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What better way to get you in the Christmas spirit then standing under mistletoe with your hands rummaging through foliage, looking for the perfect piece to accent the wreath you’ve watched come together from scratch.

Maybe a strand of eucalyptus? Or a pine cone? Perhaps a hand tied trio of cinnamon sticks…

The smell of Christmas just lingers in the air from all the pine tree branches that have been plucked, pulled and carefully cut down to the right size, ready to be woven into the wreath pattern.

As a person who loves to get creative, but usually has an inability to pull it off, I decided a wreath making class was just the thing I needed during this festive season.  It would allow me that much needed time to harness that creative side but under the watchful gaze of professionals ready to guide me.

And they must have guided me well because my wreath is proudly hanging on our gate welcoming all of our festive season visitors into our home.

Creativity is something I crave.  It’s something my soul craves.  The results can often come out pretty tragic admittedly, but it’s always about the taking part for me.  It gives my brain something to focus on.  It takes away all the days stresses and worries, and if done with friends it provides a great place to have some quality time.

Yes attending a class solo is fun, but even more so when done in pairs or in groups.

Usually this time is spent laughing and giggling.  In the case of our wreath making class; which I went to with a friend, we drunk a flask of warmed mulled wine while getting up to speed with each others lives.  Namely her love life, which we deconstructed in hushed tones 😉

There’s no better way to spend such valuable time with friends.

With young children, I find time is always limited so when I do have some free hours I like to make the most of it.  And Creoate may be the answer to all my needs.  Possibly even yours?

Creoate have pulled together all the most exciting creative experiences London has to offer.  They carefully source independent creators and share their experiences all in one place ready to book online.

And what I love the most is how unique the experiences are, plus they’re frequently changing as the seasons change and classes come to an end.

In fact when it came to picking a class to do, I really struggled to narrow down the options and choices available.  There was an experience to learn how to arm knit a giant blanket- just like the ones you’ll find on Instagram selling for hundreds of pounds!  It’s not up on the website at the moment, but as new class dates come in I’m sure it’ll be back on there.

Pop Up Painting is an experience I’ve previously participated in and is available to book now.  It resulted in one of my more tragic creative mementos, that I still laugh about to this day.  But not so tragic that I don’t have the finished painting (a replica of Gustav Klimt’s painting of ‘The Kiss’) on show in our home- much to Mr London Mum’s dismay.  Like I said it’s about the taking part.

Classes I have my eye on for the future include the Adobe Lightroom foundation course, probably more for an educational purpose rather than a fun one.  And a class on how to make my own pair of ethical espadrilles.

I’m going to make it my mission next year to really allow my creative needs to shine.

As a final note, just in case you’ve really left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, Creoate also have gift vouchers that can be used on all their classes.  Perhaps you have one in mind for that certain someone, or maybe you’d prefer to leave them to make the decision.  Either way it’s a gift I’d certainly appreciate getting, so I’m happy to tell you about it in case you’re in a dire situation with just a few days to go until the big day.  I’ve even got a discount code I can share with you: CREOMUM20.



  1. Oooo you lucky lady. Sounds like a fun event.
    I remembered seeing someone else at something like this on IG.
    I would love to make a Christmas wreath, need to find the time - Love yours.
    Charlotte x

    • We should do one next year when the littles have grown up a bit! Wreath making mamas day out 😉

  2. I know you said ‘you usually have an inability to pull some creative off’ to me this wreath is perfection and what better way to harness your creativity too! I think you did an amazing job x

    • for some reason this seems to be the first creative thing I’ve done where it’s not turned out too horrific! I actually quite like it! lol

  3. Oh I love the look of this, it’s so important to take time out for yourself isn’t it? I would have loved to have made my own wreath.

    • I loved just having that time alone. I don’t get the chance often so it’s a great way to let my hair down. x

  4. I have cheated this year and Hubby brought one home from work but would love to try and make my own. Bet the orange makes it smell lush

    • It’s so much fun, I wonder if I’ll be able to make one next year with what I’ve learnt.

  5. There are so many gorgeous classes on offer here, and as for your wreath - it’s gorgeous! How lovely to make and display something like that. I am going to try and find a similar class next year! 🙂

    • I definitely recommend it. It was great fun to take part in and I loved the how the wreath ended up too. x

  6. I did a wreath-making workshop a few years ago as a blogger event, and it was so much fun. I love the chance to be creative and making something unique, that’s individual to your own tastes and styles. The one you made looks lovely! x

  7. I know it is past the festive season, but I think wreaths looks good for any occasion. I would be terrible at making one though lol x

    • the class was really good at showing you how it was all done. I’m terrible with creative stuff myself! lol

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