Marrakech While Pregnant And With A Toddler| Morocco

In today’s world, many people were surprised we decided to head to Morocco for a winter break.  But we were in much need of some winter sunshine and being pregnant I didn’t fancy a long haul flight because of the risk of DVT.


We did consider the Canary Islands, but if you’re anything like us and looking last-minute the prices were just astronomical, and there’s not quite as much to explore there for the inner traveller. So Morocco seemed our final (and more exciting) short-haul winter sunshine option.

I’m not naive to world events, so before booking I too did consider the safety aspects.  The only thing that I suppose makes people assume Morocco is unsafe is because it is a Muslim country.  But that is the only reason why many are hesitant.

In terms of safety it’s nothing to be concerned over.  Yes, as always irrelevant of where you are in the world keep your eyes open.  But statistically London and other big European cities are more at risk of acts of terrorism and I’ve yet to boycott Europe, so that settled it and I booked flights!

So with my mind made up I then decided to break our holiday down into two parts to make it toddler appropriate.

Morocco is a travellers dream because it’s a world away from our own, but at the same time the crazy hustle and bustle of the Medina (the old part of Marrakech inside the walls) can be a little overwhelming and unfriendly with a toddler who requires space and some freedom- not impossible though.

The easiest way to break the holiday down is to book separate accommodations for your time there.  We booked a hotel for 4 nights in the Palmeraie area of Marrakech which is about 15-20 minutes outside the Medina.

We chose Les Deux Tours which offered a free shuttle service into the Medina daily that we didn’t take advantage of because for our final two nights we chose to stay in the Medina itself at Riad Al Loune.

It gave us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather, the pool and the sunshine initially.

And then before leaving Morocco we were able to absorb some authentic culture.

If we had stayed in Morocco a bit longer, we would have liked to have stayed in the Atlas mountains as well and through word of mouth we would have booked Kasbah Bab Ourika.

I’ll be writing up separate posts about our time in each part of Marrakech because to put everything into one post wouldn’t do the trip justice.

On a final note, heading abroad can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to food.

I’d read a few horror stories when it came to food poisoning in Marrakech.  Nothing horrific, but not something you would want to deal with while pregnant or if you have a young child.

The main problem is the water in Morocco.  We’re just not accustomed to it.  So as long as you stay away from all the typical culprits such as ice, salad, ice cream, water that’s not bottled etc you should be fine.

I kept to a strict vegetarian diet while I was there, gorging on healthy vegetarian cous cous and vegetable terrines.  Everything I ate came from a restaurant that had been recommended and the food was thoroughly cooked.  Because of the places we picked prices weren’t necessarily cheap in comparison to other eateries but for risk free food it was worth it.

I didn’t eat any cheese because I couldn’t guarantee the pasteurising techniques and I also stayed clear of milk for the same reason.

I avoided all food and drinks from stalls and street vendors.  While the freshly squeezed orange juice in the medina may seem tempting, it is often watered down to make it go that bit further.  The only place I would drink orange juice was at breakfast at both accommodations.


^^Please don’t think we have an amazingly well behaved toddler that sits down nicely at meal times- note the Kindle which we bribe him with. 

Other than that all other fruit was off the menu for me unless I could peel it.

In terms of drinks I stuck religiously to bottled water and would indulge in a mint tea at our accommodation choices or if we were at a restaurant.

Safe to say I didn’t have any food issues.  My other half did continue to eat everything and anything, but again keeping to the restaurants we had been recommended and at our accommodation choices.  So if you aren’t prepared to go vegetarian, cheese and milk free I can vouch for the places we ate in.

Places to eat in the Medina:

Le Foundouk

A rather sophisticated eatery serving Moroccan and international dishes and probably one of the top restaurants in Marrakech.  They didn’t do a separate kids menu, but they did create Little London his own dish of vegetables and roast potatoes- which went down very well for him.  It’s not the cheapest establishment and there wasn’t a great vegetarian selection.  But atmospherically it was enchanting.

Cafe des Espices

Fabulous place to eat.  The dishes were huge and hearty, we stopped in for lunch and I think I was still full when it came to dinner time.  The vegetarian cous cous was delicious as was the vegetable tagine which we shared with Little London.

Great views from the upstairs terrace and extremely friendly staff.  We didn’t see the entire menu though I don’t think, because people were ordering burgers and fries which we didn’t see on the menu so perhaps ask to see their whole menu.  The orange juice here was fine to drink as we ordered one for Little London after he tantrummed about having to drink bottled water.  I indulged in a coca cola which came poured from a glass bottle with no ice- bliss.

You can’t miss Cafe des Espices, the place is full of tourists who have obviously heard of its reputation.


For a vegetarain Nomad’s menu really excited me.  Although I went cheese free for the holiday I actually couldn’t resist the courgette and feta fritters and figured it couldn’t be too harmful if it had been cooked through.

I also ordered a really good vegetarian soup.  Mr London Mum ordered a huge burger, and from the children’s menu Little London decided on breaded chicken strips and roasted potatoes.  I indulged in some mint tea while the other two had some fresh squeezed lemon and water concoction which was great for an adult, perhaps a bit too sour for little taste buds.   But everything was just delicious.  I probably could have enjoyed a lot more of the menu because apparently everything is cleaned with filtered water (something I’ve only just read on the website- damn).  Reservations to sit on the terrace are recommended.  We did get a seat outside but we were restricted over where we could sit.



  1. absolutely gorgeous! i LOVE the architecture!!!
    i would love to know prices… how much did it cost you? did you spend much whilst there? you’re stunning btw! hope you’re feeling good!

    • I think in total we spent under £1000.00 for the whole week or possible just over- but nothing massively more than that. Our accommodation cost the bulk, we flew with Ryanair so with a budget airline and we kept our personal spending to £250. I think for a family of three that’s pretty good going 😉

      Obviously it’s off peak season which helps!

  2. What a lovely winter break! You look beautiful. I agree that anywhere is at risk regarding terrorism and if we let that stop us we’d never go or do anything. I like the precautions taken and if I ever visit will be taking note xo

    • For some reason before going I thought morocco would have had much more terrorist activity (goodness knows why, because Muslims and terrorism don’t really go hand in hand). So when I did my research I was surprised it was as safe as it was when I went previously!

  3. This looks sooo nice, especially on a cold day like today. Really useful to know the things you did/didn’t do because of toddler/being pregnant. Interesting read. Your looking gorgeous!

    • I spent a long time doing my research before going, the last thing I wanted was food poisoning lol. x

  4. I found this post quite reassuring, my parents are flying off there next month, and I am already worrying. It does look such a lovely place x

    • It’s wonderful. They people are so friendly. I’ll have a couple more posts going up which may be useful for them because there’s a lot of money tricks used when you get into the medina- so it’s best to know before you get there!

  5. I’ve love to visit morroco but was put off by today’s unfortunate circumstances. Glad to hear you had a great time. Perhaps I’ll consider it in the future!

    • I’m trying to find out what happened today but can’t seem to find anything on any news channels?

    • I do recommend it- it didn’t work out expensive either so it was a great little escape!

  6. What a wonderful winter break and it must have felt fantastic to have gotten some sunshine and warmth. It sounds like you did plenty of research and did a great job of making sure that all was well for both you and Little London during your trip.

  7. I’d love to go to Marrakech it was on out list of holiday choices for last year before we decided to go cape verde. It looks like u had a wonderful break and got to enjoy some sunshine.

    • I did consider cape verde but the flight time was just that bit longer so we figured morocco would be easier- maybe next year 😉

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time, I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco. Great tips on what not to eat if travelling there pregnant or with a young child. I envy you and your winter break. Beautiful photographs too, you look stunning next to the pool with your bump and gorgeous toddler.

    • That would have been amazing, I always find NY a bit of a let down in the uk because it’s just so cold and usually overcrowded!

  9. I’d love to go to Morocco, it looks beautiful. I do believe that part of travel is to partake in the cuisine of the place you are visiting, but do understand that as you are pregnant it is not a risk worth taking. It looks like a wonderful time was had.

    • I definitely ate the cuisine of the place, just stuck to the vegetarian variations of it and had to restrict myself to certain places where I knew the food was well prepared. I’m never normally so stringent lol.

  10. Morocco is such a gorgeous country, I went last year and loved everything - the food, the architecture, the beaches. Definitely want to head back in the near future!

  11. Sounds like you had an awesome holiday overall!! I love your photos and you look gorgeous by the way!! Its good that you were so cautious with the food and pausterising techniques but still enjoyed your time there!

    • I actually really enjoyed experimenting with ordering vegetarian food. Back home I wouldn’t even entertain the vegetarian options, but I was so surprised at how tasty vegetarian food could be. I think I might go veggie for a week once a month just to expand what I eat.

  12. I’ve always wanted to go to Marrakesh. It looks so lovely for a winter break. The food looked fab x

    • The food was really good, they have one hell of a cooking technique where everything tastes delicious!

  13. Haha. Someone’s glowing … & someone’s growing! Some of us go to the Outer Hebrides – while some of us go to Marrakech I dunno LondonMum – t’other ‘alf ha, I bet Morocco was just what the midwife ordered?! But, whatever happened to your water skiing, paragliding, rock diving & zorbing?? Welcome back anyway, hope you are all enjoying the UK weather now? Hope you paid Ryanair for the extra little precious passenger ticket?? I’ve heard of requesting extra leg room – but healthy glowing expansion’s gotta be pushing it – no, second thoughts – don’t push - YET! Hope all’s well. Onwards & ‘outwards’ LondonMum … you are S-P-A-R-K-L-I-N-G!!!

    • Well Ryan air certainly got more then they needed… they say ‘download the app to your phone so you don’t have to print passes’ works great on the way out… on the way back they say ‘should have read the small print, doesn’t work in marrakech’. Twerps! You know me and a budget airline screaming match! hahah.

      Onwards and outwards? Hahaha. God is that true if ever I’ve heard it!

  14. You look stunning firstly and secondly I have always wanted to go to Morocco so to see your post just enlightens that even more in me. It’s great that you broke up your trip a bit to be able to make it friendly for you guys xx

    • Thank you- it’s so worth going to and over the winter period it can be nice and cheap 😉

  15. Fab post. Sounds like a fab place to visit. I visited Dubai last month. It was amazing.

  16. My folks visited the Atlas mountains when then went to Morocco. Marrakech is so vibrant and busy in the medina but worth it for the atmosphere. Sounds like you guys and a great time!

  17. Never been to Morocco before but heard such amazing things and from the sounds of things, even the food is fantastic! Definitely need to go there at some point!

    • Really recommend it! It’s such a lovely experience because the culture is so different.

  18. I’ve always fancied Morocco but have never gotten round to booking anything! Need to change that! Looks like you had a wonderful time petal and CHECK YOU rocking that bump 🙂 x

    • It’s a great place- I want to go back and explore a bit further away from Marrakech too.

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