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It seems like a long time ago since I wrote this post about my thoughts on the gender of our second baby.  In fact, considering I’m now 27 weeks pregnant, I’ve kept the secret to myself for 7 whole weeks.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not one to keep a secret, so it’s been tough keeping schtum.

I didn’t mean to keep the news from you of course.  As soon as I found out I wanted to share the news, because it’s exciting finding out whether you’re team blue or team pink.

But life got busy with the variety of holidays we’ve recently taken (I’ve been trying to get it all out before the baby arrives knowing I’ll be house bound juggling two kids) and the little one having the chicken pox.

And I allowed 7 weeks to lapse by.

So I apologise.

But I’m now going to make up for it, by telling you what we’re expecting.

Was Little London right? From the very beginning he’s been adamant he’s having a little sister.

Or did we have to crush his hopes and dreams and tell him he’s having a brother?

Turns out he was right.

We’re expecting a little girl this time around.  You’d think on telling our son he’d have shown pure delight, but he looked at us oddly as if to reinforce he knew all along it was a girl and couldn’t understand the point in us telling him it was a girl.  Maybe he does have psychic abilities!

We are of course really excited.  It almost feels like starting from scratch again.

Only 13 more weeks at most until she’s here.

Items for baby:

Smallternative kindly sent us this gorgeous little baby grow to help announce our little girls gender.  I absolutely love it, and no doubt it’ll be one of the pieces she wears when she’s first born at the hospital.  I bought one of their t-shirts for Little London when we did our pregnancy announcement so it was fitting that we broke the gender news with them too 🙂

I actually love their designs so may stock up on some more pieces before the arrival of ‘baby sister.’

We were also sent some lovely pieces from Gap who have done a collaboration with Disney.  They sent us some sweet items from their Dumbo collection, including this little denim jacket taking inspiration from the circus ring leader.  And this pink and white striped one piece featuring the bond between Mrs Jumbo and Dumbo (cue the tears).  If you have a kid into Disney I’d recommend checking out the pieces they have (they don’t just have a baby selection but a children’s selection too) especially because quite a few are on sale currently!

And finally we have been sent this gorgeous Pacopod Gladstone changing bag.  I love the neutral colour (no excuses for Mr London Mum), and the fact I can attach it to the pram easily using the clips provided.  Or if I’m pram-less (I’m hoping to baby wear at times because of the toddler running wild) I can just put it on my back and still have my hands free.

Like all Pacopods it comes with two inserts, one for keeping food and bottles warm or cold.  And the other insert is for keeping all the nappy products in one place, meaning you don’t have to bring the whole bag in to a changing room should you need to change the baby when out and about.  There’s also a big compartment for all my usual rubbish that I bring out with me.  So more than enough space for everything that I might need for a day out!



  1. Aww I’m so happy for you, one of each will be lovely. I’m sure that children know these things, the whole time Emily was absolutely adamant she was having a baby sissy (as she calls her) and she was right too! The lady who did our private scan said a lot of children (under 5) get the gender of their unborn siblings right. Strange hey. Welcome to team pink! xx

    • I just couldn’t understand why he would want a baby sister because he mainly plays with boys at nursery and ignores the girls, but he was so sure it was a girl and just refused to accept anything other than that. Maybe we’re at our smartest under 5.. I need to give the kid more credit! lol

  2. Congrats on the news of expecting a little girl. The items you have for her arrival are adorable, I love the changing bag.

  3. Aww this is adorable, love that he guessed correctly 🙂 I always find out what I’m having and we have always named ours prebirth lol. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes by quickly. Welcome team pink ????

  4. Aww this is adorable, love that he guessed correctly 🙂 I always find out what I’m having and we have always named ours prebirth lol. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes by quickly. Welcome team pink ????

    • We’re terrible at naming ours before birth. When it came to Little London he was nameless pretty much until we HAD to register him! We just never agree on names. lol

    • I think he’ll get bored of her really quickly hahah. He’s all about wanting to help change her nappy at the moment- I wonder how long that’ll last 😉

    • Although it’s another baby and I know what I’m doing this time around it feels a bit different because I’m just not used to having a girl around the house! It’ll be good to break up the male advantage in the home 😉

    • I can’t picture what she’ll look like at all. With Little London I had an image in my head of what he’s look like at birth- which of course he didn’t resemble at all. But I have no idea what this baby will be like at all.

  5. Adorable!! Such pretty photographs to treasure forever! I found out both times and was convinced it was girls yet I have 2 boys! Ha x

    • I was convinced it was a girl first time around and a boy this time- I’m way off on my radar too! lol

    • I had one first time around as well- I did the foolish thing of putting it in the tumble dryer though- mistake learnt!

    • I need to get my mind on their wave length- I don’t know how they do it, but young children certainly have some magical ability!

  6. Aww .. many congratulations to you and your family. Having a girl is simply the best.

  7. Read all about it … Read all about it!! … expanding & breaking headline news … “THE PINK 1st XV TO HAVE A NEW CAPTAIN-ESS FOR THE 2017/ 2018 RUGBY SEASON” – official.
    BRILLIANT BRILLIANT photos LondonMum. The type of photos you’ll look back on (when you’re a ‘lavender bag’ Grandma ha?) & have nothing but fabulous FABULOUS memories. Maybe LittleLondons beautiful ‘hands on’ photo with his 2way psychic connection has its advantages. He & ‘lil-sis’ may’ve been secretly organising her grand home-coming? - 1st Birthday party? - 1st holiday? - 1st joint tare around the house? - 1st let’s both ‘wind up’ Mum? - 1st agreement on ‘how much sleep shall we let Mum have tonight then?’ - 1st I’ve ‘dun-a-poo Mum’ (while out shopping?) - 1st ‘I’m sitting in the front – it’s my turn – even if Mum is driving!!’ Lucy loves the ‘bag’ (sorry LondonMum,- mere male!) I just think you’ll be able to fit her rugby boots in that … ‘wot, wot ??’ ha. I think that the B+WC will have to ‘honor the very special May occasion’ with something that’ll be composed, commercially recorded, P.R.S. licenced & copyrighted to you … hope you won’t mind? Is the world ready for another LondonMums little beauty??? – YOU BET IT IS !! Onwards & ‘outwards’ (if that’s still physically possible?) LondonMum ha.

    • oooooo yes please that would be amazing!!!

      ps. Don;t give these two ideas on tag teaming- I’ll never survive!! hahah

    • He’s so loving with the bump already. He gets it out to show all the kids at nursery while he hugs and kisses it. He’ll make sure a good big brother.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Baby girls are great! I love the idea of your son looking at you oddly as if to say ‘why are you telling me this? I already know!’ bless him haha. Congratulations to you all x
    Abbie recently posted…Some fresh air…My Profile

    • I love the dress! I’m gutted it’s maternity because I want to contuse wearing it post pregnancy- I’ll have to see how it falls without a bump!

    • That is something I have enjoyed actually- I do prefer buying for a girl rather than a boy.

  9. Wow, congrats! Revealing a gender was so excited that I was feeling when I’m pregnant

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