Daytime Makeup

One of the unfortunate truths in life is that the older you get the less make up you should wear.  I love make up, I love the confidence and the veil of ‘perfection’ it gives.  But I have learnt that paring down my products actually gives me a more youthful look.  And as an added bonus it makes it easier to apply on a daily basis!

My daytime makeup has to be functional, quick and effective which is why these are my go to products.


First things first, you have to work with a good clean canvas, so make sure you have a good skincare regime.  The final step of my regime is using a Skinceuticals product called Mineral Radiance UV Defence which gives me an SPF coverage of 50+.  The product is also tinted so provides the perfect base for my make up.

My next step is to use my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer on any blemishes or dark circles.  I just dot the wand onto the areas I need it, and use a brush to gently dab it into the skin and the surrounding areas to make sure it’s blended in.

I then use my Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer across areas where I want to contour.  So I sweep it in a three shape down either side of my face (take brush from above eyebrow, down to the cheekbone and down the jaw in the shape of a 3) , I sweep it over my nose (more for the tanned look here).  And for a bit more shading I gently brush some colour across my chin and around my hairline.

For a bit of oomph I love a pop of colour on my cheeks, I’m currently using an old favourite called Gingerly by Mac which provides a nice terracotta shade to the cheek area.

I’m heavy on the mascara front because I love mascara and think it really opens up the eyes.  For me the best is any of the waterproof Maybelline mascaras.  They do not run at all.  And I’ve tried many different waterproof mascaras as I can get quite greasy eyelids- including some really expensive luxury brands.  This particular mascara is The Colossal Go Extreme Volum’ Waterproof.

A nice slick of lipliner and lipstick in a beautiful nude tone, finishes off the look and provides that polished look.  All courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink lipstick and Rimmels Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob.

Of course all these products are easy to reapply throughout the day if needs be, so I always make sure to have them to hand and carry them in my beautiful little make up bag* that I was sent by My 1st Years.  So Mummy appropriate!


The website have some amazing products, majority of which can be personalised for free.  My make up bag is personalised with my initials on the back, making sure everyone knows that I’m the “best mummy.  like.  ever” 😉

If you want to buy anything from My 1st Years make sure to use this discount code: FIRST10 for 10% off your first order with them.

(Disclosure: Item marked with * is a PR sample)



  1. I barely wear a scrap of make up - literally none most days, or if I do occasionally its eyeliner and mascara for daytime! I like the idea of nude lipliner and lipstick though, I might try and add that to my ‘wearing make up’ days ???????? xx

    • I use so little during the day it often feels like wearing nothing but just makes it safe for people to knock on my door haha. I love a slick of eyeliner, but it takes me ages to get it right so I only ever wear it on evenings out which is a rarity lol x

  2. I think I apply my make up in about 2 seconds since having a child. 🙂 Straightening my hair has also gone by the wayside. x

  3. i used to use a estee lauder bronzer and i loved it. I need to try this one, xx

    • I love the estee lauder brand!for days when I want a bit more coverage I love using their BB cream 🙂 x

  4. I like my every day make up to be functional too; don’t have time to be wearing everything every day!

  5. I love basic makeup! These days I go out with hardly any on. The difference it has made to my skin it unbelievable.

    • Huge difference. I couldn’t wear foundation everyday and when I do wear foundation my skin is so much better and clearer it needs only the tiniest amount.

    • If I stay indoors I just use the skinceuticals tinted SPF for protection for any UVA or UVB rays coming through the windows, but leave the rest of my face x

    • good old mature skin! I can imagine continuing to use less or more subtle techniques as I continue to age x

  6. I love reading about other peoples make-up and skincare regimes 🙂
    That bag is soooo cool, it must bring a smile to your face every day!
    I am trying to wear make-up more and make a better effort but it’s hard with a clingy baby sometimes…xx

    • I know that feeling! I think I just sat in my lazy clothes with greasy hair when my Son was younger.. too much effort! lol x

  7. Such a cute little bag! And you are so right about the less is more thing as you grow older!

  8. I adore your makeup bag! I love makeup and wear far too much at times but my excuse is that I have so much so it would only go to waste.

    • If it makes you feel good that’s all that matters! I love having the chance to doll myself up properly for a night out.

    • It’s the best mascara isn’t it! I love that even it rains I don’t have that usual fear that it’ll run x

  9. I don’t often wear make up, I just prefer to sleep a bit longer, but I also like a more natural look. Thanks for the waterproof mascara recommendation.

    • I know what you mean! haha. I think that’s why I use very few items just to ‘tidy up’ really.

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