Family Friendly London with Ascott| Citadines Holborn Covent-Garden

As we edge closer to Christmas, the appeal of central London for a little overnight stay becomes more tempting.  After all London at this time of the year is spectacular.  The lights along Oxford Street glitter and shine as dusk creeps in.  The Hamley’s store window is exciting for children of all ages.  Winter Wonderland makes its annual return and let’s not forget the variety of theatrical shows ready to cast their light on Christmas too.

When it comes to deciding where to stay whenever we’re away from home, I always factor in how convenient the rooms are for us as a family, and also the location of the place we’ve chosen to stay.

We were kindly hosted by Ascott at the Citadines Holborn Covent-Garden London recently and we gleefully accepted the chance. After all, the location was spectacular.

Just around the corner from Holborn underground we approached the entrance and were shown to our one bedroom apartment.

The size was perfect for a family of four.  With a travel cot already set up and prepared for Baby London (shame she won’t use one) and the sofa in the living room able to convert into a sofa bed the room was perfectly sized for our needs.

^^ Catching up on some work using the Linx 10.1 while Little London plays count the red buses and taps on my keyboard.

What excited me the most though were the kitchen facilities that were in our room.

With a baby in tow it’s important I have access to certain amenities such as a kettle and a microwave.  Sterilising bottles and making up fresh feeds is important.  But further more I found that having a kitchen to take advantage of, meant my children were overall more settled and content.

Rather then having to search for a family friendly restaurant in the evening we decided to just use the facilities available in our room to cook up a feast.

With a Waitrose just opposite the Citadines and a larger Sainsbury’s a mere 5 minute walk away, it’s no hardship to come up with a dinner to suit everyone.  Plus it’s so much more cost-effective.

We popped The X Factor on in the background and started to prepare a family suitable meal.  All without the stress of having to force our children to be well-behaved at a table.

After our dinner we were able to just relax as a family until our kids wanted to go to bed.

No tantrums.  No screaming.  No being dragged across the city at night-time with hungry stomachs and cold fingers.

When morning came around, we’d all had a great nights sleep.  Baby London as usual decided to take up majority of our bed space forcing her father to sleep in the same bed as her brother 😉

With Breakfast part of our booking, we made our way down to the communal breakfast area and helped ourselves.  With fresh-baked pastries and waffles ready to be drenched in whatever sweet condiment you wanted, to steaming bowls of porridge and the usual continental options we filled ourselves up ready for the day ahead.

The location of the Citadines Holborn Covent-Garden London couldn’t be better. With Oxford Street being walking distance and Covent Garden being very close by, all the best parts of London were accessible to us.

We could have used the underground but I just love walking around London.  It’s definitely the best way to see the city and find some hidden magic.

We spent hours shopping in Selfridges, and we stopped off in coffee shops as and when we needed.

We listened and watched the street performers in Covent Garden and popped into the new Pertersham Nurseries.

Of course we also ended up enjoying many a sweet treat too.  It can’t really be helped when you have a three-year old with you 😉

I highly recommend popping into Yolk In on a weekend for a macaron ice-cream sandwich or Melba at The Savoy for an ice-cream eclair.

A post shared by Family Lifestyle • Donna (@thelondonmum) on

A post shared by Family Lifestyle • Donna (@thelondonmum) on

In fact with some of the most exciting haunts in London nearby, you’d be foolish to not pay them a visit.  And as part of the service from Citadines Apart Hotel, you can use the mobile phone from your room for free to navigate the city with google maps as well as access great deals within the city, and use the phone for free when making calls or texting locally.

Overall our stay was just perfect.  We couldn’t have asked for more as a family of four.  It made our time in the city much more relaxing knowing we were never far from home.  It would make the perfect London city stay especially if you want to spend that extra time in London rather than travelling to and from the centre.

I’ll certainly be looking at booking an Ascott residence in the future, so it’s great to know they have properties in most big cities around the world.

London today… New York tomorrow?



  1. oh wow, this looks amazing. totally with you on the walking around London - much better than the underground. So the location sounds perfect. Those desserts look so amazing!! x

  2. It looks like you all had a great time, we love Covent Garden and pop up there every now and then for a stroll around. I think next time we visit London I am going to have to try the ice cream eclair it looks amazing

  3. You have such a beautiful family! I love how close you all are to each other! It seems like this place was perfect for your entire family. There was a kitchen? So amazing! I want to stay here soon!

    • I love how much closer travelling and being away as a family makes you. It’s wonderful 🙂

  4. Nicely written adventure that you have shared here. You and your family looked like you had a real fun and exciting day….

    • Even though we live in london there’s always so much to see and do. We love it!

  5. Aww it sounds like you managed to have a lovely relaxing time away, I have to admit it has been years since I stayed in London but this looks like a lovely place for all the family.

  6. This looks like the perfect place to stay for the whole family in London! I’d definitely check it out in future and if the price is right, I’d stay! xxx

  7. Wow what an amazing trip you had!! I love London but we haven’t managed it with all four kids yet. That ice cream éclair looks DELICIOUS!!!
    five little doves recently posted…Big Pink Link #85My Profile

    • If you like eclairs you’ll love it 😉 although it’s a bit cold to bite into lol

    • Exactly! Plus when you have young kids you can’t enjoy restaurants in the same way so it’s nice to be able to cook something back at the place we’re staying instead.

  8. The apartment looks lovely and it has that homey feel that you are searching for when traveling with your family. I love that you can still get breakfast as well in the morning, even if it’s an apartment.

    • Me too. I’m so bleary eyed in the morning that having someone else sort the breakfast is a god send.

  9. Looks like a very nice place to stay rather than a hotel, its like a home rather then a hotel
    melissa major recently posted…Lush Christmas HaulMy Profile

    • Exactly, which makes a huge difference when you’re away from home with children.

  10. Looks like you all had an amazing night’s sleep! The room looks so comfortable and lots of space, perfect when you have kids who have so much stuff x

  11. Looks like you all had an amazing night’s sleep! The room looks so comfortable and lots of space, perfect when you have kids who have so much stuff x

  12. This looks like a lovely place to stay. Sometimes self catering is the best option when you go away. At least you can cook what everyone likes!

  13. What a great idea to have a kitchen in the room! I also love that they have a phone for you to use to navigate etc. We also use our own phones and drain the battery x

    • It’s a nightmare isn’t it! Luckily we know london well, but if we were relying on google maps etc we’d run out of battery so fast on our own phones.

  14. We are looking at going on our first family trip to London, so I will look in to this. It looks like it has great family facilities.

    • THat’s so true.. when you have kids you realise you need sooooo much more than just a kettle!

  15. It’s so much nicer to be able to have self-catering accommodation, especially when travelling with kids in tow! It gets you ready to go out and enjoy the day as you would if you lived in such a central location.

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