H.R.H Princess of Cambridge

Congratulations to H.R.H Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge on their new arrival.  There’s nothing more exciting than that long wait being finally over- and we all know from the press and the media that poor Kate has been waiting for baby 2 to exit for some time.  Other Mum’s will sympathise with that tedious waiting process.  Each day feels like a week, and each week feels like a month by the end of pregnancy.  But hurrah, the child has made its grand entrance!

To celebrate, Little London has been running amok in his Blade and Rose H.R.H leggings.





If you’re a fan of the Royal family, make sure this book doesn’t bypass you:


Lupo and The Secret of Windsor Castle, written by Aby King, is a wonderful children’s book which takes us inside the walls of the Royal family homes, and let’s us join in on an exciting fantasy adventure.  The story is based upon the Cambridges’ real dog Lupo, a cocker spaniel and we follow his royal adventures in a series of books.  This particular one involves deceit, historical secrets and a lot of gurgling from Prince George.  Aby King has some cracking quotes in her book:

Kitty: “Careful you don’t go on the brown route- that one is a complete waste of time.”

Lupo: “Where does the brown one go?”

Kitty: “House of Commons- nothing but big rats there.”

Children won’t get the subtle undertones throughout Aby’s stories (“a common animal to unite the nation”), but every time I came across a relevant quote it had me chuckling.  It’s obvious she means no malice and it’s just a great part of the writing.

The book is certainly for the older child, either to read alone or to read alongside Mum or Dad.  The illustrations by Sam Usher perfectly compliment the story, and I was lucky enough to not only meet Aby in person at the launch party for her book, but to also meet Sam who drew one of his illustrations in the front cover for my Son.  Something I know Little London will appreciate as he gets older.




(Sorry for the blurriness- that’s what happens when you leave your camera on manual and someone else takes the picture!)

(Disclosure: PR sample of Lupo)


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