‘Kids Don’t Come With A Manual’ Competition

My toaster came with a manual.  My blender came with a manual.  My phone came with a manual.  My moisturiser comes with a manual!  Everything seems to come with a manual these days, even the obvious items we all know how to use.  Do you know what doesn’t come with a manual?

A child.

The one thing that probably requires a manual is left to a parent to instinctively raise.  How did that happen?!

Now don’t get me wrong, instinctive parenting is brilliant, it allows each and every one of us parents to decide how to raise these alien beings and mould them into what we want them to become.

Only that’s the catch isn’t it? Try as we might to raise them into the ideal we have, it sometimes doesn’t go that way.  And during many testing times I bet you’ve wished there was some sort of manual you could refer to, to see if there’s another way to deal with that toddler tantrum or rebellious teenage anger that maybe you just aren’t doing.

Husband and Wife team, Carole and Nadim Saad faced many of the issues all parents face.  But with different parenting styles they realised that they needed to harmonise their individual parenting techniques to deal with their family challenges.


They’ve recently published ‘Kids Don’t Come With A Manual,’ to outline how they balanced their very different parenting styles.  Carole was more in favour of the laissez-faire approach while Nadim preferred the disciplinary techniques.  This often caused conflict at home between them, and as a result led to their children becoming more challenging (who can relate to playing parents off each other for gain).

With their backgrounds in early years teaching and parent coaching, both Carole and Nadim were able to draw on their learnings which they coupled with extensive research in child psychology, neuroscience and studying the top parenting books to come up with straightforward methods that will work and manage that perfect balance.

They don’t claim to turn you into the perfect parent, but what they do hope is that as a result of a little guidance, parenting can become less stressful and more enjoyable.

Throughout the book, they often use the voice of the child to gain greater understanding as to how the child feels about a certain situation.  The laissez-faire approach to dealing with that situation is discussed as is the more disciplinary approach.  They also explain why these individual perspectives might not work and offer a proposition of combining the two.

With tantrums on the rise in this household, I’ve been studying this book and gaining as much advice as I possibly can.  And I’m offering you the opportunity to do the same.

I have not one but three copies of the book to give away for The London Mum readers.

All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below (open to UK residents only) and one of those books could be all yours.  If you don’t manage to win a book, don’t forget the book is available to buy, and it’s certainly worth it.

Good luck!

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  1. I struggle with fussy eating/anything diet related and I’m also suffering the rise of the tantrums too. 🙁
    Looks like a great book; really useful. Fab give away, honey. Ray xx

  2. My LO is nearly six months, I suppose at the moment I’m struggling to get him to sleep through the night. I would love some advice on eating and tantrums in preparation for the future though! Great giveaway, thank you.
    Stacie xx
    Stacie recently posted…Weaning - Carrot, Pear & Sweet Potato!My Profile

    • The lack of sleep is killer isn’t it? It gets better, that’s a promise!

      Good luck 🙂 x

    • Oh dear!!! At least they have the protein fix! But yes the fussiness is frustrating. Mine has an addiction to just carbs! lol x

  3. If only they did come with a manual!!
    Im definitely more strict than my husband which leads to him teaching my LO the opposite of what I’m trying to teach him. Men 😉
    Great post and giveaway xx
    Ellie Robinson PATR recently posted…Bathtime fun with MunchkinMy Profile

    • Fingers crossed for you! I’m exactly the same, my OH gives in to every whine and moan in this house! Bad habit learning alert! lol x

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