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Asking a toddler to dress themselves is like waiting for a disaster to hit.  It’s not been something we’ve had happen in this household.  Until now…

I’d love to say that my son takes control in the wardrobe department.  But he’s just not overly interested in what he wears, unless it’s his shoes.  The child is stubborn when it comes to foot wear!

So when House of Fraser asked us to get involved in their latest campaign #kidsdresskids I jumped at the chance.  After all, what could be more amusing than letting my child pick his outfit and see the random concoction that resulted.

So to say I was somewhat relieved and yet slightly disappointed by his choice in clothing is perhaps a weird statement.


He chose great items.

In fact he chose items I would have happily have bought him anyway- things that work with my personal taste.

So the disappointment only came from not being able to dress him in some outlandish combination to mock him in later years.

Damn his smart ways at two and a half.

In typical boy fashion he decided to pick himself a rather spiffing pyjama set.  Mornings spent lounging while watching tv, drinking milk and munching on breakfast- what’s not to like about that combination…



After all shouldn’t all little ones be able to don their superhero wears and feel able to take on the world as soon as they wake up!


However, a superhero doesn’t last all day.  Even Clark Kent can confirm that.  So with the entire day to look forward to it was time to put on his other chosen pieces.

A comfortable pair of jersey Converse shorts teamed with a Howick Junior Oxford shirt made a surprisingly smart-looking combination.


I wasn’t sure how the athletic shorts would work with the shirt, but it turns out they just did!



And with a pair of Converse high tops that we already have at home the outfit made the perfect smart casual assemble for a day on the water around Henley On Thames.




After a busy day enjoying the beautiful weather, we finally descended upon a lovely pub garden to eat a Sunday roast dinner.


With the temperature starting to dip the lightweight Harrington Jacket; Little London’s final choice from the House of Fraser selection, made the perfect cover up to stop the chill from seeping in.


I have to say he chose some beautiful pieces.  I’m not sure if he was just attracted to the navy/blue colours because that’s a colour I typically pick out for him, or if in fact he’s a little bit more style conscious than I thought.


Either way I’m really impressed with his selection.  I just wish it had included a pair of ruby-red slippers, because those would have looked great on him while boating 😉

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    • I hope so- I could do with some good clothing discounts hahah x

    • I honestly thought he’d pick something really crazy and outlandish! Maybe I should have tried to sway him for my own laugh and giggles 😉

  1. What a well threaded debonair SOPHISTICATED SMOOTH OPERATOR!!! Wonder where he gets his dress sense from?? Bit worried about this ‘ere H-o-F shopping though … poor bloke ha. Somebody’s 21st eagle’s getting slightly runway fidgety now .. check “O” please?? Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Yesterday was such a hot day, so wearing a shirt was perfect because it kept the sun off his shoulders- lots of ice-cream and cold drinks made us all very happy 😉

  2. First of all - what a dapper little chap! Second of all, isn’t he the cutest? I mean, look at that pout! Definitely a heart breaker in the making, especially with that fashion sense. ; )

    • I know right! Gonna have to keep him in check- he’s a terrible flirt already!

  3. Aw your boy has got good taste, especially the shirt and shorts combo - perfect for posh Henley! It is surprising isn’t it, when I let my boy choose his own clothes, it’s actually alright! xx

    • Couldn’t have been a more fitting location for his outfit choice actually hahah- it was purely coincidence rather than it being planned but it worked well lol. x

  4. Oh what a great little outfit, so cute!
    Tara | C&CO. recently posted…Novelty Bags Are My ViceMy Profile

  5. Oh my goodness, so adorable! Your little boy has such style, I love everything and what a beautiful setting for the photos too x

    • We lucked out on the weather and the location really! It all just worked with his outfit choice! lol. x

    • Best purchase ever! They go with everything even if they are a pain to get on and off! x

  6. Such adorable photos and great little outfits! I love the superman pjs!!!
    Kira C recently posted…Sparkle Azure Perfume ReviewMy Profile

    • Pyjamas are my favourite things ever, so I’m glad he takes after me and loves them too!

    • Hahaha I wonder if he would have picked differently if his dad had shown him the options instead 😉

  7. I have a few times let my children buy their own clothes and dress themselves, not too bad now my older ones are double digits… but when younger… they would wear super hero costumes every day.

    • Mine hasn’t found the delights of a superhero outfit for the day- the time will come no doubt 😉

    • strangely worrying that he’s this cool already.. gonna have to de-cool him a bit 😉

    • hahahah- I’m sure it’ll happen and I’ll be hanging my head in shame lol x

    • The quality is brilliant, really well made pieces that’ll last way beyond him growing out of them!

    • It’s so cute right, both my other half and little one were twinning it in the shirt department with shorts!

    • I love the cosy shorts, kids get the best things ever! totes unfair lol. x

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