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“Travelling.  It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”- Ibn Battuta

Oh how true that is.  

I can’t help but share the delights of a new adventure.  The words spill out of me as I find a need to capture the essence of our experience.

It’s what has inspired me to start-up my own dedicated travel blog to walk you through all the individual momentous adventures we’re so lucky to enjoy.  Really getting down to the nitty, gritty side of a country.  The quirks that make it unique.

But where do I get the inspiration behind certain trips?

Well, my desire to visit Greece and in particular, Corfu, has definitely ramped up in need since the start of ITV’s hit TV show The Durrell’s.  With every new season comes a more awakened internal desire to just book the tickets.

You can’t fail to be inspired by The Durrell’s when it comes to wanting to visit Corfu.  Their idyllic lifestyle which is often fraught with comical adventures draws you in and makes you want to grab a slice of that Corfian lifestyle as well.

Sleepy villages, crystal clear waters and fresh seafood feasts with hand-picked olives washed down with local wine.

Where better to adventure with your family then this Greek island- just a four-hour flight away.

If it can inspire the literary works of My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell as well as Lawrence Durrell’s Prospero’s Cell then imagine how cleansing the island must be for the mind, body and soul to draw out such creative talent.

Perched above two beautiful bays with an infinity pool reaching out to the cyan waters of the sea is Villa Avra.

The pastel pink property might not be the ‘strawberry pink villa’ from the books.  But it can be your own version of experiencing Corfu the way The Durrell’s would have.

After all, the original strawberry pink villa was torn down and a private home was built upon its site.  But The White House on Kalami beach, which was once the abode of Lawerence Durrell, is a taverna that can be visited.  Imagine approaching it by boat and enjoying the delights of sitting by the seafront eating the freshly caught fish.

Or if like us you also love the idea of a wild, wonderful picnic you could head to Lake Antiniotissa, following in the footsteps of the Durrell’s as it was one of their favourite picnic spots.

Of course, The Durrell’s make a great foundation when it comes to planning the perfect experience in Corfu.  But living your own story and exploring the island in a way that’s personal to your needs and wants is what makes your story different to anybody else.

You could go island hopping to the romantic Paxos, which was apparently created by Poseidon who chopped off the tip of Corfu to make an island retreat for his love interest.  Or you could head to Antipaxos, an island that wouldn’t look out-of-place in the Caribbean.

Or take the children to the Corfu Donkey Sanctuary.  A free-to-visit home to many donkeys who have arrived for numerous reasons such as retirement, ill-health or abuse.  While it’s free to visit a donation to help with running costs would be advisable.

And if you fancied exploring Albania for the day that’s also a possibility from Corfu.

This year I think Greece is going to be a hot destination for families, and who better to enjoy this idyllic location with then award-winning Simpson Travel who’ll help you take care of all the finer details.

I’m hoping we’ll be sinking our feet into the soft, sandy Corfian beaches in Greece soon.

After all we’re missing the freedom of living by the sea now we’re back in the UK.  So it’s time to start planning a new adventure.



  1. Greece is a great place to go on vacation. I went there a few years ago and enjoyed it

    • I’d love to visit, I can’t believe I’ve yet to go! I’ve being doing lots of research on the country and the various places.

  2. I went to Corfu once a number of years ago but it didn’t look quite this dreamy. I can’t wait for a proper summer holiday either x

    • It was quite the party town too back in the day if I remember rightly 😉 lol

  3. I have to admit I have never been to Corfu or heard much about it. Your pictures and words make it sound wonderful. I hope you manage to make it there one day an experience Corfu as you would so love to.

  4. Greece is definitely on my list - I love the idea of island hopping like my Grandma did the 50s!
    C x

  5. What a fabulous post LondonMum!! Oh to be a young globetrotting jet-setter - living life in a suitcase ha! Never been to historic Corfu but heard its extremely picture-esq so I’m expecting a future additional special LondonMums ‘Idyllic Places we’ve all Visited & Holidayed in’ Reuters type press release to entice ‘L’ & me there. Nearest we’ve been is where we had our honeymoon on the intoxicating Greek Island of; Kefalonia - which is well worth a ‘trot’ – it’s inspiringly beautiful. Quite agree LondonMum – from my experience, Albania’s well worth a visit too – a totally different ‘culture outlook’ on & towards life. Pre ‘L’ days I did a 12-month TEFL teacher exchange in an Albanian School in Tirana (with P/Arts, Music & Rugby training thrown in) – a brilliant school with fantastic polite happy-go-lucky 8-16 y’o Albanian children who, considering their unfortunate under-privileged circumstances at that time, – never ever complained (well, not to me anyway,) were so appreciative, always great fun & I loved being with them (despite their enthusiasm though, we couldn’t play any rugby fixtures as I discovered rugby wasn’t played in Albania within that particular age group then – but, never-the-less the guys all loved it & - which further meant … we were unbeaten haha!) When I was there yesteryear sshh when I was younger, had more hair & was ‘stunningly ‘andsome’ – ‘wot?????’: Ok, ok, LondonMum, - “That must’ve been a long l-o-n-g time ago then?” before you say it haha – (not that long ago ha) - Albania was still on its slow rebuild from Emperor Hoxha’s political dictatorship & all that went with it, but, never-the-less when exploring rural Albania further a-field I remember always finding Albanians, who had very little themselves, always positive, genuine in interest, extremely warm in welcome & so so generous with their offered hospitality simply out of this world (never eat so much lamb as I recall ha!) An Albanian visit from LondonMum & her squad is a must – you’ll all love it!!! ‘L’ & I, when time allows, are determined to holiday there ourselves – somewhere new for her to experience & I loved it! Be warned though LondonMum, if you ever manage a visit – take heed – because, & as I remember, when street bartering with a persistent barterer (like the individual I remember encountering) - nodding your head was (still is?) the opposite way round to here – I remember only too well nearly being sold a far from docile hyper energetic ‘moth eaten’ unpredictable donkey with an alarmingly loud ear splitting ‘eeaaww’ (I’ll never forget that) - no wonder the bloke wanted to get rid of it hoping for an unsuspecting foreign intellectually challenged push-over passer-by with shoe size & IQ both the same – so you can guess who unfortunately turned up???? – ME! OK - Don’t say anything LondonMum … I know what ya’ thinking hahaha. Apologies for length – short break in between gigs at the mo as you can probably tell – but, not long enough for a holiday though alas ha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Hahahah only you would almost get sold a donkey! I would have loved seeing you attempt to bring that back to the shores of blighty! i almost sold Rachel for a camel once… well a few hundred camels actually. I thought it was a good deal.. she wasn’t so keen! haha. x

  6. Hahaha - typical you. That puts a different interpretation on, ‘That’s what friends are for’ eh? - bet she took the ‘hump’ with you. What the ‘ell would I do with a donkey except it’d probably be a better vocalist than me. Gotta go, I’ve got a toilet roll long ‘to do’ list which I haven’t even started yet … & I’ve got to pick her up soon … you’ve got nothing to do - help?! (Think I’d better quickly go after that hahaha.) Hope you are all ok. Onwards LondonMum.

  7. I went to Corfu many years ago and it’s such a. Beautiful island. I would love to go back soon.

  8. Oh gosh, that infinity pool looks tempting! Corfu is on our list of possibilities for this year as we have never been to Greece.

  9. We’ve heard that the beaches in Corfu are amazing! So glad you’ve started up a travel blog and can’t wait to see where you family heads to next x

    • I’m working on trying to convince Mr London Mum on a couple of places.. hahah 😉

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