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As a stay at home Mum I do get jealous of you working Mother’s sometimes.  I’m sure you’re probably jealous of me on occasion too.  But lets face it, we always want the opposite of what we have when something becomes too much.  While I love staying at home with my Son, certain responsibilities have me tearing out my hair.

Cooking and making meals is definitely one of those things.

Pre baby I might skip breakfast, snack at lunch and eat a bowl of cornflakes for dinner.  Turns out my Son isn’t on board with that eating programme.

So now you can see why I’m a bit jealous.  You get to continue on with your day without having to think what you’re going to feed your child at the various meal points.  You might provide dinner, but if you’re like my next door neighbour you don’t feel too guilty offering the same meals because you know they get a great variety at lunch time wherever they are cared from.

It’s quite possibly the hardest part of being a Mum for me.  Which is stupid I know.  But I’m not a chef.  I’m not creative in the kitchen, and the things I whip up are bland because I’m just not that great a cook.

If I cook a stir fry I just fry vegetables and chuck in noodles.  The extra effort of adding some sort of meat and a sauce is just too much effort for me to care, because it would involve me having to stand in a supermarket and question the flavours and the extra ingredients required to create something tastier.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my food.  Take me to a restaurant and watch me order everything extravagant on the menu.  Or cook for me as I’ll no doubt wolf it down.  I love food, just not if I’m cooking.

Now as bad as the above sounds, I don’t actually let my Son starve.  I just don’t think my cooking exactly tantalises his taste buds.

He tends to get a balanced diet on his plate, but perhaps not so balanced by the time he’s finished with it.  He sifts through his plate nibbling on whatever carb, protein, fruit and boiled vegetable is placed upon it.  Every meal is split into those categories so I know I’m offering the best for him.  As boring as it sounds to create, I’m sure it’s just as boring to eat. I’m just stuck in a rut.

So when I found out that Marley Spoon had branched into doing family boxes I just had to try them out.  Could I create a family meal that the entire family could eat happily?

It sounded like something I could manage, after all everything needed for each meal is included in the box.  So I wouldn’t have to think things out in a supermarket myself.

I wouldn’t need to weigh, measure or figure out how much of each ingredient I would need and I would have clear concise instructions on how to create the meals I’d picked.  All in about 30-40 minutes start to finish.

Being able to pick the meals I wanted to cook out of a choice that included fish and vegetarian options as well as meat, meant I knew I was picking something that I thought my family would like.  Knowing that if I wanted to continue with the Marley Spoon service I would be offered new choices to pick from weekly, would mean that I wouldn’t be offering the same meal over and over again like I currently do.  And if one week something didn’t excite me I could skip that week without any penalties.

I finally decided to order the creamy chicken curry with indian bread for one of my dishes, and I went for the lamb and roasted veg with green salsa for my second dish.

The Marley Spoon box was delivered to my door on a date convenient for me, and the ingredients were kept nicely chilled with the upcylced sheep’s wool insulation that they use.

And with it all ready to go, I got started on creating a feast for that night.

With great quality ingredients (the meat and fish come from sustainable farms), I made a delicious home-made curry in 30 minutes.


Being nice and mild it was suitable for Little London, and the chickpeas, fresh spinach and onions made me feel better knowing he was getting all the goodness into his meal without me having to boil a single vegetable!

While it was a mild curry it was still flavoursome.  The garam masala gave it that lovely curry flavour and introduced my child to a whole new combination of food.  The Marley Spoon family box feeds 4-5 people, so while I made it for our dinner it lasted us as a family across two nights.  I love it when that happens 😉

The second meal took a little longer to cook at 40 minutes, but it was just as easy.


Following the simple instructions on the recipe card I dished up a plate of lamb and roasted veg along with a green salsa for all three of us.


Again it was a big hit, and boiled veg still wasn’t on the menu so it was much more appetising for all of us to eat.  In fact it was delicious.  The lamb was perfectly cooked to instruction and the green salsa just added that impact of flavour.


Again with loads of left overs we stretched out this meal to last us across two evenings.

Marley Spoon offers a great service for Mum’s like me.  It gives my brain a chance to rest and not worry.  It seems my days are usually consumed with preparing for the next meal, and i’m always worrying and on the go.

Having someone else deal with my hardships certainly makes my life much easier, and just gives me that time to enjoy being with my Son, rather than thinking about what on earth I’m going to concoct for his next meal.  While there’s a minimum order of two meals a week with Marley Spoon you can order up to four meals which offers great discount options.

As a bonus, cooking with Marley Spoon actually costs less than shopping in a supermarket, so it’s a cost-effective way of planning your meals.

(Disclosure: PR Sample.  All opinions are my own)


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