Elliot’s Cafe, Borough Market

If you were going to set up a eatery in London where better than next to Borough Market.  Imagine all that glorious fresh food on your doorstep!


Whether or not Elliot’s use the produce found inside Borough market (I imagine they do, but don’t quote me) they at least take inspiration from it and create dishes that are in season and pretty damn tasty!

So popular an establishment and fresh the ingredients that once something has gone it’s gone.  So unfortunately by our 7.30pm reservation there was no steak left, no chicken hearts with grilled pancetta and no buffalo mozzarella, red peppers and basil.  Not to worry though, my friends and I decided to order a selection of the small plates and tuck in and try out the cuisine.


While initially perusing the menu my two friends ordered themselves some cocktails which they delighted in and I ordered a homemade cordial juice of rose-water and raspberry.  (I later tested out the homemade ginger beer too).  All drinks were top-notch for all three of us!

We were happily gossiping away about my friend’s wedding plans for next year, my upcoming baby and my other friends slight disappointment in no longer feeling particularly affectionate towards her new man when our food arrived…



We ordered such a great selection.  Some bits I obviously couldn’t eat due to pregnancy guidelines and other bits I could.  But by the end we were all stuffed.  (I couldn’t get all the dishes into one picture, and I’m sorry but I was so impatient because it smelt so good I didn’t get a picture of all the dishes either…)

Between the three of us we ordered octopus, peas and potatoes, artichokes a la qrecque, squid tomatoes and capers, pickled mackerel, soda bread and crème fraiche, scallops and nduja butter and finally a large plate of polenta, chantarelles, onions and pecorino.  We were also given a basket of homemade organic bread, freshly baked which made me immediately tuck in and slather on some oozing melting butter.

Already feeling stuffed and baby making his presence known by jabbing me at every opportunity I didn’t think I’d be able to fit in a dessert.  And then I saw the menu…


I couldn’t resist ordering the peach sorbet, pistachio frangipane and rosemary pudding.  And it didn’t disappoint either.  It was lip smackingly good.  It didn’t look the prettiest when initially served up but the flavour’s were gorgeous and so fresh.  I was actually quite upset when I finished it!


The great place about Elliot’s is that the food changes with the seasons so there’s always something new to try out.  A new season to taste and delight in!

Elliot’s as an establishment is a thriving place.  It was busy and the bar was in full swing.  The staff were really helpful and kind and nothing was too much effort for them (such as finding out if the mackerel was pickled raw or pickled cooked).  It’s a great place for a catch up with friends, or even taking a date.  There was one table in full view where the couple weren’t afraid of full on PDA.  So whatever was in the food obviously made those two particularly amorous!  I didn’t manage to snap a picture of them.. it felt morally wrong! :)



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