Gift ideas for the expectant mother

So what can you buy an expectant mother? You have the usual- baby clothes and baby toys.  But how about something with a bit more thought and sentimentality?

I was lucky enough to be sent two amazing journals from the award-winning company From You to Me that literally made me shed a tear because they’re so beautiful and personal.  (Apparently shedding a tear is common while looking at these journals and I’m not the first!).

So what are these journals all about?

Let me break them down for you starting with the first journal:

Bump to Birthday

This journal is a keepsake which tells of the mothers experience throughout her pregnancy and goes as far as her baby’s first birthday.

It’s a beautifully crafted book which is designed and published in the UK (so purchasing it does a little something for our economy!) that documents that precious time for both mother and eventually child to look back on.  It has also won a Loved by Parents Award this year under the category for Best Gift for New Mum/Dad.

Both journals are hard backed and the pages inside are thick and feel of good quality.  I was also informed that they are sustainably sourced uncoated paper so another bonus is it helps our environment too! (economy and environment in one hit- we’re doing well).

The Bump to Birthday journal inside is filled with quotes, space for photographs and space to write in.

The start of the journal documents who the parents are and how they found out about the pregnancy.

It then gives space for weekly updates of the pregnancy from week 9 to week 40; along with various bits of information, and then week 40+ for those mothers that go over their due dates.

The birth details can then be documented.

And finally baby’s first year can be remembered by writing down all those bits that you may eventually forget such as when the baby first smiled, got his/her first tooth, first haircut, favourite toys, first Christmas and more.

Unfortunately for me I’m so late into my pregnancy (33/34 weeks) that I haven’t been able to use the journal all the way through but I’m making up for lost time now.   I want to remember all those details I know I’ll forget if I don’t write them down.   But this would make such a great present for a friend or family member that’s just announced they’re expecting!

Our Story

journal2 001

These books come in two options; for my son and for my daughter, so are great gifts for baby showers or once the little critter has been born if the gender isn’t known.  It was the winner of Best Gift at the Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards this year- a very high accolade.

It’s retails at £19.99 (both journals do) and again is a journal to document information.  In this case the child’s life journey from the ages of 1 to 18.

It’s a beautiful keepsake which can perhaps be given to the child when he or she reaches 18.  I’d of loved something like this when I hit 18!  In fact I can’t even remember what I received for my 18th! (I’m sure it was great but I just don’t remember).

The journal starts off with pages to write about the mother and child’s information.

Then the yearly experiences, family memories, hopes and dreams for that child can be documented all the way through until year 18!

The end of the book gives the mother the chance to give her best advice for that child’s future and what hopes and dreams she has for him/her.

The journals are just so beautiful and so well made.  I really do recommend them.

If you’re a mother already how have you kept hold of those all important memories?

3 thoughts on “Gift ideas for the expectant mother

    • It’s a gorgeous gift isn’t it? I just wish I could have started the first book when I found out I was pregnant because I’d love to read back on that period already x

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