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Come September there will be one main outfit that’ll take over my son’s life.  His school uniform.  Most days he’ll wake up, put on his uniform and head to school.

It means I can start to slow down my extensive need to purchase a wardrobe full of clothing for him.  Because ultimately it’ll be his uniform that’ll take over his clothing needs.  Along with a few play clothes and weather dependent items, the road ahead certainly looks much more purse friendly.

It’s got me thinking about what we’ll need to prepare him for this transition.  And when I say prepare him in reality I mean make sure I’m prepared for all eventualities.

We all know being in uniform doesn’t mean that suddenly your child starts to respect clothing.  In fact I know I’m likely to pick up my son and find grass stained knees on his trousers, mud splattered shirts and stains down his jumper from his school lunch.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there and I’ve done that.  Lets face it, we all have.

In fact school uniform mishaps are a right of passage for every child.

I remember returning to the same primary school I’d left two years previous after a stint of living in Denmark.  My parents (being the thrifty people they are), had kept my sisters old uniforms just in case.  And it was one of these dresses that I was given to wear on my return.

What they hadn’t considered was that I might not fit into them, which of course was the case.  I slipped on my sisters old school uniform the morning of my return to find it only just covered my knickers.

There’s was nothing that could be done at such late notice.  So off I trotted to school looking, I imagine, fairly indecent and using my school jumper to mask the length where I could.  A few days later I think I was actually bought a brand new dress to wear- something unheard of as the younger sister.

Although the worst memory has to be the time I sat and ate my breakfast in the kitchen with my mum before heading to my primary school.  For some unknown reason she was frying fish.

Of course the smell permeated my clothing and once I got to the playground my friends were all wondering where this horrific smell was coming from.  As soon as one of the girls mentioned it smelt like ‘yucky fish’ I knew it was me.  And I knew it was my uniform.  Something I was stuck wearing for the next 6 hours.

I told my best friend and together we tried to scrub the smell off me before the bell rung.  My school jumper came off and got left in the coat room, and I washed as much of my uniform as I could.

Luckily I managed to get majority of the smell off.  But my jumper left an awful smell in the coat room for the entire day.  A constant reminder to me!

Knowing the way my son plays and enjoys himself I know I’ll have to have uniforms ready on a tight turnaround.

Which is why I’ve picked up the no iron shirts and the stain and weather proof trousers from Marks and Spencer to build up his school uniform essentials.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m under no illusion I won’t be fully tested, but at least I can tackle some of the issues head on.

If you want to check out more uniform mishaps check out the Life Isn’t Uniform page currently on the Marks and Spencer website.  Do you remember any uniform mishaps from your school days?



  1. My kids have 6 weeks left of school and their uniforms have only just made it through the year. But I don’t know what they all do to their shoes! Forever buying new ones

  2. Mark and Sparks seem to do some great clothing for school kids. I remember getting my school uniform from them when I was younger.

    • I love the quality and how good the pieces look even with all the rugged wear!

  3. I can’t believe you had to go in your sisters old stuff before new uniform was bought. My parents always went through a lot of uniform with myself and my brother x

  4. My little boy is off to school in September too and I will be getting him M&S uniform. My little girl is already in reception and we brought her uniform from Marks and Spencer and it has bee fab x

    • Glad to hear it!! I don’t know if I’d trust another brand quite as much although I’m sure they’re all great.

  5. Our kids don’t wear school uniforms at their school and I really do think they’re missing out. They’re so adorable!

    • Oh really? I went to a school with no uniforms for part of my childhood, I actually found having a uniform so much easier. Probably for my mum too!

  6. Oh my goodness, how horrible for you to have to walk around school smelling all fishy! We’ve all had embarrassing school uniform moments luckily, so everyone is sort of in the same boat. School uniform has lasted us the whole year, the only thing I have had to buy extra was some white polo shirts — but that’s only because I accidentally shrunk them in the tumble dryer!

    • I know! What was my mum thinking?!!! Not a mistake I’ll be doing.. although to be fair what she was doing frying fish that early in the morning is still questionable! lol I do fear that I may need to stock up on white shirts and tops because I’m likely to turn them a good shade of grey over time hahah x

  7. I love that Marks and Spencer has this so that moms won’t have a difficult time washing uniforms throughout the school year! They look really lovely as well. You’re son’s adorable!

    • Exactly right? I just want good quality, easy to wash and never have to iron clothing!

  8. I love M&S for uniform - it’s slightly more pricey that. The supermarket but it lasts much better!!

    • It lasts so well. I found the pricing really good as well… I can’t say I’ve compared it to supermarket pricing, but I was quite impressed that two shirts were around £8 and the trousers were too! The jumper was around £6 but they have a 20% off sale on uniforms at the moment so everything was loads cheaper!

  9. I’ve been putting away my eldest boy’s uniform for my younger boy for when he starts in September, it’s definitely a younger sibling thing isn’t it haha! My little boy came home with pen all over his jumper last week, he’d had a pen fight with another little boy! x

    • I’ll be saving jumpers and whatever white shirts I possibly can for my youngest 😉 lol

  10. I’ve heard all about the Marks & Spencer uniforms from friends and family and how they’re good quality - they are definitely where I’d visit first if I had kids needing uniform

  11. Aahha … the grass stained school trousers (ripped at the knees,) the mud splattered shirt, the scuffed shoes, the ripped pullover, the skew-wiff tie, the missing sock & the ‘what on earth happened to you?’ playground black eye … – & that’s just after day 1 - Ohh ‘APPY DAYS – just wait until he proudly pulls on his schools 1st XV rugby jersey … then add ‘missing tooth.’ Until then, best dressed Mensa boy professor here he comes! Female version to follow ha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. (Check ‘ya “O” please.)

    • Missing tooth? I’ll kill him!! lol. God lord! A milk tooth I might just about forgive.. an adult tooth though!!!

  12. Oh no! I’m sure I had plenty of uniform mishaps when I was at school too.

  13. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” … please check ya’ DM … (NOT ‘O’ this time ha.) Just a little ‘something’ for you & your little ‘debonair prince charming’ & ‘bright eyes heart breaker princess’ from the B+WC haha. HAVE A GREAT DAY - hope you are spoilt!! Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

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