Halloween Preparations| The New British Way

Halloween when I was a kid involved me stealing a black bin liner from my mum’s precious stash and poking arm holes through it while concocting a witch hat out of a cereal box.

I’m not even sure why I dressed up because it’s not like I went anywhere or the day was even celebrated.  I suppose having an excuse to pretend to be something else is in-built in all children.  The game of make believe.


^^Little London at 10 months.

I obviously wasn’t the only child that had the desire to celebrate Halloween on my street.  The boys I played with as a child once tried to get trick or treating off the ground, but I think my mum firmly put an end to that as instead of playing along to the trick or treat question she just said no thank you and shut the door.  It’s just not something that was typically British in culture.

Once realising the error of her ways she did run after them with an apple in each hand.  I’m not sure that’s the kind of treat they had in mind, but welcome to my childhood!

In all my years as a child though I don’t remember any other child coming to our front door on Halloween (perhaps the apple tale was told far and wide and our house was avoided!).

But as the days start to darken and the long nights draw in there’s something exciting about having a ‘day’ to celebrate and look forward to. Which is why I think Halloween is becoming a much more British affair.


^^Little London at 1 year and 10 months.

The stigma around it isn’t quite what it once was, and instead it’s something that celebrated and enjoyed in a light hearted, gimmicky fashion.  Just look at the supermarkets in the lead up to it!

After all what is cuter than a day where the lead up is all about dressing up in specially thought out Halloween costumes and baking Halloween goodies.

Last year I went to an amazing event put on by the Chiltern Open Air Museum where my little one was dressed up as Harry Potter; he has dark hair- what could be an easier outfit!

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It was great to go trick or treating and walk around in the dark with only a torch to provide us with light.

With a white horse dressed as a unicorn flanked by its dancing minions, and the three witches deep in the woods stirring up a magical brew, it was perfectly scary and enthralling- you can see a bit of the event on this vlog I filmed nearly a year ago!

This year I hope to find something similar to go to, so if you have any ideas or places near you let me know!

But to get us in the mood throughout this month I’ll be putting my cookie making skills to the test, and entrusting Little London with some decorating and getting our at home craft on!  As for his outfit I may have an idea up my sleeve 😉

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so what do you do to get yourselves ready for it?



  1. Oh yes that was my quick Halloween costume too - bin liner lmao my nan was impressed with me cutting that up…I’m eyeing up that black Pumpkin…I wonder if there’s pumpkin picking near me. I’m currently preparing to do a Halloween look, a few years ago I did a little S/FX series on the blog this year so far got one in mind *fingers crossed* x
    LaaLaa recently posted…TheVeganKind #35My Profile

    • Yeah do one!! I always need ideas on a Halloween look- yep I totally use Halloween as an excuse to dress up too! hahah x

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I definitely want to visit a pumpkin patch this year xx

    • I love pumpkin patches! I love that they’re more and more popular now. x

  3. We never celebrated halloween when I was a child, my Daughter has been to a few things and our local little town used to do trick or treat for the kids, they got to dress up and go around the shops to get goodies and follow a little trail it was great fun. Not sure if we will be doing anything this year x

    • That sounds so sweet- I much prefer organised trick or treating to just knocking on random doors with my son. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that even with Halloween becoming a bigger event.

  4. I’m American, and having celebrated Halloween all of my life I found it quite refreshing to move to the UK years ago and not have to deal with the festivities. It is now really catching up on this side of the pond, and I am considering taking it up again for the sake of the little ones. There’s something very seasonal about it.
    Yaya Duran recently posted…Re-Launching My Dreamality and More Changes on the HorizonMy Profile

    • Pre kids I suppose coming here and not having to deal with it being such a big deal must have been so liberating… but yeah once kids come on the scene it becomes much more exciting!

  5. Eek I love Halloween preparations!
    It’s definitely my favourite time of the year 🙂

    Dani x

    • It’s so exciting isn’t it- it makes the dark nights so much more thrilling!

  6. You are so right, bin liner sales went up pretty quickly around halloween when I grew up too! We did have a lot of trick or treaters but my Mum has always been obsessed with halloween and wanted to go full on scary house decorations but the neighbours weren’t happy about it so we never did, now it’s such a ‘thing’ here I took her to tkmaxx and she got some proper decorations for the house which is exciting! I do wish I’d grown up in America sometimes, I’d love to go to a halloween ball! great post 🙂 xx
    CHARLOTTE EVANS recently posted…What I got for my birthdayMy Profile

    • I would love that too!! I love how much more exciting it makes this time of the year- your mum totally had the right idea!

  7. We so celebrate halloween. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I decorate our house mad. Hubby thinks I am going over the top sometimes but I honestly don’t care. Lol kids dress up of course and we go trick or treating around the estate. I also like doing baking and crafting which I normally don’t like.
    Janine Dolan recently posted…Farewell DodieMy Profile

    • Same, bar halloween you won’t catch me in the kitchen any longer than I have to be! lol

  8. I can’t wait for the pumpkins and the Autumn to really kick in full swing! I love Autumn!
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…No Disney, my daughter doesn’t need protecting.My Profile

  9. I personally think Halloween is a bit of an overrated holiday but I do love eating sweets and some of the cute halloween decorations. I remember dressing up in a bin bag too when I was little. My parents wouldn’t let me go out though.

    • It’s so overrated pre kids for sure. Once you have kids you suddenly have something new that you cantering into the house to alleviate the boredom lol.

  10. We love taking the kids our on Halloween, they enjoy it so much and we have so much fun dressing up with them and going out in the dark! Were off to the Pumpkin farm this weekend

  11. My mum would never let us celebrate Halloween - I think that’s probably why I’m such a big kid about it now!

    • I love the huge variety that exist! I always thought when I was younger the big orange ones were the only ones you could get!

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