March Round Up

March seems to have lasted forever, but at the same time I can’t actually believe we’re into April already! It feels like the winter is behind us and over the horizon I can sense a very hot summer.  Although I’m quite happy sticking with spring for a while longer.  It’s my favourite season after all 🙂

First off I have to mention The Night Manager.


Oh my God, it was TV epic-ness.

It’s a BBC1 new thriller drama that has had every one talking, and most people appreciating the fine human specimens on-screen.

It’s the James Bond of the service industry.

The series is based upon the John Le Carre novel and the concluding episode literally had me on the edge of my seat.  There were so many times I wanted to turn off the TV because I really didn’t want to watch the potential horror unfold.

But I managed to get to the end and was absolutely thrilled with how well it played out.  I’m looking forward to series 2.

There will be a second series right?!  If you’ve not seen it then you need to.  If you have seen it and you didn’t like it, then we totally can’t be friends ;).

Another series that I got into was Odyssey starring Anna Friel, first aired on BBC2.


This has been on our sky planner for what seemed like forever.  The title never really grabbed me, but the storyline sounded interesting.  So it stayed on the planner until we decided to just give it a go.

It’s very much like Homeland in terms of subject but goes down a different line by following a stranded female soldier trying to make her way back home to her family who believe her dead.  What unfolds is a tangled web of lies as part of an international military conspiracy, which leads to death, destruction and more lies.

It’s “sink your teeth into it” good.  Again I hope there’s a second series to follow.

I actually managed a couple of books this month.  The first one was a Jodi Picoult book called Change of Heart.


It’s a book about forgiveness, loss and the possibility of salvation.

It puts a Mother in one of the hardest predicaments.  On the one hand she has a daughter with a heart defect who will die without a heart transplant.  On the other hand the only person that’s a donor match and could give her daughter a chance at life is Shay Bourne- the man convicted of murdering her husband and first born.

There are many biblical references and parallels between Shay Bourne and Jesus.  Which makes for really interesting reading.  If a man is capable of doing some of the miracles Jesus was supposedly able to do, where would we stand if that man turned out to be a convicted murderer.    It certainly becomes a dilemma for the priest in the novel who questions his faith, his church and his whole belief system.

It’s far fetched and the ending was fairly predictable, but it still had me caught up in it right to the very last page.

Luckily the second book I read was a lot less serious, Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan.  Chick lit perfection.


Take three female best friends living in NYC, all kick starting a new business venture (inspiration moment), throw in a few luscious men with a few relationship hitches and you have the basis of a great chick lit.

As this book is part of a trilogy I won’t have to wait too long to get my next fix.  Although don’t despair, each book is its own story in its own right!

This is great holiday reading material, or good escapism material.

The little one had a new book this month too, which I just adore!


It’s a book created by Itsyourstory and it’s personalised using his name and a picture I submitted of him.

I was overjoyed when we received this, because it’s just the cutest.


The book we chose was a counting book called From 1 to 10.  On every page there’s a different illustration incorporating my Son’s face, which is hilarious for me, and educational for him.


^^count the huskies

It’s such a beautiful book that actually I refrain from letting him touch the pages when we read it because I really don’t want him to ruin it (ripping pages is a favourite past time of his at the moment).  I’m very tempted to get the A-Z book too.

In terms of products I’m going to have to mention our little Easter egg hunt.  I’m not anti chocolate by any means, but I didn’t really see the point of buying a big Easter egg for my son this year, but I also didn’t want him to go completely without.  And I definitely didn’t want him to miss out on an Easter egg hunt.


So these chocolate quail eggs by Choc on Choc were perfect.

Because the weather wasn’t great we held our Easter egg hunt indoors, and Little London went around our living room searching for the hidden eggs and putting them into his basket.



When he found all 12 eggs (perfect number to represent the stations of the cross), he handed me the bucket and we gave him his little Easter present.





We gave him some of the chocolate too but actually we ate most of it ourselves.  I don’t deal with toddler sugar highs well, and if I’m being honest he is none the wiser.  He actually has a thing for shoes so that was much more exciting for him!

I also have to mention The Super Yummies range by Danone and endorsed by Cow and Gate.  It’s a new range that’s been created with the help of real mums and nutritionists.


You may have noticed the range in your supermarkets, and I have to say it’s definitely worth giving them ago.  None of their products contain added salt or sugars and everything is made with real ingredients.

The yogurt and fruit pouches, and also the rice cakes will appeal to all children, and are pretty standard in terms of what you might find down the toddler food aisle- they’re always a hit!

But the more unique snacks certainly had me excited because they’re a bit different to the other products I’ve seen.


The freeze dried beetroot and parsnip slices were really tasty.  They were like crisps but made 100% from vegetables.  They aren’t strong in taste so your little ones will palate them easily without realising they’re vegetables, especially if you call them crisps as I learnt ;).

The strawberry and yoghurt fruit pieces are very similar and are also freeze dried.  Great for those with a sweeter tooth.

I adored the big resealable pouch of breadsticks.  They are gently baked and our ones had flakes of spinach through them.  Little London was none the wiser regarding the green speckles and often requested “more biscuits.”

All in all a great March :).



  1. Looks like you’ve had a good month. I’ve heard so much about the night manager I might give it a watch! Also might look at odyssey as I really like homeland. I love the 1 to 10 book it’s really nice 🙂 the Easter hunt photos are gorgeous! Amelia gave the super yummies range a test too and really enjoyed it. X

    • You’ll love both those tv shows I think. Both got a good bit of excitement in them. x

  2. Sounds like you had a great month, easter egg hunts are always a great idea but my parents did the same thing and didn’t just buy a load of eggs I usually got a present after doing our hunt. Best of both worlds x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 11My Profile

    • Randomly my parents would ask me before hand what I wanted.. an easter egg, or a £20 (to spend on a toy that I wanted) with a bar of chocolate… They just hated buying a hollow egg lol. They never saw the point hahah x

  3. What a lovely month.
    I’ve not read any of them books will have to give them a read. We tried yummies too and Blake loved them.

    • I love that they have a few bits in there that are different to other brands. Gives me more choice 😉

  4. Everyone is going on about the night manager and I totally missed it. I am going to have to try and find it on catch up.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Red Spaghetti with Balsamic Onions and Sundried Tomatoes by Gayle @ Pumpkin ‘N SpiceMy Profile

    • You need to catch up for sure, if you can’t find it on catch up you can buy it on amazon. x

  5. Sounds like a great month. I love the 1 - 10 book. That is so cute. I’m intrigued by the beetrrot and parsnip slices. Will have to try my girls on those.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…10 Things I Have Learnt From My ToddlerMy Profile

    • It’s so sweet, hahah his little face on every page illustrated around is the best! lol x

  6. What a lovely month! I was a big fan of The Night Manager and was also sat on the edge of my seat during the last episode. I didn’t think things would work out as they did for some of the characters, especially Jed.
    The 1 to 10 book looks so cute and something nice to keep and look back upon when he’s older.

    • I know! I didn’t think she’d get out of that situation. Had my hands over my eyes for most of that episode! lol

  7. I never got round to watching The Night Manager, and I wish I had as everyone is raving over it. I do love that little rabbit eared hat too! Looks like you had a lovely Easter.

    • You need to try and catch up because it really was brilliant tv x

  8. TV. Books, Chocolate, Chocolate … more yet more chocolate?? & … a new pair of floppy ears? Sounds like somebody’s the little Easter bunny was well ‘March rounded up’ & catered for? ‘Eggstremely’ (well, somebody had to say it ha) fabulous photos & post LondonMum. A ‘Dorsetian lost in London’ day tomorrow … lull before the storm! H-E-L-P haha. Onwards LondonMum.… “O.”

    • Oh I’m not gonna help you, when she realises a rugby game is involved you may not return to Dorset! hahah

    • Oh you HAVE to! Crappy title until you realise why- just that the main character is a night manager… but it gives no clue of the thriller aspect!

  9. We watched the Night Manager, it was really good, and I love his little converse they are so cute x
    StressedMum recently posted…Baker Days Review and GiveawayMy Profile

    • Great show wasn’t it… he needed a new pair of spring shoes, so really it was two birds one stone for Easter haha x

  10. I need to look into those series. We liked Six Feet Under and Dexter and we could use a new drama or thriller.

    • We were huge fans of six feet under and Dexter… sounds like we have similar taste so you’ll enjoy these ones for sure 😉

    • I think that’s why I’m trying to be careful with it. When he’s older and less likely to destroy the book he can have it, until hen I’m reading it to him so I can remove those page tearing hands before they start lol. x

    • My son loves them! Seriously loves them. i usually have a pack in my bag when we go out in case he decided he’s peckish. I’m surprised your kids don’t like them because they don’t have a strong flavour or anything. Maybe they’re smarter than mine and know the spinach is in there hahah 😉

    • Nooooo!!! That’s so disappointing! I don’t think it was well advertised at all, because no one has really heard of it. Such a shame, because it was a really good show!

  11. Awww how cute is his little Converse!! 🙂 He look so smart in them. 🙂

    I rarely watch tv and have never heard of this show. I just never really take time to watch tv. I always chose my computer instead. 🙂 I hope they make a series 2 though since you like it so much. xx



  12. It looks like March was filled with all sorts of awesomeness! Loving the look of those chocolate quails eggs and I want to watch the night manager too. Such a cute book of William also!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Sunshine SmoothieMy Profile

    • It was a great March, managed to pack a load of extras on top of days out etc. x

  13. Aww March looks like it’s been wonderful! I love the ‘Itsyourstorybook’! I’ll have to oder a couple for my girls, what a lovely keepsake! xx
    Georgina recently posted…Fun With Mermaid Barbie Rainbow Lights DollMy Profile

    • It’s such a cute book, really good quality as well. One of the reasons I won’t let my son get his grubby mitts on it yet hahah x

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