Handmade Vintage Style Baby Clothes| Mirabelle et Celestin

I have a total weakness for baby clothes.  When I see something really sweet my womb literally melts.


I remember being ridiculously excited over Little London’s wardrobe when I knew I was expecting, as I had an idea in my mind of the way I wanted him dressed.

But the high street shops didn’t seem to parallel what was in my mind.  So instead of the cute little rompers and “bubble” outfits (as I call them), I had to make do with what was available.

What I didn’t realise at the time of having Little London was that social media would turn out to be a great platform for buying or getting inspiration for outfits.


In today’s world where social media can often be portrayed as being a negative in society it really does have the ability to showcase some amazing talent.

This includes Alix; a wonderful French designer who has created the brand Mirabelle and Celestin.


Her creations are filled with history, from the inspiration which she takes from old photographs to the creation of using carefully sourced fabrics with a vintage feel to them.

Having been taught to sew and embroider by her Grandmother’s, she now designs and makes the most beautiful items for babies and young toddlers.

Alix currently lives in London and is able to dedicate her time to sewing these adorable pieces, which includes rompers, shorts, blouses, shirts and wool slippers.

But to keep up to date with her new season pieces, I’m not ashamed to admit that I actively stalk her on Instagram!

Little London is at the top end of the age range she caters for, but luckily I was able to get some of her pieces to try on him and see the quality myself.


The outfits are well thought out, easy to put on, and efficient for nappy changes as well.


The 100% cotton fabric is of a high quality which you can feel and is comfortable for wearing, with lots of room for freedom and movement for the child.

I’m just gutted it took me so long to find her, but hopefully for those of you with younger children you’ll be able to take advantage of Alix’s great talent!

Until then I need to get cracking on with baby two, just so I have an excuse to go shopping with “Mirabelle et Celestin”.


(Disclosure: PR Samples)



    • So sweet isn’t it? I love the style of Alix’s clothes. It literally makes me broody! lol x

  1. Love the new style of rugby shorts ha. What-a-Star!! Onwards LondonMum.”O”

    • He’s been practicing some rugby skills- well until he smacked his head on a box- that ended the game. lol.

    • I know, the high street often dictates what our little ones wear, that’s why i love the ability to explore on instagram if I’m honest!

    • definitely, I really need to learn how to sew myself! I’d love to have this kind of talent! x

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