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Who doesn’t love a red lipstick? I’ve been looking for a good daytime red lipstick forever.  I’ve been through brands and brands.  I loved the colour of MAC’s Red Russian, but the lipstick was drying and too ‘red’ for daytime.  I then went through a variety of high street brand names- so many countless red’s.  All of which eventually got binned.

And then I settled on Coco Chanel’s Gabrielle number 19 after spending a whole afternoon testing out red’s at the Chanel counter.

But even the Chanel I found to be really drying as a lipstick, so instead of applying it in one swoop around my lips I’d have to use lip balm first and then dot the colour lightly onto my lips.  So the best of a bad bunch but still not perfect and not the amazing daytime red I’ve forever been lusting after.  I have however used it all and that’s what gave me the incentive to finally find that one elusive red.  That wearable daytime red that doesn’t dry, doesn’t need constant application, is easy to apply and is well… (dare I say it) wearable…

Cue Rio Rio lipstick by Topshop.  I have never ever used Topshop make up preferring to trust actual make up brands that spend time and research into what they predominantly sell.  To me Topshop do clothes so being a make up snob there was no way in hell I was going to use make up from a company that specialises in high street fashion.  Well until now.

I did a little online shop from Topshop and included in my order I thought I’d go out on a limb and order Rio Rio.  It arrived this morning and I’m already blogging about it so you can see how much of a fan I must be!


The lipstick itself looks bright red in colour, but it has undertones of orange which is why I think it’s such a wearable day time shade.


I was a little bit apprehensive applying it, expecting it to immediately fail, but actually it did the opposite.


The colour comes out on my lips as a bright but toned down red that stands out but not for the wrong reasons.   It’s brilliant.  I’ve eaten food, I’ve had some drinks, I’ve been out and not once did I feel like I was a face with just big red lips (which if the red isn’t right I can feel).

The lipstick is moisturising and stays on as well.  I can rub my lips together and it feels like I’m wearing a lip balm.  Applying it was easy as well.  I did that one swoop around my lips and hey presto! (I mean who wants to spend ages doing make up in the morning when you have a baby to look after- well I will in about 11 weeks).



So I’d like to say sorry to Topshop for dismissing your make up range.  However I have all my other make up staples sorted so for now I’ll just stick to your lipstick.  Oh and your clothes- Maternity Roll Sleeve Stripe Tee.

3 thoughts on “Daytime red lippy #sorted

  1. It looks more of a pink to me on your lips, guess it must be the lighting. However, I do like the shade as can be seen in the tube. :)
    I’ve never tried makeup from Topshop though, for the same reasons you stated earlier in your post. ;)

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