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When we moved into our flat, we knew we were undertaking a huge task trying to update it while living in it.  Our aim is still to convert the loft into two bedrooms and a family bathroom, but for now we’re living in cramped quarters! After all, it’s one bedroom flat, and there are three of us! One of us is growing at a rapid rate too!

Luckily though it works for us, and although there are days I would kill for additional space, I know it’s worth it in the long run.

Next year at some point we’ll rent our flat out and move into a three bedroom house that I own, and prepare the house for sale so we can use the equity to do the conversion.  While I have high hopes that the flat will be perfect for us as a family with the additional space, there is the chance it might not be, so we would possibly go on to sell the flat too and use the complete equity of both properties to finance a larger family home.

I have always gone for properties that need work doing to them.  I love taking on a project and transforming them into my vision.  Each property I’ve undertaken has had a very different feel and therefore a different style required for it.  The hardest thing about doing a project of this sort is sourcing the right labour and projecting the right image you have in your mind with the builders.  I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way many a times!

I’ve recently come across a website called Homify, which is like Pinterest but for interior lovers.

The images can be shared easily across platforms, making it great for bloggers like me that love a bit of an interiors update!

They have thousands of pictures on their database showcasing ideas for different areas of the house with great useful tips for each room.

I have been clicking through pictures of bathrooms, gardens, and space saving ideas for designs to help with the next part of our project.

But I’m most excited about the day our Son finally gets his own room, which I know is still some months off and won’t be at this flat-so it’ll come after a great deal of packing and moving!

I love the images below, which have each given me ideas over how I want his room to look.

Scandinavian style nursery/kids room by INT2architecture

Scandinavian style nursery/kids room by INT2architecture
Pokój dzieci?cy : Scandinavian style nursery/kids room by ARCHISSIMA
Jakes big boys room : Modern nursery/kids room by Kinderoo Childrens Interiors
Jakes big boys room by Kinderoo Childrens Interiors

Each of the pictures on the website is linked to the designer or company that can help make the picture a reality or help to source the items, or just give you that inspiration and visual image to pass on to a builder.

I’ve also been pouring over images of office space, because it would be so nice to one day have an area where I can blog, and not just do it on the kitchen counter or sat on the sofa!

Inspiration : Modern study/office by Korbo
Inspiration by Korbo
Modern study/office by Martin Gasc
by Martin Gasc
Mediterranean style study/office by UN PASEO EN GLOBO
Scandinavian style study/office by Egue y Seta
by Egue y Seta
Scandinavian style study/office by PracowniaPolka
by PracowniaPolka

Have you got any interior plans coming up?  How do you visualise what you want to achieve when you set out to start a new home project?



    • That’s my typical style 😉 hahah I love a bit of guidance where I can get it though x

    • The house isn’t as close to London as we’d like for work reasons otherwise we’d keep it. Always the way!

    • I ‘eventually’ do the work- it take me a while to get motivated to allow builders to ruin he peace lol. x

    • There are loads of ideas on the site- just scroll through the kids section 🙂

    • Always the way right? it’s a great way to get inspiration and then try and recreate looks on a budget where you can x

    • I never have the energy 🙁 Ours is a must so we can’t stop. I’d love a break though!

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