Mead Open Farm, Bedfordshire| Family Days Out

Heading out of London and driving through the countryside towards Bedfordshire you’ll soon navigate your way to Mead Open Farm.

Now that I have a toddler, I have an appreciation for any place that can keep us both happily entertained for the day.  After all, once you’ve paid for a ticket and driven the distance you want to know that you can enjoy the experience!

I was extremely impressed by Mead Open Farm.  In fact we had to leave before we’d even managed to do everything (including the indoor play area and plenty of the outdoor play zones too), meaning there wasn’t one point where we were bored or underwhelmed.

With a timetable brimming with hands on activities as well, it just gave each part of our day a different and exciting new thing to try.

We started the day getting lost in the maize ‘maze’ searching for the hidden animals.


The maze was a great activity for us both to do.  We worked together running around the carefully contracted maze paths with the maize growing high above our heads.


Each time we found an animal we did an animal action and ticked it off our list.  With the complete list of animals found we returned to the start of the maze and Little London got his reward.


A shiny gold medal.


From the distance Little London saw the gleaming yellow diggers calling out his name.  He hot footed it across the farm and spent a long time indulging in his need to play with vehicles.


With diggers, dumpers, excavators and good old buckets and spades he was so happy just playing amongst his favourite things.

But I managed to drag him away after a while because I desperately wanted to watch the sheep race.  With Lambretta my sheep of choice, we found ourselves a spot and watched as the miniature jockeys worked hard racing the sheep around the racecourse.


Lambretta unfortunately wasn’t a winner today.  Glad I didn’t have to part with any money to make a bet because the odds were not in my favour evidently!


With the sheep race coming to an end it led nicely on to the next activity which was the tractor ride.


Little London hasn’t stopped going on about the tractor.  He loved it.  If you follow me on Instagram you may watch my Instagram stories.  If so you’ll have seen him telling you through his humongous smile that the tractor was very bumpy.  The tractor drives past the alpacas and into the fields with the cows, meaning you get a great view of the animals on the farm.


After such a fun-filled morning we decided to stop for a bit of lunch.  We got a packed lunch from the cafe, and although we could have sat outside where Little London could have played, I decided to sit in the air con room instead because it was a particularly hot day and I wanted to make sure Little London drunk and ate as much as he could.  I needed his full attention, and it meant we avoided the hottest part of the day.

After eating our lunch we thought it was only fair for the animals to have their lunch too.  So we went around all the pens to dish out the animal feed we had bought at the entrance along with our tickets.





The animals were actually very gentle and well-behaved eating the pellets.  They didn’t use their teeth and even though I tried to teach Little London how to hold his hand flat to feed the animals, his toddler stubbornness refused my advice and the animals still behaved gently.



^^Goat tongue ready and primed for feeding.

With a bit of post lunch blood sugar excitement, I thought it would be a good idea to let Little London burn off some energy.  The jumping pillows fit the bill.  It’s just a giant inflatable pillow.


With two pillows, one especially for under 5’s it was perfect.  I sat in the shade and slowly watched my son turn red though excitement and heat!


Before he turned beetroot, I decided to whisk him off to do our final activity of the day.


Yes, we bottle fed the lambs.  They may not look like lambs but they are- maybe toddler lambs would be a better description.



Little London loved this activity and so did I.  The lambs certainly were greedy!

For me the timetable of activities and the activities on offer really set Mead Open Farm apart from other family farms.

I also liked the huge range of things to keep the whole family entertained including older children, who must begrudge parents dragging them around to entertain their younger siblings.  But with different play zones with them in mind it means the whole family can enjoy the farm.

They’ve also got different play areas for rain and shine, making it very British weather appropriate.  If I lived nearer I would totally buy a yearly ticket.

A brilliant little find.



  1. Now this would be right up my street (Literally! This isn’t that far from me lol considering I live in Bedfordshire) I’d enjoy things like this. Looks like an amazing day out x

    • I bet you’ll be visiting a lot if you ever have kids hahah. It is a great place!

  2. I have heard of Mead Open Farm before, when the kids were little we used to love taking them to farms, and we were lucky we had 2 very close to us.

    • They make great days out don’t they. I have to say though this one in particular I loved. It literally has everything and then some more!

  3. What a gorge day out?! Animals ad sunshine - two favourite things in our house haha x

  4. Looks like such a fun day out! I’ve tried loads of farms but haven’t come across this one so will deffo check it out. I’m always looking for somewhere with a great play area for the kids so this ticks all the boxes, thanks for sharing.

    • It’s great for older kids too, so it’s one of those ones where you can take the entire family and there’s something for everyone!

    • It was great- he loved it! I think he easily could have gone on the tractor every hour without getting bored of it lol. x

  5. I LOVE Mead Open Farm and used to go all the time as a child, you’ve inspired me to go back once my neice is old enough!

    • Oh really? What a greta place to have gone to a lot! And yes, your nice will love it!!

  6. We went to Open farm Sunday in our area a few weeks back now and its fab isn’t it. the kids love it. Your boy looks like such a dude i love his outfit.

    • So did I hahaha.. I think it should become the next big sporting calender event!

  7. Awwww looks like you guys had the most amazing day out at Mead Open Farm and i love that you had the opportunity to bottle feed the lambs! Must make such a nice change for you and Little London to escape the big city to somewhere more rural xx

    • WE had such a fun day and bottle feeding ht lambs was probably my highlight, they were so cute! lol x

    • This one was ok, they even had a quick escape route if you needed it 😉

    • I know, I don’t think I’ve ever met such well behaved far animals! they were all so gentle.

    • I wonder how much of this time he’ll remember when he’s older… lol. x

  8. This seems like the perfect day out and like you guys had so much fun, we went to the farm too the other day (we’ve actually been twice over the last three weeks!) but to a city farm! We had so much fun and it was so nice to have a little part of the countryside in the heart of the city xx

  9. I love Mead Open farm and remember taking my children here when they were smaller. Your little boy looked like he had the most amazing time. Your pictures are fabulous x

  10. Aw this is a lovely post, I’m glad you had a good day!

    Tara xo

    Cattitude & Co. - a feminist lifestyle blog 

  11. That outfit is the cutest thing ever! Sometimes the most simple days are the best and make long lasting happy memories.

    • Totally, it was brilliant spending time with him doing something we both really enjoyed. x

  12. This looks like such a lovely family day out - it’s not too far from me so I think I will have to make a visit X

  13. Sounds like such a fantastic day out! I always used to love mazes! Lovely photos and that inflatable pillow?! I want a go!

    • I know, I really wanted to let loose and jump really high but I think I would have sent all the toddlers flying hahah

  14. Oh, those diggers are ace. My boy would absolutely love them. Looks like a fab family day out 🙂

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