March Round Up

I love writing these little round ups because it reminds me what I’ve enjoyed over the previous month.  It also encourages me monthly to take some time out, and make sure Little London has everything he requires for the age he’s at.

In terms of TV this month we’ve obviously got a bit of a fixation with the ‘who’s done it’ type shows, which led us appropriately to Broadchurch.  The first series was incredible, and the acting in the programme is top-notch  Ellie is an amazing character who’s superbly played by Olivia Colman.  In fact all the casting is spot on.  The ending was shocking and surprising, yet hugely satisfying.


So we cracked straight on with the second series.  We were a bit disappointed to find it continued on from where series one left off instead of starting a fresh murder mystery plot line.  But non the less it was still enjoyable, but does leave you wondering where series three will head.  Will it still be a continuation of the same story line? Or will they come up with a brand new story.  I’m not sure how much more they can pull out of the original plot.

Book wise I managed another two books in March, go me!

The first book was The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna Mcpartlin.


The title of the book gives away the plot line, it’s a story that follows the last days of a woman suffering from cancer.  It’s actually beautifully and dare I say positively written, and allows the reader genoruous glimpses into the protagonists life.  I was expecting to be in floods of tears by the end, but it was really quite uplifting and calming.  Which I suppose is the authors way of recreating the atmosphere around the final moments of Rabbit.  We look at Rabbit’s life through the eyes of her friends and family, but also through her unconscious moments while she is sedated.  We see the heartbreak she’s dealt with and the pure love she once knew.  Her family are made up of wonderful characters that bring many an amusing moment to her hospice bedside.

The second book I read was The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.


I loved this book, I loved the mind of Don Tillman, and following his amusing quest to find a wife.  He’s a ‘socially unacceptable’ being, but we aren’t sure exactly why.  As a genetics professor it does hint towards slight Asperger’s issues, which opens the reader up to the minds of those that are ‘different.’  He’s a lovable character who finds friendship with a girl called Rosie, who’s everything he should hate in a person given his strict criteria of what a partner should embody.  The ending was a bit of a let down, and I had to re read it a couple of times to make sure I understood it.  But the rest of the book is just brilliantly written.  Everyone needs a Don in their lives.


I’ve been a bit of a bad Mummy reading books to Little London this month.  We’ve been enjoying experiences instead, which lead to exhausted sleeps.  We took our first family holiday and as the weather has been kinder a lot of our spare time has been spent outdoors.  However we were sent One Tiger Roars as part of the Book Buddy scheme by Parragon.  A good thick cardboard book with easy to turn pages and really cute illustrations.  As always he likes to practice his dexterity with page turning, while I like to use the repetition of reading to try to get him to follow and copy what I’m saying to him.  In this case teaching him the first 5 numbers.  While he’s yet to repeat anything I’m saying it’s all a learning curve that I know he is absorbing.

For baby products this month I can not praise the below items more highly.



The wonderful swim shorts we were gifted from Vertbaudet were perfect for our break to Bluestone.  Little London looked so cute and stylish in them.  Even though he’s 15 months old I ordered the 24 month size, because I have a big child! They were slightly loose but because they have the added string to fasten up at the front of the shorts it meant they fit him perfectly, and will last for quite some time.  Hurrah… all Mother’s love clothes that last.  Plus these shorts come in a pack of two, meaning if one pair is wet the other is nice and dry.  A nice bit of ‘crotch netting’ means his swimming nappy stays in place as well ;)



I wanted to mention the brilliant BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow we were sent.  The Motorola one we had previously worked adequately and well, but this monitor comes with a few handy upgrades that I’ve really enjoyed and didn’t realise I was even missing until now.

The screen is so clear that checking up on a sleeping Little London is easy, it’s no surprise it’s an HD screen.  Being touch screen makes this monitor great to use and the camera moves seamlessly, and having the ability to zoom in x3 is really reassuring.  I love the alarm system it has when the room gets too hot or too cold (both have been problems in our bedroom recently and the alarm is easily dismissed if you want to ignore it).

The reason I’m particularly keen on this monitor is because of the light show projection it offers.  We don’t have any baby mobiles over the cot as we know these would distract Little London and encourage him to reach up and play, but being able to play a light show on the ceiling during teething episodees at night time, has been so useful and calming.  Although we don’t use the lullaby/sounds part of the monitor (which includes white noise and womb sounds) it’s still there if we need it (probably more useful for newborns), and having a part of the camera that lights up as a night-light should hopefully soothe Little London’s fear of the dark as he gets older.  He’s not ready for lights off completely yet!

Being able to access all the features via the camera as well as the monitor has proven to be extremely useful when Little London is unsettled during the night, as he still sleeps in our room.

It’s pretty much the complete night package for a baby, and with the ability to connect a further 3 cameras it would be a great monitor to keep an eye on all the children in the house for a larger family!  For newborns there’s a feed timer to wake you up for the night feeds, and you can also set the monitor to react to your babies crying if you turn the volume down by beeping or vibrating (or both) so if you do have your baby in a separate room you’ll be woken up gently as opposed to full on wailing!  The BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow is pretty much top of the game currently.  It’s no surprise it has full 5* reviews on Amazon.

photo (11)

My final baby product mention is for the ingenious Hamster Buggy Bags.  I was really struggling about what stroller to buy (see post here), and the one thing I’d noticed with all strollers is the lack of basket space *sob*.  And coupled with the fact that my preferred stroller (Uppababy) has tipping issues when bags are put on the back I really didn’t know what to do.

Luckily I was asked to test out these Hamster Buggy Bags (come as a pack of two), which attach to the side of all strollers and can fit ridiculous amounts into without any tipping issues whatsoever (I’ll prove this in a video shortly).  The stroller can still be closed with no problem even though the bags are attached and it meant that my favourite stroller became the one we purchased and went for.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve had no tipping issues whatsoever on the stroller we chose even though it’s notorious for tipping because it’s so lightweight.

These bags are easy to attach and easy to remove and sling over shoulders if needs be.  The fact the bags sit on the side of the stroller also means there’s no problem getting bags and legs caught up when pushing your child, or as someone else mentioned in another review she found that she could use the buggy board for her toddler again after it was out of action for a while due to bags hanging off the handles therefore limiting his space.  I’ll be doing a full review of the Uppababy stroller and these Hamster Buggy Bags will be part of the review so keep an eye out if you’re intrigued!

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  1. I totally agree about Broadchurch. The first series was some of the best British drama I have seen, but the second was no where near as gripping but I stuck with it.
    Dominique recently posted…British Seaside Holidays of Our ChildhoodsMy Profile

    • fingers crossed for the 3rd series eh? Thing is even though the second series was a let down it still had me hooked! lol x

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