Lush Hair Products: Copperhead Shampoo, Jungle Conditioner, Henna Brun

Lush is one of my favourite product shops for all things that smell gorgeous.  Last month I decided to treat myself with a couple of items from their hair range.  The much hyped Copperhead shampoo bar, the highly rated Jungle conditioner bar and as I was sporting some delightful greys I thought I’d try out Henna Brun.


Copperhead Shampoo Bar

Let’s start with my favourite hair product on this list.  I am in love with the Copperhead shampoo bar.  This particular bar is meant for those of us with dark hair or red toned hair as the ingredients really lend themselves to giving that lustrous shine for the darker shades.  With coffee grounds, cocoa and red henna it certainly shouldn’t be used on lighter toned hair.  But at the same time it doesn’t seem to deposit any colour either.  But if I was blonde I wouldn’t want to risk it!

The bar is so easy to use, it lathers up beautifully between the palm of your hands even though it is solid, and once it’s in your hair it foams and bubbles like a normal shampoo.  It smells amazing as well.  Some reviewers don’t like the smell but I love it, it’s quite a masculine/rich smell but it’s also quite herbally.  It’s certainly strong enough to lightly scent your bathroom which is something I love about Lush products.

The bar does crumble every now and then but a little bit of squishing together again with water while in the shower seems to solve the problem.

My hair feels clean, but not stripped of everything.  I only lather it on my roots, and let the residue wash my lengths as I rinse it off.  I highly recommend this shampoo bar and I’ll continue to buy it.  But I have a feeling it’ll be a long time before I need to repurchase it, because the bar is still the same size as when I bought it!

Jungle Conditioner

I’m not really sure what to think of this solid conditioner.  It hasn’t got a strong scent like Copperhead, so it doesn’t double up as a bathroom scenter which I think is a shame.  It does smell nice though, and the scent is very fresh and clean but like I said it’s not strong.  The bar is certainly less crumbly than the Copperhead bar and has yet to break into any bits.

The bar is made up of oils and cocoa butter, so it should provide a good amount of conditioning to my hair.  However I just can’t tell if it does anything at all.

Unlike Copperhead this bar doesn’t lather so when applying it to my hair I’m repeating the process incessantly just to make sure something deposits onto my tangly lengths.  I try to follow the instructions by sliding the bar through the ends of my hair but always end up rubbing the bar vigorously between my hands to try to get ‘something’ that I might be able to rub onto my hair.

At the same time when I’m drying my hair after a shower I feel like there’s something keeping the frizz at bay and providing some structure without the need for any other products.

So I haven’t quite ruled it out yet.

Henna Brun

With ageing comes the delights of those pesky greys.  And yes I get my fair share! Annoyingly they cluster right at the front of my head where one day I hope to style out a full on Cruella Deville look.

I use semi permanent colour every 8 weeks or so to cover up my greys, but thought I’d give Henna Brun a go for a more natural hair colouring experience.  Plus as I only get grey’s in certain areas, I just don’t fancy shelling out £8.00-£13.00 every 8 weeks on a hair dye that I really only want to use on about 10 grey hairs.  As Henna Brun comes in block form I thought I could just snap off what I want and save the rest for when the greys poked through again- thrifty!

Henna Brun does not break up easily.  I managed to get a little bit off, but unless you have a saw to hand it isn’t a snappable product.  Don’t be fooled by the blocks.

The product is messy to use especially when I’m used to the ease of some of the hair dyes on the market.  And the colour does not cover up greys at all.

I thought I’d try again to see if a second application would cover up the greys and I believe that if you used Henna Brun a lot you might one day achieve colour deposit on those greys, but you’d be forever applying henna on a weekly basis to make sure they didn’t show through again.  Not so thrifty after all.

What I will say for the product though is that if you don’t have greys it does leave a beautiful sheen to dark hair, which I think would be beautiful in the summer with the sun bouncing off it.

When I was little my dark hair would reflect red tones in sunlight, I don’t get that so much anymore, but Henna Brun provides that same reflection which I think is youthful and iridescent.



  1. Thanks for this doll face. Iv’e been eyeing up the solid shampoo bars for-ever!! But not knowing anyone who had tried them put me off, totes grabbing some on my next visit (we go often as Tia adores their bath bombs) I hope I love them as much as you do. X
    Kelly Finn recently posted…My nappy love week two.My Profile

    • Let me know what you think! I love them. I have little bowl I keep them in by the shower, but I think you can buy tins from Lush as well. x

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