Larmer Tree Festival 2016

Festival season is well and truly happening all around us, and only a couple of weeks ago, we too were enjoying that festival scene at the Larmer Tree Festival.


^^T-shirt and shorts| Polarn O. Pyret

Being Little London’s first festival we wanted to go somewhere that was family friendly but also offered us the experience we have come to enjoy when it comes to a festival.


Larmer Tree seemed to tick all those boxes with its laid back bohemian vibe.


^^Dress| Style London, Shoes| Birkenstock

The main music stage saw the likes of Jamie Cullum and Cara Emerald grace it’s floorboards and the large lawn to the front of the stage meant it was easy to find a spot to settle down and dance along to the music.


Although with a mini heat wave happening we personally stuck to the shade and danced under the trees and ate lots of ice cream!


With a small festival crowd per day nothing felt too over whelming or packed, something that makes the experience so nice with young children, and after sussing out the place we knew where everything was located.




^^Massage and therapy area


^^ all other festivals take note…


Including the place to go if you lose your child.  You hope it never happens, but it’s nice to know there’s a place you can bring your panic to if it does!

And with a dedicated children’s zone, we were able to enjoy some child specific activities and make sure Little London was fed properly with food he would actually enjoy from the Knitted Pig Cafe.


With toys to play with at the cafe and lots of books to keep little ones occupied it was a great area for non stressful feeding!


I spent a long time heading in and out of the pop up vintage shops perusing the rails for gorgeous wardrobe additions, while Little London eyed up a pen of balloon animals.

The pug won his affection.





With colourful dancing parades and loads of classes you could join in on, the festival was brimming with life and excitement.


But to make the most of it I would suggest having an itinerary on you so you know exactly what’s going on throughout the day in all the different areas.


There’s so much happening it’s easy to miss out if you’ve decided to relax and soak up the atmosphere.  I did think we’d get an itinerary at the entrance, but we didn’t so we made do with stumbling around finding things.


Being quite a distance from home, we decided to book ourselves a local B&B for the night, although camping is a possibility.  But being as unprepared as ever, firstly we didn’t realise quite the distance from London (about 2 and a half hours), and secondly we didn’t have any camping equipment.  Oh well something to learn for next year!

For those that don’t like camping we stayed at The Museum Inn, which is about a 20 minute walk from the festival and having somewhere with a good bath and a great breakfast was definitely worth it in my books!





This is a festival I will definitely return to with Little London, the vibe was exactly what I was after.

This year we took it at quite a sedate pace… next year I’m going gung-ho and planning the day from start to finish.




  1. I would’ve loved something like this! Seems like such an amazing festival. Need to put a reminder for next year. Your son looked WAY too adorable in his outfit! x
    LaaLaa recently posted…Thoughts are Things.My Profile

  2. Some gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time. You have got me all excited for my first festival in September x
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…Rosalie’s 23 Month UpdateMy Profile

  3. I love a child-friendly festival, it’s so nice to enjoy things like this with your child! And it was like a mini-holiday for you guys staying in the BnB! Love your boy’s T-shirt by the way, so colourful! xx

    • It was! It was totally unplanned, so it was nice to not have that long drive home 🙂

  4. Looks like little London had a great time, looks like a great family fun festival x
    StressedMum recently posted…Getting to know the real meMy Profile

    • It was a fab festival! One I’m putting in my diary for next year again 🙂

  5. I love hearing about child friendly festivals, this looks so fun!
    Tara recently posted…Contraception Chronicles: Switching From Hormonal to Non-HormonalMy Profile

    • It’s great to know their are some things you can still enjoy post having kids 😉

  6. This made me feel so happy, what a fun family festival, it looks so relaxed and calm too. I now want to attend with my boys, thank you for telling me about having more planning.

    • Make sure to keep it in mind for next year, it’s honestly so so good!

  7. Awww I’ve never heard of this festival, but it looks amazing.
    I strongly think there is a difference between child friendly festivals, like this one, and festivals that accept children, like Glastonbury!
    Sarah recently posted…Social Media Goals 2016My Profile

    • Definitely, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable going to a festival that didn’t have kids in mind. I’d find it too stressful and I’d glare at anyone that was too drunk and near my child. lol.

  8. How cute is Little London! I think child friendly festivals are the way to go, its such a nicer environment and it means the whole family gets to have a great time. This one looked great! xx

    • I loved the fact that I think it’s the first festival I’ve ever been to and I’ve not had to smell anything illegal.. that’s almost unheard of but it was such a nice change!

  9. He looks so adorable in that colourful stripey shirt! 🙂 I wish I was taking my little boy to a festival this year (we was planning on camp bestival or the big feastival) but going Peppa Pig World instead. This festival looks fab though, we might have to book for next year! 🙂

    • It’s amazing isn’t it! I love it- we had so many compliments on it. x

    • It’s great, I would go without kids too, but I think having a child makes things like that more enjoyable because there’s a whole new side to explore.

  10. I must have been living under a rock as I had never heard of Larmer Tree Festival. I’m keeping note of all these family friendly festivals as I think next year my daughter will be a great age to go to one. x

    • If this one isn’t too far from you I can’t recommend it more highly. It was a great first festival. Perfectly manageable.

  11. This looks like so much fun! I would love to go to a festival like this, your son looked absolutely adorable in his outfit too! Love the colours! xx
    Georgina recently posted…Flower DoughMy Profile

    • I know, the bright colours went so well for the festival! I loved the outfit 🙂

    • Totally 😉 I do like it- but the luxury end. A hotel is always going to be preferable to our own tent lol. x

  12. I loved reading this and thought all the way through, this seems like my kind of festival and then read that you stayed in that beautiful accommodation and loved it even more! My perfect idea of festivals! I must look into this next year.

  13. I loved reading this and thought all the way through, this seems like my kind of festival and then read that you stayed in that beautiful accommodation and loved it even more! My perfect idea of festivals! I must look into this next year.

    • It was brilliant, we didn’t take advantage as much as we should have because we were still figuring it out. Now I’m in the know I can’t wait until next year!

  14. Its great that there are so many family friendly festivals these days. Looks like wonderful fun. And I love the water refill place because I always worry about things like that…especially with little people who need to keep well hydrated.

    • I loved it, I wasn’t feeling 100% so being able to pay £3.50 and drink as much water as I wanted throughout the day was brilliant, and it meant he was always hydrated. With the sun as hot as it was it saved us a fortune!

  15. Looks awesome! Really colourful and fun. And love your photography too! Love British festivals like this 🙂

  16. Aww, it’s great that there was so much to do at the festival! Being able to find things in the childrens’ zone must have been nice.

    • It was brilliant, it just meant we could do things for him if everything got a bit much and he wanted some freedom.

  17. The little fella’s outfit is absolutely gorgeous!! I wish Ireland had festivals like this, and sunshine when they were on. Always lashes rain lols. Looks like you guys had a fab time!! Lots of memories 🙂
    Kellie Kearney recently posted…Tiny Little BabyMy Profile

    • I think we just hit luck with the weather- we’ve definitely seen more rain then shine this year so far!

  18. Omg Jamie cullum was on? Seem him umpteen times and adore his live vibe. Must have been great!

  19. What a fabulous festival! I hadn’t heard of this, but it looks so interesting. Your photos are fantastic too! The colours are so bright and fresh, I really enjoyed looking at them

    • I love a good bit of colour hahah. And Larmer Tree was easy to photograph because there was colour everywhere!

    • I won’t lie, it was nice going back to a real room and bed instead of a tent 😉

  20. Haha. LondonMum’s been happily ‘Bach’-ing (can explain) up the right tree !? &, - & … she’s been to a music festival?? – LondonMum???… at a music festival?????? – the only lady I know who can ‘talk-out-of-tune??’ haha (sorry) … so there’s hope for us all then … think I need the therapy tent now ha! B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T post!! B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T account!! & O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G photos!! ’L’ & I think your LittleLondon’s really going to be ‘something else’ – he’s an absolute credit to you LondonMum!!! … what on earth are you feeding him on?? Next seasons opposition must be trembling in their boots already ha! Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I feel I should tell you now that he has a penchant for wearing dresses and pretending to be Elsa from Frozen hahahah 😉

      • W … Ww … WH … WHA … WHAT ??? Hahaha – just so long as he’s a ‘happie chappie’ eh? I’ve known musicians go through ‘that’ stage (Oi, not all of them! ha.) Of course, I should’ve known better – he’s got his LondonMums kinaesthetic intellectual powers & ‘in-the-know-info’ … ARENDELLE hasn’t got a 1st XV rugby team – YET… He’s ‘prepping’ possibly? … Good thinking LittleLondon!! Kit could be ‘interesting’ though. Hope you’re ok now LondonMum - &’ve been eagled? B+WC’s a tad busy down ‘ere – gigs by the tonne - a recital & radio promo next week. Another 1 for your child friendly 2017 Music Festival list – guess where ha! Onwards LondonMum.

        • Gosh you sound as busy as me at the moment- fancy a trade? I’m musical.. honest!

  21. ive never heard of this before but it looks amazing for all ages! love the outfit!

    • If you choose the right one their so much fun, and fun with the kids too! x

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