Escape from Mundane Monday

Sometimes you just need a little escapism, so if you’re at work and need a little break and you’re pining for a little outdoor fun then let me help you run away from the mountain of paperwork in front of you and come and join me on my day out for just a little while.

First off let me take you down this little country lane.  I promise you’ll enjoy where I’m taking you.  Don’t forget to say hi to my Mum who’s pushing my nephew in his pram, she’s not quite got to grips with steering it yet!

Make sure you fully appreciate everything around you.  Slow down and make sure you smell the fresh country air (we’re out of the city now don’t you know!) and appreciate the carpets of flowers all around.

Baby London doesn’t quite enjoy these jaunts just yet, but give him time! He’s happy to let you push his pram although you might well receive the above face for all your hard effort.  Best to ignore 😉

On y vas!

Now take in the gorgeous building!  I absolutely love it.  It’s stunning.  Welcome to Audley End House and Gardens.

It’s quite Downton-esque don’t you think? I know the dogs aren’t quite Labradors but they’ll do to help you imagine a bit of upstairs/downstairs life!

Here are some real residents of Audley End!

Hmmm.. it’s not quite as warm as I thought it would be, so out comes the jumper again.  I don’t mind though, because the dress c/o Joe Browns is beautifully embroidered at the hem so the jumper doesn’t hide it totally.  I call it my Alice in Wonderland dress.

Baby London is awake! He wants to get in on the action.  He’s wearing his back up outfit as naughty Mummy poured pretty much a whole bottle of water on him earlier and soaked his gorgeous clothes.  Woops.  Lesson learnt- always make sure the bottles are screwed up tight!

He hasn’t quite forgiven me though.

Best let him chill out with his cousin instead!

While I have the time let me run away from both the babies and explore the grounds! (What a good Granny).

Time to walk back now, but lets take the countryside in properly.  I don’t know about you but I don’t often get to see fields just disappear into more fields very often.  Time to swap shoes as well, we’ll be going on a bit of a trek!

That fresh air goes straight to a Londoner’s head and makes us do strange things.  

All that frolicking about has made me hot again, off comes the jumper and fingers crossed the sun tans up those pasty legs of mine.  Well I can day dream too you know 😉






















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