Lisbon or the Algarve? | Portugal with Martinhal Resorts

It’s time to get travel excited again.  Because with the school holidays coming to an end, so do the ridiculous prices.

And while it might be easy for me to say this, given that I’m relatively free to travel considering both my children aren’t tied into a schooling system yet, I don’t think it means those with school aged kids can’t escape for a bit of late winter sunshine.

With the rest of sunny Europe on our doorstep and flight prices starting to creep down, September and October are the perfect months to start planning some little breaks away.  Whether that’s for a week or a weekend.

Portugal as a destination has a little something for everyone, particularly with the offerings from Martinhal Family Hotels And Resorts.


Lisbon, the capital city has old world charm and sophistication.  With beautiful cobbled streets and their iconic trams, it’s the place to wander and get lost in the back streets (whilst eating numerous pasteis de nata’s), but it also offers the chance to experience historic Sintra and enjoy some coastal fun.

Martinhal has two family resorts that make Lisbon an ideal family stop.  Giving you the option of city centre accommodation or staying in Cascais on the Lisbon coast, it means you can decide how to spend your time in the Lisbon district.

Martinhal Chiado, is their city centre offering.

With family friendly apartments with all the amenities, plus a family concierge for all those extras you might need- such as sterilisers and bottle warmers, this accommodation takes the hassle out of travelling with small children to a city destination.

With a kids club available for children from 6 months, it means mum and dad can head out to a bar, an amazing restaurant or even check out a museum that would normally make any child temper tantrum through boredom.

Or for the family wanting a bit more than just city, Martinhal Cascais is the happy medium.

Located between two golf courses, close to historic Sintra and near the coast, this resort offers families a great chance to explore Lisbon but also enjoy staying out of the city centre.

With a spa on site, the use of three different pools and a complimentary kids club, this resort gives a more relaxed out-of-city vibe.

But if the idea of a city escape doesn’t excite you, there’s always the Algarve.  Again Martinhal have two family resorts to consider. Martinal Sagres and Martinhal Quinta.

Martinhal Sagres has more of a village feel to it, meaning everything you could want is right there.  So if pure rest and relaxation is what you’re after, this is the place for you.  Sun loungers at the ready or just throw a towel on to the beach and soak up the sun.  With complimentary activities it’s the perfect resort for those with a range of age groups token entertained from tots to teens.

Martinhal Quinta offers you the chance to live in your own villa with your own pool to enjoy.  With an aqua park near by you can enjoy a flume filled day out of the resort or you can enjoy the fun water features and water slides that the main pool at Martinhal have on offer.  And if golf is your thing, this particular resort is in the middle of one of Europe’s premium golfing destinations.  With a kids club again and Michelin star restaurants in the area to explore there’s a happy medium for all types of holidayers.

Do you ever take advantage of the late summer deals?

Disclosure: Pictures not my own.



  1. I’ve never been abroad but I’d love to visit Portugal one day! Especially if it’s as beautiful as these pictures you’ve included.

  2. I’ve stayed at the Algarve Martinhal and loved it and would really like to visit the Lisbon one. Such lovely places to visit with kids.

    • I think I have too many hours at home alone with a toddler and a baby so my mind frequently wanders… lol

  3. sounds like there is so much to see and do - I’ve never been to Portugal. My sister-in-law-to-be is Portuguese and they’re getting married over there next year, in Porto. Shame it isn’t the Algarve, though 😉 ha x

  4. I don’t even have children but these all sound so dreamy! Can I just rent my own villa with a pool for myself? Or is that a bit too much? Ha!

    • I’ve been to Lisbon previously but never the Algarve- both appeal to me because I’m greedy haha x

  5. Aw I am so excited to read about your Portugal post. Especially since my heritage is Portuguese, I love that there is a kids club available as well. I would say the Algarve out of the two x

  6. I am happy to see that there is something prepared for kids. There are only a few places who has this kind and its nice to know its available here. I would love to visit and check this out. I might recommend this too to my friends who will going to Lisbon next month. Such a good place to stay.

    • Definitely recommend it to your friends, travelling is so much easier wen you feel there’s some help for you. x

  7. Annoyingly my daughter is now in full time education so i can’t take last minute opportunities anymore. The kids club area looks fantastic. Both resorts look stunning

    • I’ll still work on very short haul weekend breaks I hope when he starts school… but I guess when reality hits I’ll have to see if that’s even possible. x

  8. I have been Portugal when I was younger, but cannot remember where I’ve been. I’d love to visit Lisbon!

    • There’s so much to see and do so definitely warrants you returning one day 😉

  9. We were looking for somewhere that has a kids club for younger kids, so this looks like a great option.

  10. What a fab looking destination! I start BIG school next week so we’re confined to only booking in the school holidays too, which pushes the prices up! We’re looking to book next year so will keep this in mind x

  11. Wow Martinhal Chiado looks and sounds like a great place to stay!! Very modern and stylish and the kids club looks amazing how colourful and cosy, looks like a lovely safe area for the kids!

  12. I love a last minute deal, but not a summer holidays holiday - as I don’t like travelling when the kids are off school, I find it’s cheaper when they’ve gone back! x

  13. My own villa and pool. That sounds amazing. We’ve never taken advantage of end of summer deals but I need to.

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