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I’ve had a bucket list for as long as I can remember.  What reaches the top of the bucket list changes depending on what I’m hoping to achieve or do within the imminent future.

With young children I often feel the weight of time bearing down on our shoulders.  I want to show them everything I possibly can while we have that freedom and time to do so.

And so often the things that peak my bucket list these days involve experiences I can give to my kids.  Because for me, that’s invaluable.

Perhaps that’s why I’m the crazy lady that thinks nothing of whisking her kids backpacking through Thailand and Cambodia.

Or booking a Bali break to explore the magical island- forgetting that we now have a walking baby and flying will definitely not be as chilled out as it once was.

But for me it’s worth it.

Because you can not put a price on enriching experiences.

Some might argue that my children are too young.  But I actually find that being away from our norm is often an educational experience for any age.

And I love fuelling their brains with something that is not the norm for them.

So when Yellow Zebra Safaris invited us along to a safari themed event they were hosting I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity.  And what an event they put on!

^^ note that everything William picked was elephant related which is because of our experience in Thailand- so he’s obsessed by them now! 

I have often toyed with the idea of visiting Africa.  I’ve googled for answers to my questions such as malarial areas and safety.

And I’ve often ended more confused.

There’s just so much conflicting advice.

But Yellow Zebra Safaris aim to help provide all the information in one place for families seeking that once in a lifetime experience- a family safari holiday.

I couldn’t put this type of holiday higher up my bucket wish list (is December too soon to convince Mr London Mum?).

And straight away their website answered all my questions by advising on suitable family safari destinations within Africa depending on the age of the children and the type of experience we were seeking.

With a website that can show you the best destinations at the simple click of a button through the interactive features, I’ve already started thinking about the kind of holiday we’d want as a family.

Yellow Zebra Safaris offer a variety of packages to suit that once in a lifetime experience.  Whether you’re seeking value or pure luxury.

They’re also an ethical company to book with which is something that’s extremely important to me.

They will only work with ethical suppliers who seek to advance the conservation in the areas where they are situated and they guarantee that the national parks receive their fees directly, which all safari operators should be encouraged to follow.

Since the beginning of Yellow Zebra Safaris there has also been a huge focus on charity and you can see how over the years they’ve contributed towards certain programmes.

One day I hope to take you all on our journey as we explore family safari holidays- and I couldn’t think of a better company to plan that experience with then Yellow Zebra Safaris.



  1. I think this is awesome, it’s definitely an experience that’s worth it especially for the kids. They’re going to learn so much from this and I’m sure they’re going to have fun as well.

    • Yeah, I was actually impressed with how brave he was! lol. Last month he went through a random phase of being terrified of dogs so I didn’t now how he’d react!

  2. I’d love to go on a safari holiday. It must be difficult knowing which one is best, especially if you’ll be with children. This post will be so useful for any families seeking to go on safari this year!

    • It’s such a useful website for fine tuning the best places to go dependent on needs and age.

    • Same! I might look for later one this year or next year, I really want to go!

  3. Going on a Safari is something I would love to do but I can imagine how would be with kids so its great to see companies that offer such a family friendly service.

    • I’d absolutely love it!!! I think you’d have to definitely go with a family friendly provider to help make it as smooth as possible.

    • YEs I totally get you. Just knowing everything was planned and arranged would make such a difference!

  4. love how they will work with ethical suppliers. they are definitely sticking to their morals. such a great experience yellow zebra safaris have created and I would be like you, time to book a safari trip!

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