Ma’ Plucker, Soho

A mere stroll from Carnaby Street and deep into Soho is a vibrant, quirky little eatery.  Situated on Beak Street the aptly named Ma’ Plucker is chicken heaven and the place to head for a killer margarita.


It is a compact little place, but ample enough to cater for people who need a seat.  But I would recommend booking at busy times, simply because there are always queues of people at the door waiting to get their chicken fix.


That or make sure you get there when they start service at midday like we did.



^^ Cloud Jumper from dab + blyton.

The decor and deep Southern theme lends itself to the casual atmosphere of Ma’ Plucker.  The staff are friendly and the menu is exciting.


I haven’t called a menu exciting for a long time, but this one truly is…

It’s a simple concept but executed to perfection.  You start off by ordering your base- a salad, a house bun or a maple waffle.  Choose the sauce you want and then top it with the chicken cooked in the manner you prefer.  So you could order the crispy coated buttermilk dipped chicken, the rotisserie chicken, the pulled slow and low chicken or go for the vegetarian option of crispy coated halloumi cheese.

I know, mouth-watering stuff! But the words mean nothing until you actually sink you teeth into Ma’ Plucker’s finest.


^^ Crispy coated buttermilk dipped chicken breast with maple syrup waffles and Ma’ Plucker’s famous skin on chicken gravy.


^^ Mr London Mum ordered the hickory spiced pulled slow and low chicken with the maple syrup waffles and the maple chilli glaze sauce as well as the chipotle chilli sauce. 

With an assortment of sides there is no way you’ll be leaving Ma’ Plucker’s hungry.  We decided to order crack and cheeze, Ma’s slaw and some french fries as extras.



With little London tucking into a kids portion of Ma’ Pluckers food there was more than enough to go around.



In fact too much.  There’s nothing I hate more than wasting food, so I tried to polish off all our leftovers, but just couldn’t.

I knew there was no way I’d be able to put away one of their desserts.  Which was a shame , because the cherry pie or the sweet n’ salty popcorn sundae had been on my radar as soon as I sat down and read the menu.

Ma’ Plucker’s isn’t just a place to grab some great food in a quirky place in Soho.  It’s a thriving feature on the social scene in the evenings too.  It stays open until midnight most nights and it continues to serve their famous margaritas and beers until that hour, alongside their chicken menu of course.


^^ There is nothing wrong with ordering a margarita at midday while looking after a toddler 😉

If you’re around the Soho area doing your Christmas shopping make sure to pop in and say hello to the friendly owner and ask him for one of his margaritas.  You won’t be disappointed!

(Disclosure: Complimentary meal)



    • It’s so amazing! They do a variety of chicken as well, so breast, wings, thigh, quarter and half chickens… it’s a chicken lovers praise! lolx

    • Hahah the margaritas are delicious! If I wasn’t on toddler duty I’d have gone with a pitcher 😉 x

  1. This looks and sounds amazing, I’m so jealous that I live up north right now! I definitely need to drag some friends the next time I visit London! Stephanie x
    Oui Stephanie recently posted…Things From The Week #18My Profile

  2. This place looks like somewhere I’d like to try out. Im not sure abotu chicken with waffles but I’d certainly try it xxx

    • It’s probably their signature dish and it’s amazing.. you can choose other options though, but give the waffles a try they’re yummy!

    • When they come in if the place interests me. It’s a great way to find new places especially as I’m often out whelp now I have a toddler. x

    • Very american, deep south if I’m not wrong. But it’s great. Totally recommend it. If the waffles not your thing you can go with the more conventional bun or fries 😉 x

    • I think he was squishing her face hahah- I like it, it reminds me of young love lol x

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