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I wouldn’t say I was an adrenalin junkie as such.  But I do like certain thrilling adrenalin fuelled activities.

You’ll catch me zip lining, ghyll scrambling, river rafting or cliff jumping into glacial waters if the opportunity presents itself.

As amazing as those activities are, they are activities I’ve done in my past.  It’s not that I can’t do them now that my Son is here.  It’s just he changes things.

I would have to find someone to care for him while I did something outdoors that was exciting, while not giving him the chance to enjoy an activity with me.

Which is kind of a shame.  He enhances my life in other ways, and it’s a pity that because of his age he can’t be included in certain activities.

But I have found a recreation that’s thrilling, exciting and adrenalin fuelled that we were both able to partake in…

…right here in London.

London RIB Voyages is voted the number one attraction in London on Tripadvisor, and it’s something you can bring your little ones onto as well.  So tick, tick tick!

Kitted out in protective wear, including an additional wind breaker coat and life jackets we were shown to our bright red speedboat where I took comfort in acknowledging the high steel bars surrounding the seats.  Not only are they there to hold onto, but they also provide that secure feeling.

DSC_1117 (2)

With Little London wedged between us we couldn’t wait to get out onto the River Thames.


We bobbed by the sights on the way to Tower Bridge, keeping at a nice sedate pace.  We saw the Houses of Parliament, HMS President, The Shard, The Tower of London and much much more.

Just past a certain point there are no speed restrictions on the water, and the boat took off at over 30 knots.  With James Bond and Baywatch tunes playing in the back ground the intense excitement just ramps up.

The boat literally flies across the water.  It turns almost on its side, letting you feel that moment of excitement crossed with fear- but all the while knowing your safe.

With Little London being held onto nice and tight he was in no way in any danger.  He couldn’t have been safer.  And judging by the wows and the smiles he was loving the high-speed and the feel of the wind in his face.  The faster it went, the happier he was.

There was something quite amusing passing by the river police boats and waving at them, feeling almost rebel like in terms of out running them.  No chance of catching us up 😉

With the waves picking up on the river, the boat bounced and skimmed each wave along the water- again giving that added thrill.  Even with the British rain starting to come down it made no difference to our fun.  Everyone on board screamed in delight, laughed and held on tight to the bars around them.  It couldn’t have been more fun.  Irrelevant of the weather.

After enjoying a good amount of time at high speed, our boat slowed down and “Little Mike” (unfortunate nickname but amazing guy) gave us one of the most exciting tours on London’s iconic locations as we went past them on the way back to The London Eye, where London RIB Voyages calls home.

The tour part is unlike any tour I’ve had in London, it was full of amazing facts that were completely different to what you’d normally hear or expect.

For example, Waterloo Bridge is the only bridge in London that was built and completed before it’s scheduled finish date.  It was also completed under budget and made to self clean.  And it’s the only bridge that was built by women… *high fives all the ladies*

To tell you more would ruin the fun facts for those of you eager to try out this trip.  What I would recommend is that for the tour part, you have something to entertain a toddler if you have one.  We all know they don’t sit still for long, and while the boat was exhilarating at high speed, once it slowed down the little man wanted his freedom.

I left his milk bottle in the pram which was back on dry land (the cause of his angst), but luckily the trip we went on was the Jingle Bell Blast.  So before getting on the boat we had a chance to say hello to Father Christmas who gave Little London a bag of goodies.  Perfect gift and brilliantly entertaining for him.



^^ I love Little London’s face in this picture- he had a slight moment of ‘who is this man in red?’

London RIB Voyages was a great chance to experience something adrenalin fuelled with my child.  He loves anything high-speed and thrilling, but his age also tends to hinder what he can currently experience.  London RIB Voyages not only made Mum and Dad happy, it made our little boy ecstatic.

Top marks from this London family!

(Disclosure: Complimentary tickets.  All opinions expressed are my own)



  1. I live very close to London and not heard of this before, if it is safe for little ones it must be safe enough for me, and am sure my daughter would love this. Will have to remember this for one of our trips
    StressedMum recently posted…My Week – 13/12/15My Profile

    • Exactly, it’s loads of fun and perfectly safe. We were on board with another family who had older children and a couple celebrating a birthday so it’s one for all ages. x

    • The tour was brilliant and a really interesting way to find out some great facts about london.

    • You have life jackets on but to be honest you don’t feel unsafe at any point. So even if you are scared of water I think you’d be fine 🙂

    • Great way to learn some really interesting facts about London. And the high speed part just added to the tour 😉 x

  2. WOW! We live on the Thames (well close to it, not on the water) and I have never heard of this! I am glad you had a great time x
    Emma recently posted…My list to Santa #12daysofparenting #Day2My Profile

    • It’s a great tour and experience. definitely a must for anyone visiting London. x

  3. This looks like so much fun, definitely something I’ll check out the next time I’m in London xxx

    • He loved it! I’m worried about the things he’ll like when he’s older that he’ll drag me onto! lol x

    • Definitely not haha- he had his present and that was enough. Typical! He was a great Santa though- really patient lol. x

    • They would love it! We all loved it, and that’s quite an age range with us lol x

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