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We have moved! Oh yes, we’re finally in and ready to set up home.  One problem is it’s pretty damn ugly in here, but not to worry because I’ll be letting you all in to see how we change, update and hopefully upgrade our home all in good time.

With London prices at a premium finding that forever home is pretty far out of reach for a while, so we’ve bought a one bedroom place for now.  Yes I know what you’re thinking, but honestly, prices are truly that high that in the space of the time we were looking to buy we went from nearly completing on a two bedroom house (before the vendor got cold feet and pulled out a few days before I gave birth and finalised the paperwork) to having to buy a one bedroom flat all in 6 months.

So rather than curse the property market I’m hoping that I’ll be able to show you how to maximise space and make wise design choices.  After all there are many families no doubt that start off in smaller places especially those in the London area.

So there’s a new tab on the homepage Home Décor.  I’ll be covering all the updates and alterations.

So for now let me show you around…

…this is the living room.

Beautiful carpet isn’t it? 😉

That same carpet is in the kitchen just soaking up all the spillages made… how delightful! (I hope you can all sense my sarcasm…)

Here’s our bedroom…

…and the bathroom…

We have our own private garden and private parking on the drive in front of our flat…

…and finally here’s our loft which fingers crossed we’ll be able to do something with…

Also take a tour and enjoy this little short vlog!  You’ll have to excuse the mess in the video it was shot a few days after we moved in and because we actually had/have nowhere to put bits everything is a mess! That includes the bed as I threw out loads of our old bed-sheets, and in the process I mixed up the under-sheets and the under-sheet we have in the video is too small so doesn’t fit and I lost a pillow case! Annnnnd Baby London is teething making him a bit moany and clingy.  Other than that enjoy the video! Ha!

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home



  1. Bless your heart! That loft will be the key to unlocking the potential in that place. Well done on finding it! Extend in London and you’ll more than make your money back, even if you do little else to the flat (except maybe change the flooring in the kitchen - yum!!). Congrats on your new home and home you enjoy making it your own xxxx

    • It’s awful carpeting isn’t it? hahahah yep we can’t wait to start renovating it and changing it to make it more family friendly! xx

  2. Have to agree re the carpet - but am sure it will all look fab once you have put your own mark on the place. And as you rightly pt out converting the loft will give an extra room. Good luck with the renovations. x

    • Awful carpet isn’t it? Can’t wait to change that asap!! Should be a busy but exciting project 🙂 x

    • Probably the worst place to have a carpet.. well maybe the bathroom would trump that! but can’t wait to get changing things in here 🙂 x

  3. Congrats on the new flat! I am sure with your taste it will turn into a lovely home 🙂 I agree, the carpet in the kitchen is not too practical 🙂 xoxo Fanni

    • The kitchen and living room hopefully will be started in the next few weeks… got to get rid of that carpet 😉 xx

    • Yep the loft space is great so we’re hoping to build something amazing up there if we can!
      Until then we’ll be starting with getting rid of that awful carpet lol x

  4. Happy new home!!
    We’re about to move too, its so exciting yet daunting! We’re doing it right before Xmas too (his idea, not mine lol) We’re also turning the attic space into a bedroom for my 10 year old! Im going to follow you on Twitter to follow your home decor journey! 😉
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays…

    • Eeeekk hope you end up liking what we do or get some inspiration from it! Moving is hard work but it’ll be worth it 😉 xx

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful guided tour of your new & long awaited palatial pad with such potential LondonMum. So happy it all eventually happened for you.Good job you have the patience of a saint Little ‘prince charming’ looks perfectly happy already. Now the home building & fun really starts. Oh dear, LondonBaby & dogs V new carpet - best of luck haha. Flat warming party first eh? Yet another brilliant post!!

    • hahah palatial palace it isn’t 😉 But it’ll hopefully be amazing when it’s done!
      Flooring in the main room I think… baby’s, dogs and carpets will never be friends! hahah x

  6. We lived in a 1 bed with Alfie and I loved it and the amount of storage ideas we came up with we really used the space. This flat is gonna look lovely once done and the loft is a bonus is it big enough to be converted in to a bedroom?

    • Yep if we can get permission we’d like to make it an extra bedroom with an en suite or maybe even two bedrooms. You’ll have to tell me what storage ideas you came up with as I’ll be needing them!


  7. Happy New Home! London prices are ridiculous but at least you have a home! How random to have kitchen units in the loft….! x

    • Yeah I’m not sure why but they’ll all be gone in good time. For now the loft is just the place we’re hiding most of the boxes! hahah x

  8. Congrats on the house move! London prices are crazy (as is the delightful kitchen carpet ;)) but I am sure you will make it your own and it wil be fab. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Xx #mummymonday

    • Lots of changes will be happening and it’ll be exciting for me to look back and see how it’s changed.. hopefully for the better lol x

  9. Oh my, you have your work cut out for you but how exciting! That’s a whole lot of space to get creative with. I bet you can’t sleep for all the ideas going round in your head.

    • I know I just can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately the first thing is the windows so nothing overly exciting… 🙁 xx

  10. Crikey, carpet in the kitchen - something I’ve never understood! It looks nice and bright though, and that attic would make the perfect little den. Looking forward to seeing the changes you make!

    • Yep that’s one lovely carpet! hahaha can’t wait to rip that out pretty sharpish! xx

  11. congratulations on your more lovely! …. i have no doubt you will become queen of storage and if you can do something with the loft WOW … i have to say im with you on the current carpet x

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