, but exploring by foot and wandering is my thing so we were glad to have the opportunity to do that.

  6. looks like a very nice place to visit, I need to visit one day 🙂
    Melissa Zia recently posted…Summer Makeup FavouritesMy Profile

    • It’s just nice to be able to visit other places with out the complication of more flights!

    • It was beautiful! I loved the walls all around it up the mountainside.

  7. Oh Donna your photos are stunning (as are you in them!). How cultured are you with all your touring about. It’s definitely a place on my list to visit! Haha, also loving the willy statue ???? xx
    This Mama Life recently posted…Weekend Tot Style #27My Profile

    • Thank you, it’s the perfect day trip for a bit of country hopping!

  8. This looks like such an amazing trip! I’d love to do something like this, looks beautiful! Beautiful photos!
    Kira C recently posted…Fitness Update - 1My Profile

  9. Fab tour and worth the money we paid! Getting through border took a while but that wasn’t anything our guide could have done anything about. Loved all places we visited, especially Kotor and had plenty of free time to potter and have lunch etc. The ferry back was fun too. Would definitely recommend this trip. Its simply awsome. My trip to Croatia would have been incomplete without visiting the nearby country Montenegro. Its superb with its coastline and huge mountains.

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