February Round Up

So it’s a bit past the end of February, but I’m doing my round-up none the less!

Being a shorter month, February has whizzed by so quickly, and now I can see the emerging Spring flowers start to grow heralding the end of the big freeze.

Although the weather is still being a bit temperamental it’s bearable because of the gorgeous sunshine we’re currently getting, and the fact that the days are getting longer again!

So what did I get up to in February?

Well in terms of TV, we finally got around to watching The Missing.  An incredible suspense filled crime drama which hits a nerve with every parent.  It is literally every parents worst nightmare.  The Mother in the programme actually reminded me of Kate McCann and made the drama that bit more disturbing and emotional.  If you’ve yet to see it, I recommend it.  It certainly made me think how I would cope in a similar situation.  Not very well would be my answer.  It makes you respect those parents who do have to deal with a missing child, because the not knowing would literally drive me insane.  I would very much be like Tony’s character.

214147850001_dim6 I’ve also been glued weekly to Call the Midwife.  One of my favourite shows on TV, it is now in its 4th season.  I didn’t know how this season would pan out with the departure of the main character, but it’s fared really well.  I’m loving the new characters and each episode has had me sobbing.  There aren’t many baby related programmes I can watch anymore, but Call the Midwife is the one I can’t stop watching.  The last episode of the series is on next week so it’s time to wave bye-bye to it for another season.  Nooooooooo.


I’ve managed to read a couple of books during February.  One of them being ‘Confessions of a Mother Inferior‘* by Erika Waller.  Hailed as the Bridget Jones for Mum’s, I had no problem getting started on it.  I won’t lie it did have a bit of a slow start for me, but by the end I just wanted to see what was going on and watch the story unfold as it hit its peak.  The main character is the kind of Mother I feel the author wants you to like, but I just couldn’t warm to her until literally the end.  She’s one of those Mother’s that in reality you want to slap a little bit (or in my case grab both shoulders and shake some real sense into).  But in a way, that works particularly well, being that as Mother’s we’re all judgemental over the different parenting styles that exist, and even a fictional character is being judged by my Mothering standards!  This is the author’s debut novel and I feel we can expect great things from her.  Really enjoyable, funny, easy reading.  I think it helps to be a parent to really get into this book as you’ll be familiar with a lot of the issues that arise.

photo (7)

The other book I read this month, Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel was a bit hit or miss for me.  I really enjoyed the concept of the story but I struggled to deal with the real emotional connection as I’ve never lost someone that close to me.  It’s a mixture of morbidness and joy.  It thrusts the way in which we deal with grief into the forefront of our minds, and makes us question how and why we grieve in a certain way.  It was heartbreaking but funny, uplifting at times, yet sad.  The protagonist is a man who creates a computer programme that mimics the dead by drawing on the way they used technology while alive to contact their loved ones.  The end result is that the ‘dead’ person is in effect still able to talk and correspond with the living family members left behind.  The story could be very slow at points and I’d lose interest but still want to know what happens.  It’s a unique story and one that resonates well past finishing.  I just wish it was a page turner the whole way through.


Books I loved reading to Little London during February include The Ugly Duckling*.  We were sent this as part of the #BookBuddies scheme by Parragon.  I think the story is one of the most important fairy tales a child could learn, and this board book certainly delivers.  It tells the tale thoroughly and the pictures just reinforce the story throughout.  As a slide and see book this particular book has an extra dimension to keep your child interested.  There are four sliding tabs as part of the book that can be pulled at the end of the relevant page to continue reading the story.  It’s a little bit like a grown up version of a pop up book.


I also really enjoyed reading Florentine and Pig by Eva Katzler to Little London.  It’s a brilliant story which takes the reader on an adventure, where the author describes the most delicious sounding picnic foods.  Luckily there are recipes at the end to recreate the gorgeous sounding snacks.  Fancy ‘snuggly buggly marshmallow brownies’ or ‘star gazers’ stacked banana pancakes with oozy golden syrup?’  Maybe you just want to brew up a batch of ‘drink in your sleeping bag honey milk malties?’  Yep, I’m drooling too.


In terms of baby products, the Trunki Toddlepak* has been in my handbag at all times.  They’re the most amazing baby reins you’ll find on the market.  That’s quite rich coming from me, because I haven’t tested any others out, but I’ll do a full review next week so you can see what I’m talking about.

photo (8)

This month I have also started to build up Little London’s Spring time wardrobe, with a few pieces I purchased from Nutmeg.  As you all know, I’m a fan of the brand and I couldn’t resist the yellow/mustard tee which was a steal at £2.00.  The denim shirt was gorgeous as well, and also promptly made it into my trolley.  The material is so soft, and the extra detailing like having the ability to roll and button the sleeves up give it that extra fashion forward feel.  I wish they did the denim shirt in adult sizes because I’d totally do a matching day with my Son, I love it that much!  In fact I’d get Mr London Mum in on the action and do one cheesy denim loving picture.

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (5)

The only other baby product to mention for February is Little London’s new shoes.  Not being a fan of previous designs from Clarks, I was quite hesitant to go shoe shopping.  But with the promise of new designs and a walking child I had no option but to head in to our nearest store.  Thank goodness they’ve had a design overhaul because they had quite a few styles I loved for little boys.  Including the pair of boat shoes that we finally settled on.  For me I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my Son’s feet just yet.  I wanted to make sure he was measured properly and fitted by length and width of his feet, and having used Clarks as a child I knew I could trust them.  The shoes slide onto his feet easily but snugly and the velcro fastening makes it a quick, painless process.  Although saying that one of Little London’s favourite things is having socks and shoes put on.  He’ll even bring his shoes to me to put them on his feet even when we’re at home.  He had a meltdown the other day when I wouldn’t put his socks and shoes on over his baby gro when he was drinking his bedtime milk.  It was such a loud tantrum I ended up giving in.


(Disclosure: Some items mentioned were PR samples, these items are marked with a *.  As always though I’m not obliged to mention them on my blog so my opinion is all mine)

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