Guest Post: Wall Display Ideas Using Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are versatile and can fit into and enhance any room décor. In fact whole décor can be arranged around them keeping them the centre of focus. You can instantly add value and beauty to a room by adding these canvases within a very small budget.

Easy to maintain and handle, canvas frames are durable and fit any room décor or even outdoor patios and covered places. They are conveniently ordered and delivered to your door step in no time.

Here are a few ideas to put your canvas prints on walls.

Saloon style artwork:


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A saloon-style arrangement of artwork on a colourful and printed wall can be dramatic as well as brave.  Printed wallpaper can make any room exciting and fun. Now you can add to this by adding in beautiful canvas frames.

Experiment boldly like in the image shown, by choosing bright red coloured wall paper with a bright floral print.  Add framed canvas prints to the wall with this wall paper, and make a saloon style arrangement. A few things to consider to make this arrangement work include:

  • Keep the canvas frame base white to create a great contrast with the wall and make the art work stand out from the background.
  • As the wall is already quite distracting, do not choose many different frames to distract the eye further. Simple frame styles, preferably all alike, will look perfect on a colourful printed wall.

Colourful bases:

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An excellent idea to add colour to a room can be by adding colourful frames with photo prints on the wall. For this idea, you need to follow a pattern and create a grid of colourful frames. The main factor that binds this arrangement together is not the theme but the varying colourful backgrounds of the frames that are used to create this look.

Things you need to create this include ordering black and white canvas photo prints online and buying equally sized plain black frames with a white background colour. Paint the background paper of these frames in different colours and let the paint dry. Frame the black and white canvas photo prints in these equal sized frames and hang them in a perfect grid.

Floor to ceiling mix:


^^Image by

Create drama by arranging multiple types of art and media that bind together to reflect a theme in an interesting floor-to-ceiling arrangement. You can add more excitement to the wall by adding varying frame styles and finishes also.

The arrangement does not need to be in a perfect grid but should look balanced overall. The rule of thumb in creating such arrangements is there is no rule and you can be as creative as you want using the perfect balancing tool provided by nature to man ‘The Eye’.

When creating such an arrangement, you just need to ensure that the colours and textures of the art work and the dimensions of the frames are harmonised. They need to blend with each other and also with the décor of the room and create an overall look that is aesthetically pleasing.

Get your photo prints and art work printed on canvas and then framed in different styles. You can also stick to the theme of your room for the frame choice, or you can dedicate a theme to a specific wall and hang in related or complementing photo prints along with drawings or artwork.

You can also follow a basic colour theme or a pattern in this set of prints like alternating or periodically arranging black and white photo-prints in antique style frames with colourful mosaic art prints in gallery wrap or inside different colourful frames to create an interesting look.

Comics on the wall:


If you are crazy about comics, then you will simply love this idea. A fun and easy way to create this Comic wall is by choosing the comic images online or getting a comic book scanned and then the digital images sent online for canvas printing.

Arrange these comic pages/images in the form of a tight grid or you can even try not leaving any space in between the frames and tightly pack together several comic frames to create a flow or a scene.

Idea: Place black and white comic sequence frames on the wall above a beautiful bright yellow sofa in the room and arrange the décor around this arrangement.


Display artwork in shelves: 

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Create an interesting look on the wall by arranging a large collection of art on canvas and different media in varying frame styles inside shelves on a wall.

This idea will convert any regular wall into an interesting sight and will give those plain looking storage shelves a new meaning and value. You do not exactly need to put frames with each other; in fact, you can create interesting compositions that look appealing to the eye. A few things to consider when going for this idea are:

  • The room should be big enough for the viewer to have a detailed and nice view of all the artwork inside the shelves at a glance. In other words, this idea is not very practical for a small room in which you cannot take a distant view of this arrangement.
  • Ensure that the shelves are not very deep. In fact, this point is in coherence with the one above. The deeper the shelves, the harder it will be to view the artwork inside them from the sides or from different points in the room.
  • Ensure that this shelf, with the artwork inside, is placed at the focus or centre point of the room so that from wherever you enter the room, you can have a clear view of this master piece.
  • Ensure that the shelf has a strong back lining. Today, to avoid cost, the furniture available in the market usually have only strong horizontal bars to bear weight, whereas, the back of the shelves and other parts are made of light weight material which cannot be used for hanging heavy frames.

Implement these and other ways of displaying art work on the walls and read more exciting ideas on displaying canvas prints at The Canvas Prints blog.

(Disclosure: This is a guest post)


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