JOHNSON’S® TOP-TO-TOE Baby Washcloths

I recently got to work with Johnson’s by trialling and testing their new baby washcloth range.


The timing actually couldn’t have been better, because it was just before my birthday celebrations where we decided to live outdoors in the countryside and try our hands at glamping (see post here).


While we did have an outdoor shower, there was no way our son was going to use it, so having the washcloths meant we were able to make sure he was properly cleansed before bed time each night after he frolicked in the wilderness all day.

And this is where the wash cloths come into themselves.  Baby wipes are great but they don’t give the satisfaction of feeling like a thorough cleanse, whereas the washcloths do (you’ll know what I mean you’ve ever tried to clean yourself with baby wipes at a festival!).

Being bigger in size and more moist I felt they served the purpose for which they were made.  And being able to use them without water meant they were as convenient and as easy to use as baby wipes.  They didn’t require post use drying either.

The wash cloths have got a lovely scent to them, so you do get that post bath fresh smell, but by using their no more tears formula the cloths are as mild as water and can be used to cleanse the face as well as the body.

The cloths are so handy I have found myself using and keeping them in a variety of places.

I love having a packet in the car to give a good clean after a day out if the little one gets particularly grubby.  And I love having a packet in my suitcase when I go away on holiday- you just never know when you might need them as I found on my recent break with a friend to Croatia.


After spending all morning dipping in and out of the sea we didn’t have the luxury of our room or a shower on the beach to wash off the salt before having to board a boat to our next Croatian destination.

Having the wipes meant we were able to both give ourselves a proper rub down and reapply our suncream from scratch so we were clean and prepared for the three-hour journey from Dubrovnik to Hvar.  Otherwise we would have just had to have suffered feeling post beach grubby.

Here’s a little video I put together of our time glamping where hopefully you can see just how quick, easy and convenient the JOHNSON’S® TOP-TO-TOE Baby Washcloth’s are:

Disclosure: Sponsored by the JOHNSON’S® brand. I have received free product for this post however all opinions are my own.



    • These are different to the usual wet wipes, these ones are proper wash cloths which are incredible. You don’t realise how useful they are until you try them!

    • Defintiely…! If you want to go have a look at the place I stayed. It had a double bed and bunk beds and it’s so secluded! x

  1. I didn’t know these existed what a handy product to have in your changing bag. I could have done with these when I went to the splash park last week.

    • Totally, I’ve had a packet in my bag throughout this hot weather for splash park and river days out!

    • For definite! Originally I didn’t think they’d have a real use because I always have baby wipes on me obviously.. but they really do- they’re in a different cleansing league!

  2. Great idea for when you’re out and about! Very handy to have with you 🙂 x
    Zoe Forde recently posted…My Morning RoutineMy Profile

  3. I am purchasing some now based on your review thanks so much Donna! Fab blog post as always!. Love Bella xx

    • We’ve had a few late nights back this summer, so they’ve been handy as a good quick cleanse when it’s too late for a bath!

  4. They do sound really good, especially if you can’t get easy access to water x

    • Hahah- I know the feeling! If you do decide on it make sure to buy these.. makes the transition easier lol. x

    • Yes, you’ll find there are many times you get home late and it’s too late to do the whole bath routine which is where these are great!

    • These are very new so thy still take some finding when out shopping, but they’re great!

    • awww thank you, I take them. Theo only time I don’t is if I’m in them then it’s usually my other half or a friend.

    • I know- it’ll just make the experience so much nicer. I always feel a bit grubby when I go camping.

  5. Aw this looks really cute and fun. Baby wipes are so handy, I even use them now!
    Tara recently posted…Simply Oloni Reinvents The Bullet With ‘HERGASM’My Profile

    • They’ll love these then, so much better than baby wipes in terms of proper cleansing!

    • Very true. I started off with water wipes when my son was new born and then moved on to normal baby wipes. He had no problem with them at all. Cotton wool and water was just too much for me *mum shame* lol The wipes are really handy when out though- REALLY handy!

    • I didn’t realise there was a gap in the market until I used them! lol

    • They’re brilliant, not for everyday use, but definitely for when bath time is missed!

  6. I’ve not heard of these. They look fab. Will defo get some for when we go camping next x

    • They are literally made for camping- beats baby wipes in that situation any day!

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