February Round Up

Even though its the shortest month of the year (even with it being  leap year), I’ve managed to pack loads into February already, so I thought it best to quit while ahead and do my round up now before it becomes really long!

In terms of TV I engulfed the latest Pretty Little Liars episode as soon as it hit the Netflix airwaves.


If you’re not a fan of Pretty Little Liars then of course this latest stand alone episode will not interest you in the slightest.  But if like me you became addicted to finding out who “A” was then you need to get catching up right now.

The girls are older, their love lives have changed and there’s a new storyline to solve.

I can not wait until the new series is released.  I’ve had a huge Pretty Little Liars hole in my life since I finished the last series, so this was needed!

While on Netflix I also realised they had the film The Help.


I’ve read the book previously, so I felt like it was time to watch the film!

It’s difficult for me to give it a true review.  Because I’d read the book I knew what was going on and that kept me hooked and interested.  However, I’m not sure if the adaption translated clearly on-screen without that prior knowledge.  I felt like some parts would have been too slow or a bit confusing for someone that hadn’t read the book.

That’s how I felt watching it at least.  I suppose it depends what someone takes away from it who hasn’t read the book.  Either way, I personally enjoyed it, but then again I enjoyed the book too!

“How To Die: Simon’s Choice” was a really heart wrenching but important documentary featured on BBC2.


It carefully discusses the current euthanasia laws in the UK for people with terminal illnesses by following Simon’s choice to fly to Switzerland to die.

Watching him on-screen literally disintegrate in front of our eyes, and his desperate desire to end his life while his wife tries her hardest to persuade him otherwise, revealed the real human battle that living with a terminal illness has on the person suffering and those around them.

It’s a real moral conundrum which is understandable, but this documentary was so well filmed and informative on both sides including discussing what actually happens during an assisted suicide, that it allows the viewer to understand more about this topic leaving us more educated regarding it.

Yes you’ll cry.  Yes you’ll question whether you could support a family member if they needed it.  And yes you’ll be glad you watched it even with its morbid content.  I believe it’s still available on iPlayer and definitely worth the watch.

Needing something light-hearted to read after watching the above, the book I decided to read was The List by Joanna Bolouri.


I really enjoyed this book, probably because it was a bit raunchy, a bit romantic, a bit ‘single ladies rock’ and so ridiculously funny in places.

After her partner leaves her, the protagonist is left single and having to constantly face her ex and his new partner (the girl he cheated with).  Needing to start the new year by getting over him, she decides to write a list of 10 sexual misadventures to complete before the end of the year.

It made me blush, laugh out loud and wonder what on earth was going to be next for her to try out!  For any single ladies out there (or anyone looking to add a bit of spice), perhaps you should try out the list too 😉

The author doesn’t make everything sexy which is why you really resonate with the character, she’s not this perfect sexual being.  When she gets a hormonal imbalance from having a lot of sex and is told she has a bit of a dodgy whiff you really do feel for her in a really cringey, awkward way!

Great book if you like something refreshing, light and need a boost when it comes to body image!

Little London has had his fair share of books too this month.  With Easter coming up, I thought it would be good to introduce him to The Easter Story* (while brushing up myself).


(^^ Jumper: dab + blyton)

The book from Usbourne is a great and easy way for children to learn the Christian story about Easter.  It’s sensitively told, but accurate to the biblical story and the great illustrations kept Little London hooked.

Apparently Jesus looks a lot like Daddy, and I’m obviously Mary Magdalene.  Figures!

The other book we’ve been enjoying is Sam The Sleepy Sheep*.  This is one of those talk your child to sleep books, and it works! It’s incredible.


If you read my blog you’ll know we’ve ditched the dummy.  As a replacement the Kindle Fire became the dummy substitute.  Needing to deal with the Kindle issue this book became a saviour.  When Little London requested his “TV” before going to sleep, I’d tell him he could have it after I read him a book.  This usually worked well, he’d settle down and I’d get reading.  It is a long book, but I only read to the end the first time, subsequent times I read just over half way before he’d fall asleep.  The book is written to use special words and phrases to encourage your child to drift off and it’s brilliant.  We’ve had no TV since we started reading the book, and after he got used to going to bed without requesting something to watch he’s just learnt to sleep without any tools.  No dummy, no tv and no book either.  Although I do have it on standby for any difficult nights.  I highly recommend it for troublesome sleepers or if you’re going through a night time habitual change like we did.  No tears, no tantrums.  Happy child, happy Mum.

In terms of products this month, we have been loving the B.Fresh* range (available from Wholefoods and ASDA).


They are vegetable based juices that are cold pressed to preserve maximum nutrition from the ingredients.  I love them and more importantly my Son really likes them too.

With a range of different flavours there are some I prefer over others.  I have a sweet tooth so the #winterwarmer which is a limited edition juice (60% carrot, 20% apple, 15%orange and 5% ginger), #sweetgreens (75% apple, 15% spinach 8% kale and 2% lemon) and #totalbeets (95% beetroot and 5 %lemon) were my favourite ones.

The #greenglow was my least favourite one, but it is full of goodness (30% cucumber, 22% iceberg lettuce, 19% romaine, 15% spinach, 5% kale, 5% lemon and 4%ginger).  I was surprised that my Son liked it though requesting that I put more in his cup.  I wasn’t exactly going to say no to that! So I would actually buy that one again as well as the others that I preferred over it.

I think they’re great juices.  My Son won’t touch anything remotely healthy on a plate, but he’ll drink a juice in no time!

The other thing we’ve loved this month are the Go Go’s by Little Dish*.


They are little snack biscuits that are made of wholegrain oats, flax, chia seeds and protein.  They taste delicious and currently come in three different flavours.  Vanilla, ginger and raspberry.

They are perfect for putting in my handbag as a little pick me up between meals for Little London if I’m caught unprepared, and personally I quite enjoy a pack too- although if I’m caught by the little one snacking on them he does throw a tantrum!

Because of the ingredients these biscuits don’t give that sugar high and instead they release slow energy, something which really is important for me.  A toddler with a sugar high really can be impossible.

Along with some great fibre and 3g of protein per pack they are little bags of goodness disguised as a treat.

(Disclosure: PR Sample marked with a *)




    • The green glow was definitely the worst hahah- but great for those people that only want veg and no sweetness. The other flavours were delicious though! I was surprised my son liked green glow because it really isn’t a flavour I thought he’d enjoy!

  1. I haven’t seen The Help but I have been wanting to for so long, thanks for suggesting loads of awesome things!

  2. Lovely roundup. Those vegetable juices sound lovely and I really need to watch Pretty Little Liars, I haven’t had the chance to watch it.

    • I bit the bullet one day because it was on my list and it has to be one of my absolute faves!

    • It was so well filmed. I cried with such mixed emotions. I was so happy he finally got what he wanted, but also it was heart breaking for his family and knowing that for him this was his only option of being free and happy.

  3. what a fantastic round up yes I support euthanasia and I love pretty little liars
    Emma White recently posted…What’s Hot – Blogger In The SpotlightMy Profile

  4. what a fantastic round up yes I support euthanasia and I love pretty little liars
    Emma White recently posted…What’s Hot – Blogger In The SpotlightMy Profile

    • A really great film, it a wonderful insight into racism in Southern America in the early 1960’s. Considering that wasn’t that long ago some of the things are truly shocking!

  5. Ergh nooo not Pretty Little Liars! I gave up on it because it’s just running us round in circles trying to figure out who A is! The List is a great book though 🙂 A quick, fun read!

    • Hahah.. being a Mum I have a lot of time to chase A lol. The List is fab as a book isn’t it 🙂

  6. A great cross media wide ranging February roundup thought provoking & poignant post. The circle of life certainly has its implications. FEBRUARY? -WHOOSH - must’ve missed it! So LL & LM energetically march into March - can you both slow down, can’t keep up down ‘ere ha. Loved the LM February fabulous follicle styles – you preparing for the Mad March ‘HAIR??’ … Onwards LondonMum.

    • I have an entire bottle of Tia Maria to get through don’t you know 😉 That’ll definitely slow March down!

      • Well played! Brillatabulous! TM not to be opened before 11th ha! Check “O” if poss please asap – broadcast track clearance? Can’t stop.Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • In that case it must translate well to people that haven’t read it, good to know!

    • The kids books were both greta, and The List is definitely a recommended one for one Mother to another 😉 lol

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