December Round Up

Finally time to get my December round up done!

Isn’t it strange how Christmas just throws you completely off schedule.

Anyway here it is, I suppose it makes no difference when it goes up because it’s not month specific! 🙂

In terms of TV I ended up with an addiction to The Last Kingdom.


It was a show that I recorded on to my sky box and just ignored until I decided to sit down and watch the first episode.


The series is loosely based on early English history around the time the Vikings invaded the shores to capture the land and the various Kingdoms.  It follows the life of a Saxon man called Uhtred who is kidnapped by the Vikings as a child, and consequently grows up as a Viking but with Saxon heritage.

His struggle to figure out who he is and which side he battles for is evident throughout the series and makes for a great and interesting story line with great romances!

Plus if you weren’t into man buns before (which I can’t blame you for), you will be by the time you finish the first series.

I’m excited for series two.

I had a bit of a Disney moment in December too.  I decided to watch both Maleficent and the latest adaption of Cinderella.

Out of the two my favourite was Maleficent.


It was a great way to really look deeper into the character of Maleficent; who I remember as an evil sorcerer from my Sleeping Beauty days as a girl.

Angelina Jolie was the perfect Maleficent and really helped to portray the various faces of the role.  The movie gives it’s take on how and why Maleficent becomes evil and then it deals with what happens after.  And it did include a few tears from me!

If you haven’t watched it I recommend you do, especially if you were like me and really loved the Princess Disney movies when you were younger.


Cinderella on the other hand was just that.  A great adaption of the classic tale.  It has a modern twist but stayed very close to the original story line.  Because I knew the story and how it would pan out I guess that’s why Maleficent stood out more for me- it was something different.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this adaption of Cinderella because I did.

In terms of books I finished A Christmas To Remember by Katie Flynn.


I thought it would be festively appropriate, but really it’s not a Christmas book at all, so I don’t feel bad about writing about it in January!  In fact you could happily read this on a beach on holiday!

It was a really nice, gentle read.  We meet Tess the protagonist just after the second world war when after being evacuated she returns to the only family she has left.  We follow her life into adulthood and meet the variety of people that impact on her life, from those she met during her evacuation days to those she meets in her hometown in Liverpool.  It follows love, loss and lies all while growing up.  Like I said, it’s one of those nice easy reads that’s always enjoyable.

That’s it for December, I didn’t really get around to trying out new products or kids pieces because Christmas took over.  But I’ll have some products up in my January round up!



  1. I love the new Cinderella - we watched it lots over Christmas too!

  2. Oooh! I loved Malificent, not too keen on the Cinderella film but I think that’s because me and my sister read about the creation of it way back in 2011, so when it finally came out we were a bit non-plused.
    Thanks for sharing your list! Amy|PurelyAmy

    • The Last Kingdom was amazing, a bit Game Of Thrones like but with less dragons 😉

  3. I love Malificent! I haven’t seen Cinderella yet but I would really enjoy it I think. I love Disney!

    • I love Disney too, Cinderella was fab. If I hadn’t of watched maleficent literally just before I would have rated it higher! x

  4. The last Kingdom sounds like something I’d be really interested in. Going to go have a nosy and see if I can find it

  5. We like Maleficient and my daughter asked me to buy the movie this week but it wasn’t in the budget…I shall have to get it some time! Angela x

    • Gets int he way big time doesn’t it, even though it’s only one day! hahah x

  6. I hated the live action remake of Cinderella, but thought Malelificent was really good. Interesting take!
    Catstello recently posted…Feminist Film Club: Whip ItMy Profile

    • Maleficent was brilliant wasn’t it?Nicely dark but sympathetic and a great insight to the character.

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