Hitchin Lavender Farm, Hertfordshire| Family Days Out

There are a few things that are a constant in my yearly calendar, and visiting lavender fields is one of them.

DSC_0556 (2)

Last year we went to the Mayfield lavender fields which I loved, but I thought this year we should try the Hitchin lavender fields.

As is typical with English summers, we went on a blisteringly hot but cloudy day.


^^ T-Shirt| Howick from House of Fraser, Shorts| Ralph Lauren from House of Fraser

So unfortunately the pictures are all a little flat in terms of photography but I still enjoyed the day none the less so I’m sharing them.


And I think it can make a great family day out which is another reason to share.


The Hitchin lavender fields do charge if you want to visit the thick abundant rows of lavender; which can be seen all over Instagram in the summer months, but the fee is nominal especially when you realise you can cut the lavender yourself and fill brown paper bags with it to bring home.


^^ Shirt| Zara, Shorts| Brave Soul from ASOS, Belt| Diesel



In the late summer there’s the possibility of getting pictures with sunflowers and wild flowers as well, which would certainly be a magical time to visit.


If it’s nearby, or you’ve been desperate to visit some lavender fields I’d certainly recommend going.

It’s a half day trip really, something to enjoy for a few hours and perhaps spend a bit of time relaxing in the cafe area they have on site while taking advantage of the outdoor play area to enjoy a hot coffee or two!

DSC_0553 (1)

There’s certainly a bit more here for children compared to the Mayfield lavender fields but in all honesty I generally go for the flowers and most toddlers are happy to just have the freedom to run.  Just beware of the bees!



  1. My grandmother went here a couple years ago. She enjoyed it, Lavender fields are beautiful, I use to dislike the scent of lavender but have since warmed extremely to it especially the great health benefits that it has. Btw loving the hair colour and your son is too adorable. x

    • Going grey these days lol- hair dyeing has become an essential part of anti ageing lol. x

  2. This looks awesome. A few years ago me and my friend went to this lavender farm in Yorkshire x

  3. Stunning photos! Mayfield lavender isn’t far from me at all - I really must visit as we’ve never been x

  4. Gorgeous snaps Donna. I have been desperate to go and visit the Lavender but am yet to get there this Summer and I fear that it may be too late now! You look lovely in these photos too, love your outfit! XO

    • I think there’s still time if you go quickly. I don’t think the season is quite ver just yet. x

    • Maybe that’ll be where I go next year- getting fresh lavender must be great for you!

    • Thank you- I don’t like these photos as much because the lighting really wasn’t on my side, but it shows the place well enough lol. x

  5. What gorgeous photos! Lavender is one of my most favourite scents, I can only imagine how amazing it must of been to walk through so much of it.

    • Just have a look, I bet there are some you just don’t know about… yet!

  6. We went to Hitchin last summer when I was heavily pregnant. I loved it although I never anticipated fully the amount of bees there would be there! We also traipsed all the way to the top so that I could pose in a sheer dress for a photo - which was quite tricky with lots of people around, ha ha. I definitely want to go back again sometime x

    • What a great place for a maternity picture. We never made it to the top just because the little one was walking so so slowly! lol

  7. This isn’t too far away from us, didn’t think there would be a play area for children! May take a little visit before the summer hols end! Gorgeous pics, lavender fields are so pretty! X

    • The play area was a surprise for us too, but LL loved it! They had a little car track on a table out as well that he spent a LONG time playing with

  8. These are gorgeous. We are looking for lavender fields to visit. I’d love to visit some and bring some home too for making crafts.

  9. Beautiful photos, unfortunately there are not any lavender fields near me so I might have to keep my eyes open on future holidays

    • South of France has always been the place I’ve wanted to go and see fields of lavender. We saw some when we were in Hvar, Croatia recently too

  10. What a fabulous aromatic post! Can almost smell lavender down ‘ere! Makes a change from pine. So, with LondonMums lavender bag replenished … her wheelchair’s now on order haha!’ Hitting the road shortly, B+WC on a 2 day gig in foreign lavender studio (I wish ha) climes. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I think I read somewhere that there was one in Yorkshire- but I’m sure there must be more!

    • It was a new thing for us to pick our own, we dried them at home and now have them in vases.

  11. I really looks beautiful there, I love the colour and scent of lavender.

  12. Ahhh Donna, what beautiful photos as always! We need to get ourselves to a lavender farm stat! But on a cooler day than our visit to Wisley haha. Little I misses her bf xx

    • Next year when it’s not blisteringly hot we should do a toddler/baby date.. it would be so cute!

  13. What beautiful photographs, we’ve never heard of these lavender fields and they certainly make a wonderful backdrop! A great annual pilgrimage 🙂

    • It is a great activity for a yearly bit of fun! great for the summer holidays 😉

  14. I love lavender farms. We have one about am hours drive away. Beautiful photos!! My little one also jokes they makes her sleepy haha

  15. These photos are so gorgeous, I wish wish we had a lavender field nearer to us theres one around 1hour 20 away that I might haaaave to visit! You always go to lovely places xx

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