Guest Post: Child Friendly Storage Solutions for Your London Home

It’s the same predicament that arises with nearly all families in the South East at some point: do you move to London for work, where you’ll be close to amenities and have family fun attractions on your doorstep, but be slightly cramped in a property, OR do you stay in the country where you’ll be able to afford a larger property but have a massively longer commute?

However, there’s no need to feel confined in the metropolitan city you love. In fact, you don’t even have to fork out a fortune to get more space. Instead, make the most of what you can afford for your budget by introducing clever storage solutions that not only free up space and make your home look tidier, but are child-friendly too.


Here are a few of our favourite solutions:

High Level Shelving

The basic and rather obvious first option is to use simple shelving, but at a height where your children can’t reach it.
Many London homeowners are lucky enough to have high ceilings in their properties which most of the time is unutilised space. Well, no more! Picture rails in kitchens or dining rooms offer the perfect position for displaying ornamental plates, storing large crock pots or books. You could even show off your kids’ arts and crafts masterpieces by placing them here!

Under Bed Storage


^^Wicker Paradise under CC BY 2.0

Another favourite of ours is the under bed drawers or hydraulic lifting beds. This is the perfect ‘hide it away and forget about it’ storage solution for rarely used items like surplus bedlinen, towels or winter clothing.

Investing in this kind of bed will not take up any more floor space than you already use, but will free up considerable space elsewhere for toys, books, DVDs or whatever you need it for. The only difference is that you’ll be sleeping a few inches higher and your wallet may be slightly lighter this month.
Hidden and out of the way it is unlikely that your children will take any notice of this subtle storage; however, if they do, why not give them their own child-friendly version in the form of a bunk or cabin bed?

Bench Ottomans or Window Seat Storage


^^Becky Striepe under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you’re worried about sharp corners, fingers getting caught or any of the other potential dangers then we’d suggest another ‘hidden’ storage option – a padded ottoman storage bench or window seat.

A window seat is ideal whether you live in a converted Victorian house flat or a grand Georgian terrace because both have wonderfully large, bay windows. Plus, they can be reasonably cheap to have fitted too. Simply make the sturdy lid hinged to easily place your toys or bric-a-brac inside, and cover with soft padded seat cushions in your fabric of choice.

Of course, there are many more clever storage solutions that can leave your lovely London family home much more organised, less messy and your children more settled. Whether its labelled plastic storage bins on caster wheels, hanging nets in the corner of your rooms or a good quality, hanging shoe organiser, the possibilities are endless; you just need a little imagination.

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    • When we get our toddler bed this is definitely an option I want to have. We’re becoming over run with bright plastic toys!

  1. Some great ideas here we live in an old victorian original 2 up 2 down, it has been extended now but the main rooms are small so we don’t have a lot of space, so clever storage is definitely needed.
    StressedMum recently posted…e-linens review and competition to win free bed linen for lifeMy Profile

    • I love victorian properties, but I know what you mean about the space- even though the cosiness is part of the appeal. x

    • With the right shaped window I think it would be fab. Sometimes the window space can be so awkward. x

    • If you can at some point do it, especially before you have kids because it’s just the best lifestyle 😉 x

    • We have boxes we put things into under our bed, but I don’t maximise the space as much as I should to be honest.

  2. Children or no children I would use all of those solutions! Mostly just stick things under the bed or cram them into shelves…my home would be a danger zone for little ones.

    • Great ideas aren’t they? I think everyones home bar ours is a danger zone. We’ve learnt to adapt but god it’s hard!

    • There’s at least one drawer in every place I live that’s for random pieces of crap. Things that don’t belong anywhere but can’t be kept out because they’re messy x

  3. I have just ordered lots of storage cubes to attack the play room. I can’t wait for them to arrive!
    Charlotte recently posted…Cooking With Flower SproutsMy Profile

  4. I would love to live in a house with high ceilings - I think they look gorgeous, and they give you so many more options for storage and decoration.
    Sally Akins recently posted…Giveaway and Review: Letterbox Cakes from Bakers DaysMy Profile

    • I love the houses in London for their high ceilings- we just don’t happen to have one of those ones typically hahah x

    • I’ve been there!! You can get some cheap boxes from Amazon which definitely help x

  5. Under bed storage is awesome! I’d love mine to be that organised!
    Zara Lipstixx recently posted…Coloured Lenses UK ReviewMy Profile

  6. Love the idea of window seat storage. I just moved to a new place with my daughter and I’m currently trying to organize the storage space properly. The solutions you’ve suggested seem to be very useful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Excellent ideas for storing the stuff that are the most challenging. I think your idea of using shelving sounds great to store stuff and make home clean and child friendly. Thanks for sharing this.

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