Heritage Look Home Improvements| New House Update

You probably think we love doing renovation work on property.  Actually we both find it really stressful, but we can never find a house or home that suits our exact taste.  So we tend to look at the shell of the property and assume all other work can be done to make it our dream home.


It took us a good two years to turn our flat into the flat of our dreams, before we decided it was time to upgrade and get the extra rooms we really needed to house a growing family.  So as soon as the work was complete on our flat we rented it out and bought in essence another project.  We didn’t even get time to enjoy our completed project before we’d started contacting various removal companies, such as Apex Removals and Storage Group, to assist us with moving everything once again.

The house we’ve moved to is actually an old property.  It’s a freehold house, but we have to make sure the outside of the property remains looking the same as the other properties surrounding it meaning we have to be cautious over the changes we make externally.

Internally we are free to do as we like, which is great because in the new year we have plans for a new kitchen, a new bathroom, flooring to be put down throughout the house, carpets in the bedrooms, to have the house painted top to bottom in plain matt white (meaning I can add a splash of colour here and there if I need to).

And we’re also looking at changing all the radiators to more heritage looking radiators while making sure it’s kept modern by having everything running off of a thermostat that we can preferably control through our phones.

Internally we haven’t got an issue.  We can renovate and update to our hearts content.  We’ve already started on the work by getting more lighting put in to the house and hanging up pendant lights.  So although it’s only been small baby steps since moving in at least there’s some progression happening.

However a big concern of mine are the windows.  The windows strangely are at toddler height, I think the property must have been an old warehouse or factory before it was converted.  They’re low and single paned.  For me it just takes my son running at the glass at full speed to just shatter the glass and fall out the window.


^^Toddler hand prints on the glass.

The windows have a lock and key system, which being at such a low height poses an issue again with having a toddler.  And when open there’s no child safety catch so the windows open all the way out.  So for now I’ve locked all the windows and I’ve hidden the keys in out of reach areas.  But there’s one window in the house that doesn’t completely shut, which is in my bedroom.


The draught is horrific, and no matter if I have the heating on the gap in the window means the heat escapes and I’m dressed in jumpers to make sure I stay warm under the duvet when it comes to bed time.

In fact all the windows because they’re single pane do have draught issues, and for me as we get into the colder months now it poses a real health issue in particular for my son.  So one of the first things I want to do is to replace all the windows in the house with double glazed windows that have a more protective lock system that’s child friendly.

But like I said earlier because the house externally has to be in keeping with the other properties it’s not been easy to find out who to contact.

Newview is a company that were introduced to me recently, and it appears that they specialise in heritage look home improvements which means they can help me out with the window issues I have.  They do a range of windows, and in particular timber sash windows which will be something that we need to look into urgently.  And if the windows aren’t exact to what we need they also create bespoke windows which for us is great because it means we should be able to get a secure, draught proof like-for-like windows to keep both council and us happy.

I’m hoping we can complete this house project before the second baby comes, because I’d love to live in a stress free house for a few years before restarting the process all over again with another move one day!



  1. We have a 30s built house with some original stain glass panels but the draught is so bad! I’m trying to convince my husband we need better windows! Hope all your renovation work happens before baby arrives.

    • I think while the OH is away I’m just gonna get as much done as possible and just send the bills to him 😉

  2. I’ve never had to move house so I could only imagine the stress with moving, renovations, decorating. I’m currently redecorating at the moment and that’s enough of a pain. I hope these windows get sorted soon, it’s very cold at the moment x

    • I won’t lie I slept in my pjs and a dressing gown under my duvet last night lol. Had an handy man fix it today but still need the windows completely changed. x

  3. Jeez…..i would be super worried if the windows were that low in my house. My two are like little houdini’s and can literally find a way out of anywhere! xx

    • I know right! They’re locked and so far other than handprints he’s not tried anything more drastic! we have double glazers coming over tomorrow 🙂

  4. We’re living in a grade 2 listed building, and man do I know your pain about drafts! I just can’t believe you’ve taken this on whilst expecting! I’d be stressed out enough about the baby let alone adding renovations into the mix!

    • Oh I know. We were in the process of the house purchase when I found out we were pregnant. Literally weeks away from completion lol. And the windows didn’t seem half as bad when we visited the property as they were once we moved in… eeeeek!

  5. Before we moved, should you remember? – 5/6 years ago, Lucy & I lived (& ran the studio) from a converted 15-single paned windowed 1928 Pullman railway carriage in the New Forest all of which, mainly due to swollen wooden frames, refused to shut properly! Poor Lucy was winter frozen! – we had INTERIOR frost ha! So, stretching ‘certain legalities’ to the limit, we replaced every window with double glazing (yes, a double glazed 1928 railway carriage before you doubt me) – all I can say is that you’ll certainly feel the difference with new double glazing … good luck!! Hope your replacement installation’s not too much of a ‘pane’ – sorry, meant “pain.” Won’t say anymore except, oh dear, your obvious “O” silence is now deafening, but, we hope all’s going well on the new interior double glazed “bump” front anyway. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I had someone around today, we can’t remove our windows (grrrrr) but we can get what’s called secondary glazing which sits behind the first window. God I can’t wait!

    • Really odd isn’t it? I know the building is converted but I don’t know what it used to be, so there’s just strange windows lol

  6. Oh dear it is a concern if children playing near the windows. As you sad it won’t take much to break the window so it’s best to get them changed, especially before the next one arrives . Good luck x

    • First task completed today 🙂 Had someone come around earlier to check them and got someone to come and make them much more toddler friendly 🙂

  7. I hope it’s completed before baby number 2 comes too. I bet the draught is bad! Get lots of fleece throws ASAP x

    • I’ve been sleeping n a fleece dressing gown lol. Just ordered windows today so the end is in sight! woo!

  8. I have lived in my house for 10 years now and still haven’t decorated every room. The kitchen is horrible wthl blue walls. So that rooms the next on my list

    • WE hope to get this house done fairly quickly but I know in reality theses things do take time. GGGrrrrr

  9. Wow, those windows are LOW. I have a 4yo, so I understand your concern. Our old place had usually heigh windows but they were single pane. We were dealing with freezing winters, mould, condesation, etc - took a year of nagging our letting agent over it before it was changed. Thankfully we left that place, and have our own gorgeous bungalow in the rural countryside (And it came with double glazing). Good luck for getting your new windows. It really does make such a difference.

    • I bet the change when you moved house was amazing! I’ve got the windows booked in a nd ready to get sorted! I can not wait! lol

  10. We moved in to an ex council house and although it’s pretty modern and when we moved in it looked to be pretty finished but over the last 7 years we are constantly updating things and it’s just never done. I can’t believe any house is stress free! I am glad you have found a company that can help with your older house though - in keeping with the actual fixtures is so key when thinking about your home. Good luck with the rest of the home improvements x

    • WE have bought a strange, quirky house. I never realised it was old until we got the surveys through. But I think its where it’s been changed from whatever it used to be into houses. I love it though because it’s so odd! lol x

    • Tell me about it!!! I won’t let him out onto the little terrace/balcony area we have because the window there is like a death trap. I’m not even sure why it needs a window to be honest lol.

  11. Oh no, I dont think I could cope with single frame windows as I get so cold when I’m in bed on a night. My heating bill would be through the roof lol xxx

    • I think my other half is gonna kill me when he comes home from being away for about 8 weeks. I haven’t turned the heating off. But it’s that or we go cold…!

  12. How lucky are you to have your own home! I can’t ever see me getting on the property ladder. Hopefully you’ll get your window issues sorted before baby comes.

    • I hope so! They are just at such a dodgy height it worries me with the toddler!

  13. Renovating can be so stressful, but it’s worth it in the end. I love the toddler hand prints!

  14. Wow I can see why you say it is a bit stressful! I Hate being cold so the windows would drive me mad. I would love proper sash windows though; I really love the look of them x

    • The windows are definitely driving me mad. Luckily I’ve had a handy man around who’s fixed the window in my room at least, but we still need to get the glazing done for sure.

  15. I’ve never redecorated the house, but I’ve heard about all the stress from my friends who have new mortgages!

    • It is such a pain and of course a big drain on the finances, but it needs to be done 🙁

  16. Having problems with you house can be the worst so I wish you all the best of luck with creating your perfect home 🙂

  17. I’m like you and like to have a project to do. WE have enormous wood sash windows and live in a conservation area. I wouldn’t want to fit double glazing on our windows just because they are really pretty so we found a brush sealing system that fits inside the windows that has cut the draughts massively

    • Randomly our windows aren’t that pretty, but because they have to be in keeping with the other properties that where our problem lies. I want to get exact like for like but will need them to be timber so we can paint match them with the other properties.

  18. Ooh good luck with all your improvements in the new year! Windows are the bane of my life, I need to upgrade ours as they are so old and draughty. But I can’t imagine the concern you have with yours, low windows with a toddler would keep me up at night, only because my toddler likes to run full pelt at doors and walls so I too would be worried that they just go straight through! Good luck with getting those sorted too!

    • I’ve done the raised mummy voice enough times that he won’t go near them when running but still I want them changed. You just never know :/

  19. We moved in our new home in July and I thought I will love all the improvements and decorating.. but after a few very stressful months we have decided to have a little break. I love the old style windows, but keeping the house warm is essential (I know as we lived without floors for weeks and could feel the draft) Looks like you have found the right company to help you!

    • Tell me about it! the flooring where the bedrooms are is awful for draft too, so that’s got to be sorted asap as well!

  20. We have a similar gap in our window since we moved in a few years back and still never got round to getting it fixed! it does let in a draught at times too. Agreed that renovation is stressful and for our next move we are going to find somewhere that doesn’t require much work other than some painting to put our own touch on it.

  21. I actually like the look of your windows. Although I agree they are quite dangerous for the kids. Can’t wait to see how you remake it Donna 🙂

    • Far too hazardous :/ especially with a new baby on the way so having to deal with a toddling madam when she’s ready!

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